Congressman Luke Messer Suddenly  Discovers “The American Worker”

Today, career politician and Washington insider Rep. Luke Messer launches a “Task Force on the American Worker,” just in time to pad his resume before he runs for U.S. Senate.

American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp made this statement in response:

“Congratulations to Congressman Messer for discovering that American workers need our support. Messer has almost nothing to show for five years in Washington, so it’s no surprise that on the eve of his U.S. Senate campaign he’s in damage control mode. After half a decade in Congress, Messer failed to sponsor a single bill that was signed into law, but he has politicked all the way to fifth in House Leadership. It’s clear where Congressman Messer’s priorities lie — and marketing gimmicks won’t fool anyone.”

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Senate GOP Recruitment Stalls in Trump’s First 100 Days

“Potential GOP candidates…are afraid of walking into a buzz saw.” – Politico

Four months into the 2018 campaign for U.S. Senate, Senate Republicans have almost no recruitment successes and plenty of failures. Politico reports that potential candidates “are afraid of walking into a buzz saw” as Donald Trump’s popularity sinks to historic lows.

“The Senate GOP is failing to recruit quality candidates — or almost any candidates — and Republicans only have themselves to blame,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp. “From stripping 26 million Americans of health care to gutting environmental protections, the GOP agenda would hurt working families, especially those who Trump and Republicans claim they want to help. Small wonder Republican’s best candidates are taking a dive, rather than face the voters in 2018.”

Take a look at the headlines Senate Republicans are earning as they fail to find candidates willing hitch their wagon to Washington Republicans in 2018…

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Tick… Tick… Tick…
After His Disastrous Town Hall, How Long Will Dean Heller Avoid Nevadans?

Today, Senator Dean Heller returns to Washington after two weeks of brutal headlines and angry constituents back home. After ducking Nevadans and avoiding a single public event for 3 and a half months, Heller finally caved last week.

Following Heller’s disastrous town hall, American Bridge has reset the timer on, the website that tracks how long it’s been since Nevada’s laziest politician held a public event. 

So how long has it been since Heller listened to Nevadans? See for yourself on

Statement by American Bridge spokesman Joshua Karp:

“Dean Heller must be breathing a sigh of relief to be back in Washington, where he won’t be confronted by constituents concerned over his 100% voting record for Trump’s dangerous agenda. There’s just no doubt a lazy Washington politician like Dean Heller is […]

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Dean Heller is (still) a two-faced coward

Facing angry constituents at his first public event in over three months, Dean Heller on Monday claimed to have “no problem with federal funding” for Planned Parenthood — just days after voting for legislation targeting Planned Parenthood’s funding.

But Heller’s cowardice knows no bounds. After misrepresenting his record, Heller yesterday walked back his dishonest claim that he’s supported Planned Parenthood as soon as he was safely away from his constituents.

Despite being well-aware that no federal funding is currently used to pay for abortions, Heller stressed that “he is opposed to providing federal funding to any organization that performs abortions and is supported by taxpayers’ dollars” and “has a long record that reflects his position.”


American Bridge President Jessica Mackler statement on Heller lying to his constituents about his extreme anti-choice record:

“Dean Heller is a two-faced coward who lied to his constituents’ faces about his hardline anti-choice record of attacks on women’s healthcare access, […]

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Dean Heller Shows Why He Hates Meeting Voters

While he was speaking to the Nevada state legislature in Carson City last night, Dean Heller’s teleprompter broke down.

Without the words scrolling a foot in front of his face, Dean Heller didn’t have a clue how to give his speech. He froze.

This wasn’t during some extended technical explanation of some policy. (Heller doesn’t do that). Dean Heller was caught flat-footed talking about what a great country America is. Without his prepared remarks, he couldn’t even string a sentence together.

Instead, he stammered and stuttered — “a place …. a place ….with a …. where a Senator.”

Senator, here’s a pro tip you might learn on the campaign trail this year: bring a paper copy. But we know you’ll just keep reading whatever your staff types into the teleprompter — and keep your fingers crossed.

