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A.B. in the News

POLITICO: Mitt Romney Says Americans Avoiding 'The Hard Work' In Book, American Bridge Reports

On November 16, 2011, POLITCO reported:

The folks at the Democratic-backing group American Bridge flagged a quote from Mitt Romney’s book “No Apology” amid the flap over the Republican hitting President Obama for describing Americans as having become “lazy” in terms of preserving exceptionalism.

The passage in the book reads this way:

“We have been accustomed to being the world’s leading nation for so long, enjoying the freedom, security, and prosperity that comes with that leadership, that we have tended to avoid the hard work that overcoming challenges requires. When I was about ten, I asked my dad how he thought his company’s Rambler automobile could ever successfully compete with General Motors; they were so far ahead that catching up appeared impossible. He said something that has since been widely attributed to him: “There is nothing as vulnerable as entrenched success.” I believe that our many years of success may, in fact, be the greatest obstacle we face. In election after election, candidates have told us that simple measures will solve our challenges, and that their election alone will guarantee a bright future. We have joined in the cheering for this heady prospect. But much more than cheering is going to be required in the years ahead.”

(emphasis added)

A.B. in the News

Massachusetts Press Hammers Sen. Scott Brown Over Plagiarism

Massachusetts television stations are running with a Boston Globe report on Scott Brown plagiarizing web content from former Sen. Elizabeth Dole. The Globe wrote: 

“A Democratic group has unearthed a bit of inspirational autobiography on Senator Scott Brown’s official website that was lifted verbatim from Elizabeth Dole’s site, language that originated in a campaign speech…”

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A.B. in the News

Mother Jones: Will Perry Return Koch Campaign Cash?

On October 10, 2011, Mother Jones reported:

“Texas Gov. Rick Perry railsagainst Iran’s “extremist, repressive ideology.” He condemnsany company who does business with “a terrorist state like Iran” for aiding a country that wants to kill American troops. And as governor he told his state’s biggest investment funds to divest from all companies with Iran ties; continuing such investments, he explained, was “investing in terrorism.”

But now Perry, a top contender for the GOP presidential nomination, has an Iran problem: One of his most high-profile donors, Koch Industries, for years did business with Iran, helping to grow the Iranian energy industry. Which means that at the same time he was slamming companies profiting off of business with Iran, Perry was pocketing campaign cash from a company doing just that. In light of the Koch-Iran revelations, the left-leaning outside spending group American Bridge is demanding Perry give back his Koch money. “If [Perry] does not immediately return all of the Koch’s Iran-tainted money and repudiate their actions, he has no business running to be the leader of the free world,” says Rodell Mollineau, president of American Bridge, which compiled research on Perry’s Iran comments and past campaign donations…”