Jeb Bush, Ben Carson Push Extremism

This week, Ben Carson and Jeb Bush have taken extreme positions, pandering to the far right. Ben Carson questions whether a Muslim should be president, while Jeb Bush said multiculturalism is wrong for America. Take a look at the latest headlines inspired by their shameful comments:

Jeb Bush:

Associated Press: Republican Bush says multiculturalism wrong for US

Talking Points Memo: Jeb: A ‘Multicultural’ Society May Lead To ‘Retarded’ Assimilation

Des Moines Register: In Cedar Falls, Jeb Bush warns against multiculturalism

ABC News: Democrats Attack Jeb Bush’s “Multiculturalism” Comment

Daily Kos: Jeb!, who once boasted about being ‘bicultural,’ warns we are ‘creeping toward multiculturalism’

Bloomberg: Jeb Bush’s Risky War on Nativist GOP

Ben Carson:

Politico: Ben Carson: America’s president can’t be Muslim

New York Times Opinion: The Soft Bigotry of Ben Carson

USA Today: Ben Carson: Muslims can be president if they ‘reject’ Islamic tenets

CNN: Carson: I can support a Muslim who denounces Sharia law

Reuters: Republican candidate Carson ‘absolutely’ stands by comments on Muslims

The Guardian: Ben Carson attacks ‘political correctness’ amid backlash on Muslim comments

Associated Press: Republican Ben Carson claims benefits from Muslim criticism

CNN: Ben Carson: Money pouring in after Muslim comments

Associated Press: Carson says immigrants ‘don’t get to change who we are’