American Bridge Releases Research Memo Detailing Trump’s Policy Failures, Conflicts of Interest

Donald Trump has a China problem – bigly. With the president on the defensive on the issue, and on the heels of a major, ongoing ad campaign highlighting the president’s weak response to China amidst the coronavirus crisis, American Bridge today released a full opposition research memo detailing Trump’s vulnerabilities.

The memo notes that in the months before COVID-19 emerged, Trump took key public health monitors off the job in China, and as COVID-19 spread rampantly across the globe, Trump put his trust in China and shipped China 18 tons of personal protective equipment (PPE) – a day after the first recorded coronavirus-related death.

Beyond the White House’s failed response to this pandemic, Trump has even more vulnerabilities as it relates to his record and business dealings in China, underscoring his motivation to distract with lies and smears. Trump’s record emphasizes the need for Democrats to set the record straight and fight back against Trump’s misinformation.

To read our full memo, click here.

“If this ‘stable genius’ wants to duke it out over China, our message is game on,” said American Bridge President Bradley Beychok. “Coronavirus is a flashpoint that underscores Donald Trump’s dangerous incompetence. But his family’s deep ties to China also puts a spotlight on the slimy culture of corruption with which Trump has polluted the presidency. In other words, this isn’t a debate Trump is positioned to win, and we’re going to make sure of it.”

In response to an attack ad from Trump’s super PAC smearing Vice President Biden’s record on China, American Bridge recently released an ad responding with the truth about Trump’s own failures. The ad specifically holds Trump accountable for singing China’s praises and transporting tons of medical equipment that American medical professionals desperately need right now.  The ad prompted the President to lash out on his twitter feed last week, and his lawyers followed up by sending a cease and desist letter to television stations that are airing the advertisement. In response, American Bridge doubled down with an additional six-figure investment in the ad campaign.