ICYMI: Experts Say Manafort’s Real Estate Deals “Fit Pattern Used in Money Laundering” Schemes

A new report from WNYC today is raising further questions about Paul Manafort’s ties to Russian oligarchs and Putin allies, this time stemming from real estate dealings that experts say fit a pattern used in money laundering schemes.

In response to this new report, American Bridge spokesperson Sabrina Singh released the following statement:

“The $12 million in question here just so happens to be nearly the exact amount of money Manafort allegedly received from former pro-Russian president of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych in undisclosed cash payments. And those are the same payments that, once revealed, forced his resignation from the Trump campaign.  Does anyone seriously believe that’s just a coincidence?

“These latest developments can’t be ignored. Now more than ever we need a 9/11 style, independent commission investigating this scandal in order to ensure transparency and accountability on behalf of the American people.”

Earlier today, Bridge Project released a new ad on Paul Manafort, […]

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This Is Bigger Than Watergate. Time For An Independent Commission.

American Bridge President Jessica Mackler released the following statement in response to a report that the Trump administration sought to prevent Sally Yates from testifying in the House Intelligence Committee:

“Tanking a witness’ testimony should be the final nail in Nunes’ coffin. He has repeatedly colluded with the White House to obscure the truth about the ties between Russian officials and Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and has shown that he cannot be trusted in any capacity. Now more than ever we need a 9/11 style, independent commission that can ensure impartiality, transparency and accountability on behalf of the American people.”

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Spicer Questions: Over The Fence And Into The White House Edition

It’s a busy day so we’ll get right to it. American Bridge Vice President Shripal Shah calls on White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer to answer the following questions:

1. Why did the Trump Administration seek to block former acting Attorney General Sally Yates from testifying before the House Intelligence Committee on Trump’s ties to Russia? Did the White House direct Chairman Devin Nunes to suddenly call off the hearing out of fear of what Yates would say?

2. Does President Trump wait to receive his intelligence briefing until the ten o’clock hour so he can watch and tweet about Fox and Friends? Yes, this is a real question.

3. Can you say definitively now what we all know to be true- Mexico is not going to pay for the wall? Per the White House’s own budget estimate, the wall is going to cost taxpayers $1 billion next year, $2.6 billion in 2018 […]

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Belated Throw Back Thursday: Trump the Dealmaker

Trump: “If You Can’t Make A Good Deal With A Politician, Then There’s Something Wrong With You.”  “So I’ve watched the politicians. I’ve dealt with them all my life. If you can’t make a good deal with a politician, then there’s something wrong with you. You’re certainly not very good.” [Donald Trump, Presidential Campaign Announcement, New York, NY 6/16/15]

Trump:  “Nobody Knows The System Better Than Me, Which Is Why I Alone Can Fix It.” [Donald Trump, RNC Speech, Cleveland, OH, 07/21/16]

Trump: “I’ve Been Making Lots Of Wonderful Deals, Great Deals. That’s What I Do.” “I’ve been doing deals for a long time.  I’ve been making lots of wonderful deals, great deals, that’s what I do.”  [Donald Trump, Anti Iran Deal Rally, Washington, DC, 9/9/15]

Trump: “I’m A Closer”  “We like to win. We know how to close deals. I close. I’m a closer. Even in sports, I’ve always been a closer. […]

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Donald Trump Is A Failure Who Can’t Deliver

Donald Trump’s signature agenda item just cratered.  The good news: millions of people won’t lose their health insurance, health care costs won’t explode for seniors, the quality of employer-based coverage won’t rapidly decline, and basic services like prescription coverage, hospitalization, and newborn care will not be undermined — no thanks to Republicans in Congress or the White House.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump’s campaign is under FBI investigation for potentially colluding with Russian hackers, the situation in North Korea is spiraling out of control, and courts continue to block his unconstitutional travel ban.

