2018 doesn't look good for Adam Putnam.

Florida was pummeled by hurricanes in 2017, a devastating opioid epidemic, and a woefully inadequate response to both by Governor Rick Scott and the Trump administration as a whole.

Putnam will have to take ownership of outgoing Governor Rick Scott’s record, which has  focused on cutting funding for public schools, veterans and health care – while serving up huge handouts and giveaways to his campaign funders.

Republicans in Congress are hell bent on taking away healthcare from 873,000 Floridians and cutting Florida’s Medicare funding by $2 billion. Florida’s own Sen. Marco Rubio has admitted that they’re considering funding huge tax breaks for the wealthiest few by cutting Social Security and Medicare. Ask 1 in 5 Floridians who are over the age of 65 how they feel about that – their response spells trouble for Putnam.

But Putnam isn’t just running during a difficult time.

Putnam has droves of problems of his own making.

Working To Rip Away Health Coverage From Millions

In 2017, Republicans in Congress did what they could to take away healthcare from millions of Americans. And by adding the repeal of the independent mandate into the tax reform bill, they still might be successful. Adam Putnam has been a fan of healthcare repeal, once calling the Affordable Care Act “a Soviet Union grocery store” because he said it limited choices. But the Senate health care repeal bill was expected to cut back Medicaid funding. Putnam never stood up for the more than 4.3 million Floridians who rely on Medicaid and CHIP – not even for the 119,000 military veterans that rely on Medicaid. He never fought against Medicaid cuts that would surely harm the opioid fight in Florida. Medicaid funding helped treat opioid addiction in Florida, which has reached epidemic proportions, accounting for 15% of the nationwide opioid-related overdose deaths in 2015.

If Adam Putnam has refused to stand up for mothers and children on CHIP, veterans, those that desperately need help with addiction, who will he stand up for? Himself.

Personally Profiting Off Of Public Office, the Personification of Trump’s Swamp

Even though he’s only 43, Adam Putnam has been in public office for over 20 years. And it turns out he’s got a long history of benefitting from various public offices he has held. According the Palm Beach Post, Putnam “became a very rich man in 2005 when taxpayers spent $25.5 million on 2,052 acres of his family’s ranch that had been valued at $5.5 million a year earlier.” South Florida Water Management District purchased the property in a deal that came under scrutiny because the land simply wasn’t necessary. In addition, the deal was structured so that Putnam’s family received “a lucrative tax break, while allowing the family to continue grazing cattle on the land rent-free until the district needed the land.” Putnam claimed not to be involved, but he earned millions from the deal.

Be sure to stay tuned: this isn’t the only time Adam Putnam has personally benefited from public office.

Putting Big Donors and Corporations First

If that wasn’t enough, it turns out that Putnam is rigging this system against Floridians. One of Putnam’s priorities as Agriculture Commissioner was a bill that would loosen water regulations by shifting oversight to his agency instead of the Waste Management Districts. The legislation effectively loosened pollution enforcement standards, allowing huge agricultural businesses (like his own family’s farm) to monitor themselves. Putnam has been criticized for lax oversight of “cattle ranches, farms and neighborhoods as far north as Orlando” that contributed to pollution of Lake Okeechobeeand led to algae blooms that have now drained into the ocean.

If Adam Putnam’s oversight of his own department clearly favors big agriculture over people, Floridians should expect him to put big businesses who fund his campaign coffers ahead of people at every turn.

Putnam Is The Wrong Choice for Florida

As Republicans in Congress under the leadership of Donald Trump continue to give handouts to the rich at the expense of the middle class, American Bridge will be there – reminding Floridians that Adam Putnam has been doing the exact same thing in Florida, looking out for himself and his campaign donors above Floridians’ health care and safety. This will be a long, difficult campaign for Putnam and when it’s finished, Florida will know that he’s the wrong choice for Governor.

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