Sen. Cornyn, knowing how many people will lose healthcare coverage is no “luxury” 

“Senator Cornyn just admitted that the American people’s healthcare is in fact the last priority of Republicans ​in Washington and Donald Trump. They are so obsessed with implementing their partisan agenda that don’t care about the pain their healthcare vote would inflict on the country. Cornyn may not be one of the 22 million Americans who stand to lose their insurance under Trumpcare, or one of the 32 million Americans whose coverage would be threatened by an outright repeal of Obamacare -​ but dismissing this bill’s consequences so casually is a slap in the face to every constituent who would be harmed by this plan​,​” said American Bridge spokesperson Andrew Bates.

The Hill: Cornyn: Knowing health plan ahead of vote is ‘luxury we don’t have’
BY PETER SULLIVAN – 07/20/17 02:41 PM EDT  

Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas), the No. 2 Senate Republican, on Thursday said knowing what the Republican healthcare bill will […]

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American Bridge Statement on CBO Score of Affordable Care Act Repeal

American Bridge President Jessica Mackler issued the following statement after the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office released their report on the Republican proposal to eliminate the Affordable Care Act without a replacement:

“Yet again the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office has exposed Donald Trump and Republicans as hellbent on taking healthcare from millions of Americans in order to cut taxes for the wealthy – including Donald Trump himself.  The vote that Trump and Mitch McConnell insist on holding endangers the care of 32 million Americans, and would mean premiums double for those lucky enough to keep it.

“Only 13% of the American public support this radical ‘give to the rich by taking from everyone else’ approach to revamping health care across the United States, and every Senator should take notice – this is the ​opposite of populism, and ​your constituents are will hold you accountable.”

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First Carrier and Boeing. Now Harley-Davidson. More Layoffs, Offshoring at Trump-Touted Businesses.

Trump in February put Harley-Davidson on a pedestal for “building things in America” and creating jobs. Now, the manufacturer is opening a new plant in Thailand and laying off laying off 180 workers in Milwaukee and Kansas City

The latest Harley-Davidson layoffs and apparent offshoring mark just the latest data point in a trend of Trump championing firms that have gone on to layoff workers, offshore jobs, or both:

Trump celebrated Boeing, then the company laid off ~200 workers at the same South Carolina plant; 
Carrier has continued to lay off employees in Indiana — 300 more go into effect tomorrow — despite Trump’s “grand bargain” that gave the company millions in taxpayer incentives even as it announced further layoffs and a shift to automation;

American Coal laid off nearly 300 miners just […]

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American Bridge Calls for Investigation Into Whether Trump Administration Used Taxpayer Funds to Falsify Trumpcare “Analysis”

American Bridge President Jessica Mackler released the following statement after the Trump Administration produced a study of Trumpcare effects that was sharply at odds with every independent assessment of the bill, which the American people (including Trump’s voters) have rejected.   

“This ‘analysis’ of Trumpcare is so contradictory to every independent expert’s review that it’s nearly impossible to believe it hasn’t been doctored. These new, desperate claims being made by Trump Administration are heinously insulting to the American people – especially the tens of millions that the independent, nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office projected would lose their health insurance if the Senate Trumpcare bill became law.

“That’s not all – America’s hospitals and even the health industry itself has warned that Cruz’s amendment would devastate Americans with preexisting conditions like cancer and heart disease and force higher premiums on the country.

“No one with any healthcare expertise is willing […]

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The Evolution of Trumpcare Lies

Donald Trump has been lying about his healthcare plans for more than a year now. The truth? He never cared about actually improving the quality of care or making insurance more affordable for people. He never wanted “insurance for everybody,” and he was never serious about protecting Medicaid. In reality, his plan would take away insurance from 32 million Americans, and he pushed to cut $800 billion from Medicaid which would have been devastating for the working poor, the disabled, rural communities, and the elderly.

Perhaps the only honest thing about Trump and health care is what he’s saying now – that he desperately wants to pass something- anything– to show he’s not entirely useless. He wants a political win and doesn’t care how many millions of Americans have to lose their insurance, their financial security, and even their lives for him to get it.

