American Bridge Statement on Trump’s Attempt to Bail Out Dean Heller

American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp released the following statement on Trump’s attempt to bail out Dean Heller:

“You know things are dire when you look to Donald Trump for help in your race, but that’s where Dean Heller finds himself now. Unfortunately for Heller, with or without a primary opponent, he’s still a spineless politician who has sold out Nevadans time and again. Voters aren’t going to forget that come November.”
Last year, Heller went back on his promise to Nevadans to protect the Medicaid expansion hundreds of thousands depend on for their health care, and voted, at Donald Trump’s behest, to repeal the Affordable Care Act. When that bill failed, he also sponsored another version of ACA repeal that was even worse.

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MEMO: No Republican is safe this November

TO: Interested Parties
FROM: Bradley Beychok, President of American Bridge
DATE: March 13, 2017
RE: No Republican is safe this November

“This guy should win easily, and he is going to win easy.” Donald Trump, 3/10/2018

That sound you hear is a blue wave approaching. The results in Pennsylvania spell disaster for Republicans in November; if they can’t win in a longtime Republican stronghold, no district is safe, especially considering that Republicans nationwide will have to confront the same liabilities that brought Rick Saccone down in Pennsylvania.

Voters are rejecting the GOP’s toxic agenda, even in red districts – starting with the Republican tax scam 

Tonight’s results are the clearest indication to date that voters are turning on Trump’s toxic agenda. From rising healthcare costs to a tax scam that further rigs the economy for the rich, voters don’t like what they see and are rejecting these policies at the ballot box.  What’s particularly telling, […]

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(Nearly) Live Look: Heller’s On The Run From His Own Campaign Announcement

Dean Heller’s on the run — from his own reelection announcement. After the details leaked on Twitter, Sen. Dean Heller abandoned his own campaign announcement event, scheduled for this morning, and “snuck into the Capitol and filed on Friday without any fanfare.”

“Dean Heller is running so scared, he’s even running away from his own campaign events and supporters. And no wonder: in recent days, he’s been caught denigrating immigrants, hoping for a hail-Mary Supreme Court vacancy to energize his base, and been hit with an ethics complaint over his unlicensed multi-million dollar hay farm. The only surprising thing to Nevadans is how fast Dean Heller can run away from them with all that baggage,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp.

Just a week ago Heller was (by all appearances) excited to file for reelection:

Now, take a (nearly) live […]

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Rokita’s Debate Dodge Angers Prominent Conservative Indiana Radio Hosts

Congressman Todd Rokita continues to face criticism for refusing to participate in a debate with two other GOP candidates in the Indiana primary– this time from Indiana conservative radio hosts Tony Katz and Abdul Hakim-Shabazz.

Katz blasted Rokita on his show today saying Rokita’s reasoning for not appearing in a debate because of “questions from liberal media figures” simply does not ring true since the debate will be hosted by a nonpartisan organization and moderated by a Republican.

Listen to the full clip.

Rokita’s excuse for not participating in the debate was “scheduling conflicts” and this statement: “The Rokita campaign believes debates in the Republican primary should be hosted by conservative and Republican organizations which get into issues Republicans care about, not leftist propaganda and gotcha questions from liberal media figures, liberal college professors, or other parties interested in attacking Republicans and re-electing Joe Donnelly.”

The moderator for the debate in […]

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QUICK CLIP: Parkland Student Slams Rick Scott’s “Easy Way Out” Gun Bill

In the wake of the tragic mass shoot in Parkland, Florida, Governor Rick Scott has been blasted for failing to fight for meaningful reforms and working to actually block sensible gun safety measures.

As Scott gets ready to run for Senate, count on him to use the inadequate bill he signed last week to whitewash his record on guns. Here’s what a Parkland student had to say.

Marjory Stoneman Douglass student Cameron Kasky: “You know, Governor Scott is trying to look like he’s taking a step in the opposite direction of the NRA but we know that’s not really going to happen… I do think that Rick Scott is using this as an easy way out of the situation and while we appreciate his praise, this is not what we’re looking for.”

