Wilbur Ross Will Not “Get Tough” with Russia or China – and the American People Will Pay the Price

“Donald Trump has told the American people for months that Wilbur Ross will be his top official entrusted with U.S. trade policy in the cabinet.  This makes it exceptionally troubling that Ross has still failed to answer persistent questions about his business dealings with a close associate of Vladimir Putin as well as his considerable ties to a bank notorious for money laundering on behalf of Russian interests. To make matters worse, Ross has refused to sell his shares of a company subsidized by the Chinese government, and his nominee for U.S. Trade Representative needs a waiver from Congress for having represented Chinese groups in disputes with American manufacturers.  American families deserve to know – especially 47% of them, apparently – just who is this administration putting first?” said American Bridge President Jessica Mackler.  

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American Bridge Statement On Trump’s Nomination Of Wilbur Ross As Commerce Secretary

Erratic, irresponsible, and ruthlessly self-interested, Donald Trump has appropriately selected billionaire coal investor Wilbur Ross — known for running the Sago Mine where 12 miners tragically died, despite 270 safety violations over the two years leading up to the disaster — to be his Secretary of Commerce.

American Bridge President Jessica Mackler issued the following statement on Trump’s nomination of his close friend Wilbur Ross, a billionaire coal investor and banker who’s helped Trump avoid personal bankruptcies, as Secretary of Commerce:

“Trump’s pick of billionaire banker and coal investor Wilbur Ross as his Commerce Secretary is the surest sign to date that President-elect Trump intends to continue what he’s done his entire life: enrich himself above all else, no matter who gets hurt in the process.

“Trump keeps making empty promises to cut ties to his unprecedented business conflicts of interests. But Wilbur Ross has over the years directly helped Trump restructure his business […]

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