We Deserve Better: Pennsylvania

Trump Admits He Wants to Slash Pennsylvania’s Medicare, Social Security Programs

President Trump admitted that, if elected to a second term, he will seek to cut the budgets for vital entitlement programs like Medicare, Social Security, and Medicaid—which millions of Americans rely upon every day.  


Hundreds of Pennsylvania Workers Laid Off by Companies While CEOs Reap Rewards of Trump Tax Bill

Three companies with operations in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, laid off hundreds of workers since the start of 2018, sending jobs out of the country and closing plants while paying their CEOs multimillion-dollar salaries. 


President Trump Fails To Deliver on Promise to Fix PA Turnpike, Highway Explodes With Debt

(Pennsylvania Real-Time News) Fares on the Pennsylvania Turnpike rose this year for the 11th consecutive year and will continue to do so for years to come because of the financial bind it finds itself due to a 2007 state law.