Trump, Coronavirus

NPR: Poll: Americans Don’t Trust What They’re Hearing From Trump On Coronavirus

“For months, Donald Trump dangerously downplayed the risks of COVID-19 and stumbled over himself to take credit for a lackluster response. Yet as infection rates and deaths continue to rise, the American people have made it crystal clear they cannot trust the pathological liar in the Oval Office,” said American Bridge […]

Senate, Coronavirus

McConnell and Senate Republicans Do Nothing While Americans Suffer From Coronavirus Crisis

Fresh off enjoying a long weekend, Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans are supposedly back in Washington this week. But while they may be back in the Capitol physically, it’s unclear what, if anything, they’re actually doing. McConnell announced over the weekend that the Senate won’t be taking up the Coronavirus relief […]

Trump, Coronavirus

WATCH: Out-of-Touch Trump Parties During Coronavirus Chaos

With nearly one-third of all Americans under a state of emergency, an out-of-touch Donald Trump, family, and campaign staffers threw an extravagant, over-the-top celebration, complete with conga line, at Mar-a-Lago while millions of Americans and global markets panic amid a growing coronavirus crisis.  SHOT: Nearly One-Third of All Americans Are […]

Trump, Coronavirus

Make America Sick Again: Trump to Campaign From Mar-A-Lago Amidst Public Health Crisis

During the Coronavirus public health crisis, rather than doing his job as president, Donald Trump is jetting to his Mar-A-Lago compound — more concerned with holding back-room meetings and raising dirty campaign contributions from the ultra-rich and his corporate cronies. Trump is fumbling the Coronavirus response by spreading misinformation and failing to deliver […]