American Bridge President Jessica Mackler issued the following statement in reaction to Paul Ryan canceling the TrumpCare vote:

“Donald Trump is a failure who can’t deliver. After having the better part of a decade to produce a healthcare plan, all Trump and Republicans came up with was a $144 billion dollar tax cut for the rich – a bill so reckless that their own […]

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Spicer Questions: CSPAN Watch Party Edition

The president has decided to play out an episode of The Apprentice, threatening Members of Congress to vote for a terrible health care plan or be left with an effective law they love to hate. Instead of anyone being “fired,” however, people’s lives hang in the balance.

American Bridge Vice President Shripal Shah says “Terrible TV, even worse policy making,” and calls on White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer to answer the following questions:

1. How is it possible that the “new” version of Trumpcare costs more money yet leaves the same whopping 24 million people uninsured and still raises premiums 15 to 20 percent?

2. According to the CBO Report, de-funding Planned Parenthood would cause 15 percent of underserved and low-income women to lose access to care. Why does President Trump want to gut an organization that has reliably provided health care for women, many of whom didn’t have coverage, for […]

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Trump To Get Updates On How He’s Getting Rich Sticking It to Taxpayers, Despite Pledge To Divest

Statement from American Bridge spokesperson Brad Bainum:

“Trump refused to sell off his business holdings, and now he’s breaking his “blind trust” with “zero contact” promises to start receiving regular updates on how effectively he’s getting rich while sticking it to the American people.

“The Trump family continues to violate public trust, shatter ethical norms, and brazenly sell out the American people to profit off of the presidency. The only person winning in Trump’s America is Trump, and he’s doing it at the country’s expense. “

Key Point:

But less than two minutes later, [Eric Trump] concedes that he will continue to update his father on the business while he is in the presidency. “Yeah, on the bottom line, profitability reports and stuff like that, but you know, that’s about it.” How often will those reports be, every quarter? “Depending, yeah, depending.” Could be more, could be less? “Yeah, probably quarterly.” One thing is clear: […]

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Statement on Trump Bullying The GSA At The Expense Of The American People

American Bridge spokesperson Kevin McAlister released the following statement on Donald Trump benefiting from his DC hotel lease as an elected official with the General Services Administration, despite the GSA ruling otherwise earlier today:

“Donald Trump has a long history of micromanaging everything touching his business and profits, so we have every reason to believe Trump pressured GSA to rule his way at the expense of the American people’s best interests. And if Trump is pressuring other agencies that he has control over to do his bidding to the detriment of the American people, the White House needs to come clean.”

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Rep. Nunes Just Destroyed His Credibility

Following reports that the Republican Chair of the House Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes went straight to the White House instead of briefing members of his committee on his apparent new findings, American Bridge spokesperson Sabrina Singh released the following statement:

“Rep. Nunes has lost all of his credibility. From the start it was difficult to see how he could conduct this investigation in an impartial fashion considering he served as a senior member of the Trump transition, but today he made it clear that his partisan agenda is his top priority. For all we know he could be looking at his own name in any incidental collection done by American intelligence agencies and now misleading the public about it, a reality that underscores the need for a special prosecutor.

“Nunes is a White House pawn. He can’t be trusted in any capacity, let alone one that has him overseeing what should be an […]

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Rep. Nunes Highlights Need for a Special Prosecutor

Following Rep. Devin Nunes’ press conference, American Bridge spokesperson Sabrina Singh released the following statement:

“Once again Rep. Nunes is selectively releasing information to further a political agenda on behalf of the White House. If he wants the public to have confidence in his ability to oversee an investigation, he should release details: who were the individuals under surveillance that Trump officials were communicating with? What were they discussing? And why is his first instinct to run to the White House with this information when they’re the subject of multiple investigations?

“If it wasn’t already painfully obvious, Nunes is a White House lackey who can’t be trusted. His political agenda is getting in the way of an unbiased investigation, and this latest development further demonstrates the need for a special prosecutor to oversee this investigation.”

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