Rick Scott Comes to D.C. To Campaign For A Massive Tax Cut For Himself

As Rick Scott visits Washington, D.C. today to campaign for the passage of Trumpcare, which would strip healthcare from over two million Floridians and raise costs on millions more, American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp made the following statement:

“As if you needed any more evidence that Trumpcare is a massive tax cut for the wealthy disguised as a health care bill, it is arriving in Washington today — likely via private jet. Gov. Rick Scott will be in D.C. to advocate for Trumpcare, which makes health care worse for the poor and middle class, while cutting taxes for wealthy fraudsters like Rick Scott and Donald Trump.

“In fact, Trumpcare would give Rick Scott an up to $500,000 tax cut while stripping health care from over two million Floridians. No wonder Rick Scott’s been bragging about advising the Trump administration on Trumpcare.”