Kari Lake Brags About Taking Hydroxychloroquine

Yesterday, the Phoenix New Times reported that Arizona GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake is bragging about taking hydroxychloroquine to avoid getting COVID-19, despite repeated warnings from medical experts that the unverified treatment can have serious side effects.

Lake — who was endorsed by Donald Trump for her loyalty to the Big Lie and Arizona’s sham election “audit” — has spread countless lies during her campaign events, where she appears with a “Nazi sympathizer” and QAnon activists.

Phoenix New Times: Kari Lake Says She Is Taking Hyrdoxycholoroquine to Ward Off COVID-19

By: Katya Schwenk | November 23, 2021

Key Points: 

  • “At a private event on Tuesday, former FOX10 anchor and Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake told a crowd of retired Republicans that she had ‘a secret’ to share with them.”
  • “‘I have been taking hydroxychloroquine,’ Lake said, according to leaked audio of the event obtained by Phoenix New Times.”
  • “Although the use of the antimalarial drug to treat Covid-19 quickly became a right-wing talking point after former President Donald Trump promoted its use, there is scant evidence for the drug’s efficacy across hundreds of studies.”
  • “This has not stopped politicians like Lake from playing into the conspiracies that cling to the drug — claiming that doctors and pharmacists are wrongly refusing to prescribe the medication.”
  • “At the event, Lake also promised that, as governor, she would work to produce hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin (another drug that is unproven to treat Covid-19, despite international hype) in Arizona.”
  • “And, in general, as her campaign collects endorsements from political figures like Trump and Rep. Paul Gosar, Lake has increasingly embraced conspiracy theories. Just last month, she shared a post that claimed that the pandemic was a planned event to cause mass voter fraud and knock Trump from office. ‘Truth,’ she wrote.”

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