Watch the interview on CNN:

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QUICK CLIP: GOP #WISEN Candidates Are “Trading Barbs” As “Hardly Any Voters Know Who They Are”

After a Marquette University poll of Wisconsin’s Republican U.S. Senate primary came out yesterday on Kevin Nicholson and Leah Vukmir showing that “more than 80% of voters are unable to provide a favorability rating for either candidate,” the gloves are coming off in this race-to-the bottom.

New audio of Leah Vukmir has emerged, in which she trashes Nicholson — despite signing a “Unity Pledge” earlier in the campaign. Vukmir called Nicholson a “DC candidate” which led Nicholson’s campaign to fight back and call Vukmir a “consummate insider.”

Watch the full clip here.

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Lou Barletta Trashes His Own Record On Crime

On the radio last week, Lou Barletta essentially trashed his own record on crime to defend his do-nothing policy on gun violence, saying making something illegal only helps criminals like drug dealers and makes their business “skyrocket.”


That’s right, on Sue Henry’s radio show, Lou Barletta undermined his entire career of bragging about tough-on-crime policies as Mayor of Hazelton.


“Rep. Barletta’s ridiculous defense for doing nothing to protect Pennsylvanians from gun violence is either completely disingenuous, or he had a brief bout with amnesia,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp. “If Barletta truly believed what he said, that means the tough-on-crime policies he promoted as mayor of Hazelton and loves to talk about only helped ‘gangs and drug dealers.’”


Listen to the full clip radio here.
Full transcript:


“It’s unfortunate, and nobody really wants to talk about this. But as a mayor I saw it. You know when we make something […]

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Dean Heller: Silent and Absent on Guns

“Locked in a divisive primary, Dean Heller is campaigning like a Trump true believer,  but he won’t even go to a meeting with Trump on something as important as gun violence prevention. This was his opportunity to try to prevent another tragedy like the one in Las Vegas from happening — but Dean Heller is too spineless to advocate for the safety of Nevadans,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp. “Nevadans will remember this failure at the ballot box.

AP: Vulnerable lawmakers answer a noisy gun debate with silence

By Steve Peoples | March 4, 2018

“They crowded around the White House conference table this past week, lawmakers from California, Connecticut, Texas and Florida, eager to share their state’s painful experience with gun violence. One key state was not represented…The office of Nevada’s senior senator, Republican Dean Heller, would not say why did he did not attend the White House meeting.”
“Heller, who is facing […]

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Rick Scott’s Makeover on Guns is Lipstick on a Pig

“Rick Scott thinks he can make Floridians forget his horrific record on guns for doing the bare minimum in response to the latest tragedy,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp. “The truth is, Rick Scott has prevented sensible gun violence prevention measures his entire career, and he is a major reason why Florida has ‘among the most lax gun laws in America.’  He is underestimating Floridians if he thinks this political ploy will fool anyone.”


Politico: Rick Scott gets gun control makeover

By Marc Caputo | February 26, 2018

“‘Rick Scott is trying to erase the memories of everybody on the stances he’s taken on guns for the past eight years. But it took not just one mass shootings in Florida, but two to get him to act. And he’s not doing much,’ Tant said, referencing the Pulse nightclub slaughter in Orlando that happened during Scott’s term in 2016.”
“The reality is […]

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Rick Scott’s Weak Gun Proposal is a Political Ploy that Doesn’t Do Nearly Enough

American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp offered the following statement on Gov. Rick Scott’s gun proposal:

“The tragic school shooting in Parkland was the fifth mass shooting in Florida in two years, yet for seven years Governor Rick Scott has worked to weaken common sense regulations at every turn and prevented even the most sensible of gun violence prevention laws. Now that he’s in political peril, though, he’s offering a smokescreen that doesn’t go nearly far enough in protecting Floridians from gun violence. Floridians have had enough of politicians like Scott who repeatedly put their political allies ahead of keeping kids safe.”

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