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American Bridge 21st Century Announces Hiring of Tiffiany Vaughn Jones as National Press Secretary

Today, American Bridge 21st Century announced the hiring of veteran Democratic strategist Tiffiany Vaughn Jones as National Press Secretary. She joins Vice President of Strategic Communications Julie McClain Downey, Senior Communications Advisor Max Steele, and Senate Communications Director Brad Banium in helping lead American Bridge 21st Century’s communications efforts for the […]

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Co-Chair Gov. Steve Bullock in Newsweek: The American Families Plan Is a Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity For Rural America

By Gov. Steve Bullock | June 18, 2021 A quality education system is the bedrock of an active, vibrant economy and a pathway to opportunity for our children. When we invest in education, we’re not only investing in their future but also the future of American competitiveness. We’re helping to secure their […]

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Thom Tillis is a Fraidycat

Speaker Tillis, what do you have to hide, sir?

But the House isn’t making it easy on the Democratic group – prohibiting them from filming at times in the center gallery above the chamber and imposing tougher restrictions.

Under new informal rules from the sergeant-at-arms and Tillis’ office, the trackers are not allowed to set up tripods and use the center gallery area, which they say is reserved for credentialed media. No such restrictions exist in the Senate.

You can read the whole report at the News & Observer here.

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President Brad Woodhouse Op-Ed: The TRUTH About the Koch Agenda

Don’t miss American Bridge President Brad Woodhouse’s new op-ed on CNN.com on the truth behind the Koch agenda, and visit RealKochFacts.com to learn more.

They called Social Security “the most serious threat to the future stability of our society next to the threat of nuclear war.” They wanted to abolish all minimum wage laws, while giving tax breaks to the rich and big oil. All in a self-serving attempt to drive the policy discourse further toward their extreme ideals to benefit their own bottom line.

Voters deserve to know the truth behind the Kochs’ self-serving agenda and just what they stand for. So, at American Bridge, we’ve launched RealKochFacts.com, a new research and rapid response resource to highlight the truth about the Koch agenda and what it means for working families in states around the country.

You can read the full op-ed over on CNN.com

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Inside the war room: Meet the Democrats who are watching every move the GOP makes

Take a peek inside American Bridge’s war room on the first day of CPAC 2014 with American Bridge President Brad Woodhouse and ABC’s Jeff Zeleny. Watch the video here.

Inside the war room

Inside the war room: Meet the Democrats who are watching every move the GOP makes
By Jeff Zeleny and Jordyn Phelps

With one of the biggest Republican gatherings of the year in full swing at the Conservative Political Action Conference, a group of Democratic operatives in Washington is fighting back — waging a full-out public relations war to counter CPAC.

“We are kind of the central apparatus for tracking and research, really, on the progressive side. And so at an event like CPAC, we put our resources to work,” said American Bridge PAC president Brad Woodhouse, speaking to “The Fine Print” during a rare tour of the Democratic group’s so-called war room.

The room is filled with rows of desks equipped with double-monitor computer screens, which a group of about 40 Democratic operatives are using to monitor and fact-check speeches at CPAC as they happen, issue rapid responses, and monitor the media and social networking sites.

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Op-Ed: How Democratic Groups Beat The Republican Super PACs In 2012

American Bridge President Rodell Mollineau penned an op-ed featured in The Daily Beast today. Below is an excerpt.

Much has already been written about the influence of outside spending on this election cycle. One could make a compelling argument that in 2010 super PACs were undervalued, especially by Democrats. Conversely, one could argue that in 2012 the impact of these groups was overestimated, this time to the detriment of Republicans.

So how much impact do they have? The truth is somewhere in the middle. Like it or not, these groups have an important role, but campaigns still begin and end with the candidate’s ability to communicate a compelling vision to voters. Over the last 18 months, I think super PACs did what should be expected of them. They played a supporting role, pushed narratives, gave cover to candidates, and in some cases nudged the needle a point or two in select states and races.

It just so happened that Democratic groups did a better job of this than Republicans. Here’s why.

Read the piece in its entirety here.