Republicans Should Take Their Own Advice, Delay Senate Business Until Sen-Elect Jones Is Seated

The people of Alabama spoke loudly and clearly when they elected Doug Jones, and he should be seated before any vote on major legislation takes place. The will of the people of Alabama must be respected, and the Senator they elected — not a Senator appointed by a disgraced ex-governor — should be allowed to vote on legislation that will affect every Alabamian.

This isn’t a new argument. This isn’t a partisan argument. This is exactly what Republicans said they believed in 2010 after Scott Brown won the Massachusetts special election. Just hear for yourself what Republicans argued back then…

Trump in 2010: “[Obama] said now, you know, we have to give Massachusetts their vote, which was a very smart thing for him to say.”

John McCain in 2010: The Senate should delay its business until Scott Brown could be seated.
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FACT SHEET: American Bridge’s Alabama Impact

“We engaged from the start because we knew that Roy Moore was a historic disgrace, and we knew we had a shot to win. We were aggressive from the beginning because we believe Democrats need to compete everywhere in a cycle like this one is shaping up to be. Count on progressives to keep fighting and keep winning up and down the ballot in 2018,” said American Bridge Chairman David Brock.

Since before Roy Moore won the primary, American Bridge was engaged in Alabama:

1. In the final days of the Senate race in Alabama, American Bridge launched a five-figure digital ad campaign, targeting persuadable Republican voters with two messages as we approached election day:

– Our write-in ad encouraged Alabamians to follow the example of Sen. Richard Shelby and write in a respected leader instead of voting for Roy Moore. Our push was covered in Sports IllustratedMcClatchy Read more after the jump.

American Bridge: GOP Should Be Terrified After Jones Victory, Senate Must Seat Jones Immediately

Following Senator-elect Doug Jones’ victory in the Alabama Senate race tonight, American Bridge released the following statement from Chairman David Brock:

“Republicans should be terrified tonight. While they’re divided and engaged in civil war, Democrats are energized and are turning out in record numbers. Doug Jones’ victory in a place where Democrats haven’t won statewide for 25 years is the clearest sign yet of a tidal wave coming in 2018. 

“Now that the people of Alabama have spoken, Doug Jones must be seated as a Senator immediately. Voters made their voices heard loud and clear, so there’s no excuse for Luther Strange to continue serving.  Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump may be desperate to pass their tax scam, but they cannot ignore the will of the voters.”

Earlier today Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced his intentions to not seat Jones until January.

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As Bannon Campaigns for a Pedophile, His Hand-Picked Candidates Stay Loyal

Tonight, former Trump senior advisor turned alt-right crusader Steve Bannon will campaign in Alabama for disgraced Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore, who has been accused of preying on at least eight teenage girls when he was in his thirties. Bannon has stood by Moore following the allegations that Moore pursued teenage girls in the 1980s, including sexually assaulting a 14 -year-old girl.

But when he’s not campaigning for a suspected child molester, Steve Bannon has been endorsing and fundraising for Senate candidates across the country. And as of this moment, these candidates continue to stand by Steve Bannon — touting his endorsement and collecting money from his donor network — as he campaigns for a child molester. They include:

Marsha Blackburn, Tennessee
Ted Cruz, Texas
Josh Hawley, Missouri
Patrick Morrisey, West Virginia
Kevin Nicholson, Wisconsin
Matt Rosendale, Montana
Danny Tarkanian, Nevada
Kelly Ward, Arizona

“Steve Bannon apparently thinks a serial sexual molester who preys on underage girls is fit for the […]

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New Polls Show Overwhelming Opposition To The Trump-Republican Tax Bill 

Two new polls confirm what we already knew: the Trump tax bill, which Senate Republicans rammed through in the dead of night last week and the House voted to advance yesterday, is deeply unpopular and overwhelmingly opposed to by the majority of Americans.

“The American people are strongly rejecting this Trump tax scam. Raising taxes on the middle class and working families to fund tax breaks for the rich and large corporations isn’t just morally wrong, it’s going to be an electoral disaster for every Republican who votes for it,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp.” And as voters learn more about the proposal cutting Medicare by more than $25 billion while also causing the deficit to explode, they’ll only further reject anyone who was crazy enough to vote for it.”

