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President Brad Woodhouse Op-Ed: The TRUTH About the Koch Agenda

Don’t miss American Bridge President Brad Woodhouse’s new op-ed on CNN.com on the truth behind the Koch agenda, and visit RealKochFacts.com to learn more.

They called Social Security “the most serious threat to the future stability of our society next to the threat of nuclear war.” They wanted to abolish all minimum wage laws, while giving tax breaks to the rich and big oil. All in a self-serving attempt to drive the policy discourse further toward their extreme ideals to benefit their own bottom line.

Voters deserve to know the truth behind the Kochs’ self-serving agenda and just what they stand for. So, at American Bridge, we’ve launched RealKochFacts.com, a new research and rapid response resource to highlight the truth about the Koch agenda and what it means for working families in states around the country.

You can read the full op-ed over on CNN.com

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Founder David Brock Talks With POLITICO

In the most recent Open Mike with Mike Allen of POLITICO, he chats with American Bridge founder David Brock.

Mike Allen: “The Clinton camp is pushing back hard against Karl Rove’s statement the other day.”

David Brock: “If you’re asking does it backfire, the answer to that is yes. I think Rove was so grotesque in the overstepping that it ended up being a big mistake, even though I understand what he was trying to do. This was really part of a pattern on Karl Rove’s part. We’ve seen it before — sleazy, personal attacks for partisan reasons.”

Allen: “Of the 2016 Republican candidates, does that look like a target-rich environment or are these guys kind of boring?

Brock: “We’ve been tracking all the potentials. Chris Christie can be fun to track. As we know, he can be incredibly colorful. Rand Paul can also be an interesting kind of person to track. I don’t find him to be plain vanilla or boring. This is a pretty massive intelligence-gathering operation we have going here.”

You watch the full Open Mike video over at POLITICO here.

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Newsweek: Political First Responders

Newsweek is out today with a must read profile of American Bridge, describing Bridge’s beginnings and featuring some of our best successes from our first two cycles thus far.

In 2012, American Bridge was quick to point out Mitt Romney’s missteps and hypocrisy:

When GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney said illegal immigrants come to the U.S. for a “free deal,” Bridge recorded the comment and gave it to super PACs and unions, which used it in Spanish-language ads across the country.When Romney said “I get speaker’s fees from time to time, but not very much,” Bridge quickly circulated a video showing “not very much” was actually $374,327.62, sparking a media firestorm.

This cycle, American Bridge is holding House, Senate and Gubernatorial candidates accountable for their words and actions.

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TPM: "GA GOPers Meet Unemployment Debate Question With Awkward Pause (VIDEO)"

Via TPM:

When a moderator for a recent Georgia Republican primary debate asked candidates by a show of hands whether they would vote to extend benefits for the thousands of American workers who have been stuck with long-term unemployment, the question was met with an awkward pause.

At the Mayor’s Day Senate Forum in Atlanta earlier in the week, none of the six candidates raised their hands in favor of extending benefits, but when the opposite question was asked — who would vote against such a proposal — all six candidates raised their hands. Rep. Paul Broun’s (R-GA) arm shot up the fastest.
The candidates’ reaction could indicate that the extension of unemployment benefits could become an issue in Republican primaries.

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American Bridge Wins Reed Awards For Best Direct Mail Piece, IE Campaign

Arlington, VA – Campaigns & Elections announced that American Bridge 21st Century has been awarded multiple 2013 Reed Awards for excellence in the categories of Best Direct Mail Piece of 2012 and Independent Expenditure Campaign.

The awards recognized American Bridge’s groundbreaking “talking” mailer titled “Todd Akin: We’ve Heard Enough.” After first discovering and disseminating Akin’s infamous “legitimate rape” comments, American Bridge utilized the talking mailer to educate Missouri voters about Todd Akin’s extreme positions on many issues. In addition to his views on rape, the mailer showed Akin’s out-of-the-mainstream stances on Medicare, Social Security and student loans.