Speaker Ryan, What Secret Healthcare Plan Are You Not Sharing With the Public?

American Bridge spokesperson Andrew Bates released the following statement after Speaker Ryan’s press conference today:

“Trumpcare’s humiliating defeat last week was a major win for the millions of Americans who now will not lose their health coverage or face skyrocketing healthcare costs.  Afterward Speaker Ryan even affirmed that the ACA was “the law of the land.”  Yesterday we found out that Ryan plans to share a new version of Trumpcare with Republican donors in secret, but at his press conference today he failed to tell the American public what this plan would mean for them.  That is indefensible.  What are you hiding, Speaker Ryan?”

To view Speaker Ryan’s remarks about the Republican approach to health care at his press conference today, please click HERE.

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Speaker Ryan’s Sauce Is Weak

“Speaker Ryan isn’t a policy wonk, he’s a hack. If he and his party were even remotely serious about healthcare policy, they’d come to the table in good faith and work with Democrats on bipartisan solutions. But he’s not. He’s still hell bent on kicking millions off of their health insurance and gutting Medicaid just to cut taxes for the wealthy, only this time his campaign contributors will get the first look. That may score him some campaign cash, but it’s still a recipe for disaster for the country,” said American Bridge spokesperson Andrew Bates.

Washington Post: Paul Ryan: House Republicans Will Continue Their Push For Healthcare Reform This Year

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Trumpcare Is So Bad Trump Can Only Sell It To Congress With Threats

“Analysis after analysis has shown that Trumpcare would tear health coverage away from millions and leave working families, seniors, and rural Americans with skyrocketing out-of-pocket health care costs. That makes it especially revealing that Donald Trump didn’t even talk about the pain this bill would mean for everyday people, including his own voters, when he tried to sell reluctant members of Congress today – he just made political threats. Sounds like a real ‘winner,’” said American Bridge spokesperson Andrew Bates.

Washington Post: “Trump to GOP critics of health care bill: ‘I’m gonna come after you’”Politico: “Trump to Republicans: Vote for Obamacare repeal or lose your seat”

Associated Press: “President Donald Trump on Tuesday warned House Republicans they could lose their seats in next year’s midterm elections if they failed to back the GOP health care overhaul and fulfill a long-promised goal to undo Barack Obama’s Affordable […]

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#SpinelessGOP: Empty Suit Edition

In town halls across the country this weekend, as more and more Americans demand answers for Donald Trump’s flailing presidency, thousands of people braved the bitter cold to hold meetings with or without their Republican lawmaker in attendance. In some cases, concerned constituents have even resorted to bringing empty suits to fill the place of their GOP Senator or Congressman, a fitting analogy for many elected officials who have refused to stand up to Donald Trump’s extreme agenda.

Voters continue to send a clear message to Republicans in Congress, but the #SpinelessGOP have continued to ignore the concerns of their constituents… Something that will come back to haunt them in next year’s election.

Here are just a few headlines and tweets from this weekend’s town halls:

Washington Post: GOP lawmakers wouldn’t come to a town hall — so voters brought literal empty suits

The Hill: GOP rep. […]

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VIDEO: American Bridge Releases GOP Fact Check on Women’s Health, “Hands Off Our Care”

Today, Bridge Project unveiled a new campaign to push back against Republican attacks on women’s health care – which can be found in their new ACA repeal bill. While Republicans claim that community health clinics can take the place of Planned Parenthood services, the facts say otherwise.

The campaign features a web video fact check of Republicans’ assertion that community health clinics could replace Planned Parenthood.

“For decades, women have trusted Planned Parenthood to help keep them healthy. The GOP seems hell-bent on getting rid of what is sometimes the only health care option for women,” said American Bridge President Jessica Mackler. “Ripping away health care options for women will have detrimental effects in communities all over the country. Women and families are already struggling to make ends meet and Republicans’ siege on health care will only make it harder […]

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#SpinelessGOP: The 5 D’s of Dodge (Town) Hall

Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive, and… Dodge

As congressional recess kicks off this week, more than 200 Republicans — who should be spending time meeting with voters in their home states — will be dodging town halls and running scared from their constituents. It’s a little game called dodge (town) hall.

It’s a simple game really: Republicans dodge, duck, dip, dive, and… dodge their constituents’ questions about Donald Trump’s scandal-plagued administration and his extreme agenda and only the American people stand to lose.

It’s a sad state of affairs when the #SpinelessGOP choose to play games during recess instead of doing their jobs — it’s a bold strategy, GOP, let’s see if it pays off (it won’t).

Here are just a few examples from this week’s headlines:

Vox: Donald Trump: Republican members of Congress only represent “Republican people” in their districts

Washington Post: GOP finds […]

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Republicans cower in fear of their constituents

Around the country, Republicans are running scared from their constituents because they know their dangerous “Trump First” policies are opposed by mainstream Americans.

Whether it’s stripping away health care from 32 million Americans, giving tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires, or supporting Donald Trump’s autocratic rule that is making our country less safe, Republicans are afraid of their constituents holding them accountable.

Unfortunately for Republicans, it’s only week two of Donald Trump’s presidency and Republicans won’t be able to duck their constituents’ accountability forever. Republican lawmakers need to stop hiding and face their constituents since things are set to only get worse for the American people.

Examples of some of the Republicans who have fled or refused to meet with their constituents:

Rep. Dave Brat (VA): “The women are in my grill no matter where I go.”

Rep. Barbara Comstock (VA)

Rep. Mike Coffman (CO)

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (CA)

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Pence Punts On Endorsing Trump-Backer Paul Ryan’s Speaker Bid

Speaker Paul Ryan has been a steadfast Donald Trump supporter, sticking with the Trump-Pence ticket throughout Trump’s calls for mass-deportation, mocking of veterans and people with disabilities, endorsements of torture and racial profiling, and even Trump’s bragging about sexual assault.

It seemed as though Paul Ryan couldn’t lose any more dignity — until now.

Asked several times whether he believed Ryan should be re-elected as Speaker of the House, Mike Pence punted — refusing to give Ryan, who’s squandered all of his credibility on backing Trump and Pence, so much as a vote of confidence.

There are plenty of Republicans who have disgraced themselves in standing by and defending Trump — Mitch McConnell certainly comes to mind — but has anyone done more self-inflicted damage as Paul Ryan?

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American Bridge Statement on Indiana Senate Debate

American Bridge President Jessica Mackler released the following statement on the Indiana Senate debate:

“No wonder Congressman Young was flustered tonight — he was forced to defend his record of taking money from Carrier even after they sent thousands of Indiana jobs to Mexico and voting against plans to make college more affordable. Congressman Young’s record speaks for itself, and it wasn’t one he was eager to defend in tonight’sdebate. He’s working for himself and for special interests, and he’s willing to throw hardworking Hoosier families under the bus.”

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