New Video Reveals How Trump’s Tax Bill Left Wisconsin Workers in the Cold

With impeached President Donald Trump traveling to Milwaukee later today, American Bridge is launching a new social media video which spotlights how, despite the president’s promises to revive manufacturing, Trump’s 2017 tax bill led to a massive corporate and CEO giveaways while failing to help Wisconsin workers. The video focuses on Trump’s abandonment of workers at Kimberly-Clark Corp.’s plant in Neenah, WI. 
In January, 2018, Kimberly-Clark reported $3.3 billion in profits while laying off thousands of workers across the country, including 100 in Wisconsin. According to a Department of Labor filing, Kimberly-Clark Corp. shipped the Wisconsin jobs overseas. The video directs viewers to an article on American Bridge’s digital media site American Ledger to learn more about the impact of Trump’s broken promise to Wisconsin workers. 
“Hardworking Wisconsinites are paying the price of the president’s broken promises,” said American Bridge spokesperson Jeb Fain. “The ultra-rich have reaped the rewards of Donald Trump’s presidency, but for everyone else it’s been an abject failure. Jobs are on the line, and Wisconsin families can’t afford four more years of Trump’s disastrous policies.” 
Watch the video here.