Check out Heller’s embarrassing inability to finish a sentence about how great America is:

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Lying and Lazy Dean Heller Stumbles Badly At His First Town Hall

After failing to hold a single town hall for months, Senator Dean Heller faced his constituents for the first time at a town hall in Reno. After his 100% record of voting for Trump’s dangerous agenda in the U.S. Senate, Nevadans had a lot of questions for their Senator — and Heller didn’t have a single good answer.

Statement by American Bridge President Jessica Mackler:

“After hiding from his constituents for months, Senator Dean Heller caved to the pressure and held a town hall. But Heller is so completely unable to defend his record, he lied and lied for two hours, even going so far as to pretend to support Planned Parenthood two weeks after voting to block Title X funding for Planned Parenthood. When he couldn’t come up with a lie fast enough, Heller let his buddy and security blanket Rep. Mark Amodei answer the questions.”

“Last week, Heller dismissed town […]

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Dean Heller Will Probably Dodge These Five Questions

After Hiding For Months, Heller Will Finally Meet Some Voters

Dean Heller has been avoiding his constituents since Congress began, refusing to hold a town hall and even banning the press from the few events he does hold.

Now, over 3 months since Heller last held a public event, Heller has caved to the pressure and will have to meet his constituents face to face. He’ll have to answer for his laziness, his inability to advocate for Nevada, and his 100% voting record in support of Donald Trump’s agenda in the Senate.

Heller is so completely unable to defend his record, he’s going to let his buddy Rep. Mark Amodei “do all the talking.”

If Dean Heller bothers to do any homework at all before the town hall, here are five questions Heller will practice ways to duck and dodge:

1. Why did you vote to repeal the rules that would have protected our […]

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RECAP: Jeff Flake’s Smug, Condescending, Grinning,Water-Gulping Town Hall Disaster

Arizonans to Flake: “You work for us.”

At last night’s town hall, Sen. Jeff Flake finally had to hear from his his constituents… and it was clear why he had delayed talking to them for so long.

Arizonans held Jeff Flake accountable for his actions in Washington — wanting to repeal the Affordable Care Act, supporting the defunding of Planned Parenthood, his smug, condescending demeanor on stage, his refusal to hold Donald Trump accountable and his lockstep support for Trump’s dangerous agenda.

Facing the heat from his constituents, Flake refused to answer questions, repeatedly lectured his constituents on how Congress works, awkwardly gulped water and made an awkward joke about Marco Rubio — that fell embarrassingly flat with his audience.

Here’s a recap of what happened last night in Mesa, Arizona…

“The #ACA saved my life… I’d love to stay alive for my family.” 

“I’m a scientist…and […]

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Arizonans to Jeff Flake: “When Are You Going to Choose Your Country Over Your Party?”

In response to Jeff Flake’s town hall in Mesa, Arizona tonight, American Bridge President Jessica Mackler made the following statement:

“Over and over, Jeff Flake ignored questions from his constituents tonight, choosing to smugly lecture them instead of listening to them. Flake’s condescending non-answers are a smokescreen for his lockstep support of Trump’s dangerous agenda. Tonight, Flake heard from mothers who need the Affordable Care Act to keep their kids healthy. He heard from Arizonans concerned about Russia’s interference in our elections and women who depend on Planned Parenthood for their health care. But unfortunately for Arizonans, Jeff Flake did exactly what he’s done for the past four years — grin and ignore them.”

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New American Bridge Snapchat Filter Targets Jeff Flake Town Hall

As Jeff Flake reluctantly comes out of hiding to meet with his constituents for the first time in months, American Bridge is launching a Snapchat geofilter that allows Flake’s constituents to tell him what’s really on their minds. The ad calls out Flake for his disastrous vote to gut Internet privacy protections, allowing your internet service provider to sell your browsing history to the highest bidder, something that will affect every single American.

The Snapchat filter will be available during Jeff Flake’s town hall, which takes place at the Mesa Convention Center in Mesa, Arizona from 7:00 to 9:00 PM local time.

“Jeff Flake has avoided his constituents for months, either too afraid or too embarrassed to hold a public town hall with the people of Arizona. Now, Flake has to come out of hiding and explain to his constituents why he voted to sell them out and why he continues to […]

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