​​​What Voters Are Reading About Trump’s Disastrous Budget

Following the Trump administration’s disastrous rollout of its budget proposal yesterday, voters are waking up to sobering headlines about how the budget cuts will affect communities around the country. From heating homes in New Hampshire households, to assistance provided to low-income and elderly people in Ohio, to public health concerns and water safety in Pennsylvania, Donald Trump’s budget is being exposed as a disaster for working class families in every corner of the country.

While millions of Americans stand to lose under the proposed budget, the real question is how Republican Senators and Congressmen will respond to voters’ concerns about the cuts? If they’re reading the same headlines as the American people, they should get ready to answer some tough questions from their constituents.

Here are just a few of the headlines from this morning’s newspapers:

New Hampshire Union Leader: Trump budget proposes cutting home heating help to nearly 28,000 NH […]

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