Welcome to Kochville: Episode 4: Joni’s Song

This episode features Joni Ernst doing a song and dance for the Koch brothers — which is pretty fitting.

Ernst and the Koch brothers have quite the rapport. Ernst made it clear how instrumental the Kochs were at their secretive billionaires summit when she credited them for having “started[her] trajectory.”

In return, Ernst supports the entire Koch agenda: privatizing social security, philosophical opposition to the Renewable Fuel Standard, getting rid of the federal minimum wage, massive tax cuts for the wealthy while shifting the tax burden to working families, eliminating the Department of Education, and the list goes on.

Joni Ernst and the Koch brothers have been through a lot together. They must be so proud to see her all grown up and trying to give them one more senator in their pockets. But it isn’t going to happen — Iowans want a senator who works for Iowans, not for billionaires and special interests.