See for yourself:

May 2015: Trump Promised “There Will Be […]

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The Evolution of Collusion

Donald Trump, his campaign, and his administration have repeatedly claimed for more than a year that there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government. Trump himself calls the ongoing investigation a “witch hunt,” “nonsense,” and “fake news.”

Now, even with hard evidence that his son and top campaign officials eagerly sought information from the Russian government and were told explicitly that the Russian government was trying to help, the denials and the lies continue.

“Newsflash: the Trumps can’t keep their story straight because they’re lying and trying to cover their tracks,” said American Bridge Rapid Response Director Emily Aden. “Seven different explanations about this secret meeting in as many days is outrageous even for Trump. What happened was likely illegal and treasonous, and the President must be held accountable for these actions as […]

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Taxpayer Dollars Are Going, Going, GONE on Trump’s Vacations

Rather than sticking around in Europe for longer than 27 hours so he can begin to rebuild U.S. relationships with France and other vital allies, Trump is flying home to focus on building his personal brand at his New Jersey golf course. It’s his 20th weekend at a Trump property — out of only 24 weekends in his presidency.

“Donald Trump needs to stop vacationing on the taxpayers’ dime and start doing his job. If this low-energy President wants to spend all his time golfing and vacationing, he should do us all a favor and join a retirement community.” —Kevin McAlister, American Bridge spokesperson

On top of using millions of dollars from American taxpayers and the USGA to promote his properties and profit from his personal brand, Trump is facing questions on scandals and his plummeting job approval:

Will he see “high-quality person” Don Jr. for the first time since Junior […]

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Did Mike Pence Meet With Russia, Too? His Spokesman Keeps Dodging The Question

“The amnesia outbreak in the Trump administration concerning all things Russia has spread to Mike Pence. If Donald Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner are any indication, the next symptom will be a phony denial from Pence, followed by news of exactly what his spokesperson tried three times not to admit: the Vice President is just as complicit in this scandal as every other member of the Trump administration.” — Harrell Kirstein, American Bridge spokesperson

Newsweek: Did Mike Pence Meet With Russia, Too? His Spokesman Keeps Dodging The Question

BY JULIA GLUM ON 7/13/17 AT 10:09 AM

Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort joined an ever-expanding club this week of people who met with Russians during the 2016 presidential campaign but who claimed they did not when news broke that the trio met with a Russian lawyer last year in hopes of digging up dirt on Hillary Clinton. But […]

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American Bridge Statement on Republicans’ Even More Extreme Trumpcare Bill

Two weeks ago Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell was forced to abandon his plans for a Trumpcare vote before July 4th because he didn’t have the votes to pass his reckless bill. Now, reports indicate he managed to make the bill worse.  McConnell’s updated plan is even more conservative and more devastating for families; it maintains Trumpcare’s worst provisions and adds changes that force Americans with preexisting conditions into prohibitively expensive plans that threaten a return to the days when anyone who gets sick could go bankrupt at a moment’s notice.

The reboot comes in the aftermath of public backlash to the first bill, which was written behind closed doors with lobbyists, that would have deprived 22 million Americans of their health insurance, ended Medicaid as we know it, and directly attacked victims of the opioid addiction epidemic that is hurting families across the United States, all to STILL give Read more after the jump.

ICYMI — USA Today: Donald Trump said to have threatened USGA with lawsuit if it moved women’s Open

“Of course Trump threatened to sue when his profits were at risk because for him, nothing is more important than his own bank account. The only thing this man cares about is profiting off of the presidency and this is just the latest example.” — Kevin McAlister, American Bridge spokesperson


USA Today: Donald Trump said to have threatened USGA with lawsuit if it moved women’s Open

By Christine Brennan, 7/11/17

U.S. Golf Association executive director Mike Davis told members of the USGA’s executive committee that Donald Trump threatened to sue the organization if it moved the 2017 U.S. Women’s Open from Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, N.J., according to a person with direct knowledge of the meeting.

Davis informed the USGA executive committee about Trump’s threat on a conference call about two years ago, just as Trump was beginning his successful campaign for president, according to the person, who spoke on the […]

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