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Scott Brown: "Open" and "Unfettered" (VIDEO)

Scott Brown says a lot of things that he thinks people want to hear. Like, “I’m from New Hampshire,” for example. But unfortunately for Scott Brown, reality matters.

Recently, Brown has been touting the openness and unfettered-ness of his open and unfettered town halls. The only problem, as BuzzFeed recently reported, is the actual town halls seem to be a bit more closed and fettered than the former Massachusetts senator let on.

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Funnier Than Fallon? Chris Christie's Comedy Of Errors

Chris Christie is taking his scandal-tainted show on the road this evening for an appearance on the Tonight Show. But before he crosses the Hudson via the bridge his aides shut down access to in a cheap political stunt (maybe he’s more of a tunnel man), Christie already has people in hysterics with the comedy of errors of his failing governorship.

Just a short while back, Chris Christie was considered the clear frontrunner for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination. But one spiraling bridge scandal, a handful of state credit downgrades, and several millions in wasted taxpayer dollars on a joke of a self-exoneration later, Christie seems more likely to succeed Jimmy Fallon than Barack Obama.

So before tonight’s show, grab some popcorn and check out some of Christie’s greatest hits, courtesy of American Bridge:

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Seven Things You Should Know About Tea Party Radical David Brat

Here’s what you should know about David Brat, the Tea Party radical who blindsided House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) in a primary challenge on Tuesday: He is a right-wing candidate who opposes a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, supports radically reshaping our heath care system, and event wants to scale back the regulatory powers of the FDA.

Don’t take our word for it? See the research below.

1. Brat supported radically altering the American health care system.

Brat Supported Radically Altering The American Health Care System, Said “‘We Need To Also Scrap Employer-Based Health Insurance.” According to Culpeper Star-Exponent “Of course, the first question I asked him was what should be done with Obamacare? ‘It needs to be scrapped,’ he replied without hesitation. ‘Completely.’ So I asked him what should take Obamacare’s place, and to understand his answer, you have to know some history… When I asked him what should take Obamacare’s place, his answer was, ‘We need to also scrap employer-based health insurance, and give those incentives to individuals to carry their own portable health insurance.’ He went on to say, ‘If we did that, the issue of pre-existing conditions largely goes away.’” [Culpeper Star-Exponent, 3/31/14]

2. Brat called bankers “the solution, not the problem” in regards to the financial crisis.

Brat On The Financial Crisis: ‘Bankers Are The Solution, Not The Problem,’ According to The News & Advance “David Brat says that’s the state of today’s economy, and says everything we know about what is being termed a recession is wrong… The global economy is overleveraged. Ultimately, he said, pointing to the European debt crisis, the country’s economy is headed for disaster if changes aren’t quickly made. And the answer, he said, is not in economics, but ethics. ‘Bankers are the solution, not the problem,’ he said, adding, ‘[Washington] D.C. knows this.’” [The News & Advance, 1/25/13]

3. Brat is radical on immigration.

Brat Opposed Any Kind Of Immigration Reform; Ran To The Right On Eric Cantor On Border Security. According to, “Cantor, in Brat’s view, is flunking badly on border security. Indeed, the congressman even applauded President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address outlining a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. On Friday, Cantor said on the House floor that ‘immigration reform could be an economic boon to this country.’ Brat is having none of it. He calls the imminent GOP cave-in on immigration an exercise in ‘crony capitalism.’” [, 2/6/14]

  • Brat: “A Change In Immigration Policy Means Amnesty.” According to “‘At every turn, the GOP establishment is favoring the elites,’ Brat declares. ‘A change in immigration policy means amnesty.’” [, 2/6/14]
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Chris Christie And Curious The Case Of The Disappearing Taxpayer Money

Just throw it on my tab!

That’s Chris Christie’s message to New Jersey taxpayers, as his self-exoneration bill keeps climbing and climbing. New documents yesterday showed that through February, New Jersey has been billed over $3 million so that the Governor can “clear” himself of wrongdoing in his bridge fiasco.

It’s a feeble attempt to rehabilitate an image that has been tarnished not only by scandal, but also by economic failures. But Christie has shown time and time again that his image comes before the well-being of his constituents.

Just a few weeks ago it came to light that Christie gave significant raises to his own staffers, especially those who helped boost his image during his 2013 re-election, while he ransacked pension funds due to his own massive budget shortfall. What’s more, in October, Christie wasted $24 million in taxpayer money to hold a special Senate election, rather than just holding it concurrently with the gubernatorial election three weeks later. Why? He was worried that having Cory Booker on the same ballot as him would shrink his margin of victory.

For a guy who was supposed to be a fiscal conservative, Chris Christie has been extremely liberal about throwing taxpayer money around–as long as it’s to his personal benefit.

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Scott Walker, Where Are The Jobs? (They're In Other States)

Scott Walker isn’t just failing to fulfill his own job creation promise–he’s failing to keep up with surrounding states. A new report shows that Wisconsin has created about 45,000 fewer jobs than would have been expected if the state kept up with historical trends.

Moreover, the analysis shows that by December of 2010, towards the end of the Doyle administration, Wisconsin had regained a higher percentage of jobs lost in the recession than any other state included in the study. But by September of 2013, after three years under Gov. Walker and his hyper-conservative policies, Wisconsin had recovered a fewer percentage of its jobs than Minnesota, Michigan, Iowa and Indiana. The state’s job gap doubled in Walker’s first year, and increased again in his second year.

This report is more than just a confirmation that Scott Walker’s agenda has been bad for Wisconsin. It’s a real-world indictment of the very policies that the Republican Party constantly champions. We’ve been told time and time again that if only we slashed taxes and shrank government, the free market would bring prosperity to all. But this austere path has only stifled once-booming job growth in Wisconsin, and the state is set to spend $559 million more than it takes in next year.

Walker’s conservatism has long been the toast of the GOP. Chris Christie praised his reforms for making Wisconsin “a better place to live and work.” Grover Norquist declared that “his success in Wisconsin will change America.” And AFP president, Tim Phillips lauded his agenda as “the new model for the country.”

Well, the results are in. The model has failed. And America is not soon to follow in Walker’s footsteps.