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“In Their Own Words” FL Legislators on Reproductive Rights

American Bridge 21st Century has launched a new “In Their Own Words” series to remind voters of the extreme anti-choice views of Republican candidates running for Florida Legislature.

Jackie Toledo, HD-60:

  • MODERATOR: “Do you support a bill that bans abortions after a heartbeat is detected?” TOLEDO: “Yes.” (5/19/19, LINK
  • MODERATOR: “Jackie, there were several bills introduced in the Florida Legislature this year, though none saw a vote. One banning abortions after a heartbeat is detected, another outlawing abortions after it’s believed that a fetus can feel pain. Do you support either of those measures? And when, if at all, should there be exceptions?” TOLEDO: “Well, what we did vote on was the parental consent, which I strongly believe in because you need consent for everything else. You need consent to jump in a bounce house, but you don’t need consent for a medical procedure that potentially will impact your entire life. So the parental consent bill is something that I supported. (5/19/19, LINK

Ana Maria Rodriguez, running SD-39:

  • “I’ve always voted on a conservative line in terms of policy for pro-life. I was a co-sponsor for the parental consent bill for abortion. That was a bill that was a long time coming, and I was very happy that our Legislature took the leadership role that it did to pass that.” (08/03/20, LINK

Jason Brodeur, running SD-9: 

  • “I think the sanctity of life is a very big issue and I disagree with my opponent’s stance that it’s only one person’s decision. There are two involved in that, and like I said, as somebody who was adopted, I strongly identify with the child and so I would be a strong defender of life.” (9/11/2020, LINK)