NEW AD: Why Won’t Tom MacArthur Stand Up To Scott Pruitt?

Today, American Bridge is launching a new digital ad that exposes incumbent New Jersey Congressman Tom MacArthur’s (R-NJ) failure to protect his constituents from Scott Pruitt’s corruption.

The ad will run on social media in New Jersey, targeted to midterm voters. The 30-second video asks: “Why is Congressman Tom MacArthur afraid to fight for us?” and urges voters to call MacArthur’s Capitol Hill office to demand he stand up to Scott Pruitt.

Former New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman, who led the EPA under President George W. Bush, has called for Pruitt to resign.

“Despite the unprecedented corruption that Scott Pruitt has been caught engaging in at the EPA, MacArthur is afraid to stand up to him – and New Jerseyans are paying the price for it,” said American Bridge spokesperson Andrew Bates. “It’s time for MacArthur to put blind partisanship aside and put what’s right for New Jersey first.”

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NEW ADS: Why Won’t GOP House and Senate Candidates Stand Up To Scott Pruitt?

Today, American Bridge is launching a series of new digital ads that expose Republican House and Senate candidates’ failure to protect their constituents from Scott Pruitt’s corruption.

The ads will run on social media, targeting Florida Senate candidate Rick Scott, Nevada Senator Dean Heller, Pennsylvania Senate candidate Lou Barletta, Arizona Senate candidate Martha McSally, Ohio Senate candidate Jim Renacci, Congressman Tom MacArthur (NJ-03), and Congressman Fred Upton (MI-06). The 30-second video urges voters to call the lawmakers’ offices to demand they stand up to Scott Pruitt.

“In his brief tenure as EPA Administrator, Scott Pruitt has undertaken a relentless and unprecedented campaign of corruption,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp. “Republican House and Senate candidates have refused to stand up to him — at the expense of millions in taxpayer dollars. Voters deserve to know why Republican candidates are standing with Swamp Creature Pruitt over their interests.”


WATCH the ads below:

Why is Gov. […]

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BREAKING: MacArthur Votes To Raise Taxes On Middle Class Americans, Cut Medicare, And Sent Jobs Overseas  

American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp released the following statement in response to Congressman Tom MacArthur voting to pass the Trump tax plan:

“Putting his party over what is best for New Jersey, Rep. Tom MacArthur just voted to raise taxes on 36 million middle class Americans — including 864,000 New Jersyans — cut Medicare by $25 billion, and outsource American jobs, all to cut taxes for the very rich and big business. This is a disastrous plan that sells-out hardworking, average Americans who are counting on jobs and a better economic future. Voters deserve better, and they will hold him accountable.”

Yesterday, American Bridge’s Bridge Project released a new digital ad running nationally on Facebook, “Trumps Tax Plan Sells You Out,” which highlights warnings that the Republican tax plan would break Donald Trump’s #1 promise and help outsource American jobs he said he would protect.

Raising Taxes on Middle […]

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#SpinelessGOP: Excuses Edition

Another day, another series of poor excuses for why #SpinelessGOP Senators and Congressmen refuse to meet with their constituents. It’s a sad display of cowardice as more and more Americans demand answers from their representatives in Congress who are refusing to answer questions about Donald Trump’s extreme agenda.

So how are Republicans ducking, dodging, excusing, and outright lying about town halls? Let us count the ways…

Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz has accused his constituents (without evidence, mind you) of being “paid” agitators. In response, Chaffetz’s constituents have started sending his offices invoices for attending the town hall.

“Some Utahns, outraged at Rep. Jason Chaffetz’s unsubstantiated claim that paid protesters infiltrated his raucous town-hall meeting last week, have begun to send invoices to the congressman. If he says they got money for showing up, he should foot the bill, they argue.”

Pennsylvania Rep. Scott Perry […]

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