Quinnipiac University’s latest poll shows that Americans are against the tax plan by nearly 2 to 1, with 53% against it compared to just 29% in favor. The […]

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American Bridge Statement on Passage of the Trump-GOP Tax Scam

In the dead of night, Senate Republicans passed their tax plan that crushes the middle class. American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp offered the following statement:

“Senate Republicans and Donald Trump just moved one step closer to betraying the middle class today — breaking every promise they made on the campaign trail last year  –  and every one of them will be held accountable at the ballot box. The GOP’s sham bill means middle class Americans will pay more in taxes and more for their healthcare, while big corporations will be rewarded for sending more American jobs overseas and our deficit skyrockets. All that, just to give massive tax breaks to the super rich who need it least. This is a gift to uber-wealthy Republican donors, plain and simple, at the expense of everyone else. The American people won’t soon forget who sold them out.”

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Before Likely Senate Vote, American Bridge Launches Digital Ads Blasting Trump-Republican Tax Plan For Selling Out The Middle Class

Ahead of a likely vote on the Senate Republican tax proposal, American Bridge began a digital ad campaign to hold Donald Trump and Republicans accountable for trying to raise taxes on millions of middle class Americans and increase healthcare costs across the board in order to cut taxes for the rich and for corporations.

The ads, which are running on Facebook in Arizona, Maine, Nevada, Tennessee, and Wisconsin, urge constituents to call their Senators and urge them to vote against the bill, emphasizing that the Trump-Republican tax plan will be an economic body-blow to the middle class families that Trump pledged he would help.

To watch the ad running against Dean Heller in Nevada, click HERE.

“This is going to go down in history as a defining vote for the Republican Party,” said Shripal Shah, Vice President of American Bridge. “This isn’t tax reform, it’s a tax scam that sells out the the […]

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American Bridge Statement on Party-Line Senate Vote to Consider Trump-Republican Tax Scam 

American Bridge spokesman Joshua Karp released the following statement after Senate Republicans voted to proceed to debate of the Trump-Republican tax plan:

“This Trump-Republican tax bill would sell out millions of American families in order to cut taxes for millionaires and large corporations. This is government gone wrong, and supporters of this scam ought to be ashamed. The stakes for the middle class couldn’t be higher, and every Republican who just voted for higher taxes, higher healthcare costs, and higher government debt will be held accountable in 2018 and beyond.”

To cut taxes for the rich (including Donald Trump himself) and for corporations, the Senate Republican tax plan would:

Raises taxes on 87 million families
Create new tax incentives for companies to send American jobs overseas
Cut Medicare by $25 billion
Deprive 13 million Americans of their health insurance while raising […]

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Bull 💩 Alert: Before McSally Was Trump’s BFF,  She Was Anti-Trump

Rep. Martha McSally is trying to portray herself as best buddies with President Trump — a complete flip flop from her relationship with him in 2016.

What’s changed since then? Only her political ambition.

Now that McSally is planning a Senate bid against a Steve Bannon-backed, far-right candidate in the GOP primary, McSally has posted photos of herself with the president and Ivanka Trump to her social media, she’s added video of Trump praising her to her campaign YouTube account, and she’s tweeted about Trump four separate times. She’s even gone on Fox News to commend him.

But before she was campaigning for a promotion, McSally was a sharp Trump critic. She refused to endorse him in the 2016 election, said she “utterly disagreed” with his comments about NATO allies, and condemned him after the infamous Access Hollywood tape. And she didn’t […]

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Hypocrite Roy Moore ran on protecting children, during the same timeframe he’s accused of sexually assaulting minors

“Roy Moore’s disgusting hypocrisy knows no bounds,” said American Bridge spokesperson Allison Teixeira Sulier. “Not only is Roy Moore a sexual predator who’s wholly unfit for public office, but at the same time he was was pursuing teenage girls he was also campaigning for district attorney — on a platform of protecting children from abuse. Roy Moore’s hypocrisy is among the most vile deceptions in the history of American politics.”

Daily Beast: Roy Moore Once Ran on Protecting Minors From Sexual Abuse

The candidate questionnaire he filled out in his 1986 DA race seems out of tune following recent revelations.

By Sam Stein | November 28, 2017

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