Welcome to Kochville: Episode 5: Better Call Mitch

The final ad in our animated Kochville series features Minority Leader Mitch McConnell discussing his new recruits with the Kochs and helping to ensure they are all kept in line with the billionaires’ self-serving agenda.

McConnell has spent 30 years in Washington looking out for himself and special interests while throwing his own constituents under the bus. He made his priorities very clear when he attended the Koch brothers’ secretive billionaires summit this year and laid out what a McConnell-run senate would look like:

“And we’re not going to be debating all these gosh darn proposals. That’s all we do in the Senate is vote on things like raising the minimum wage…”

McConnell also made the remarkable statement:

“The worst day of my political life was when President George W. Bush signed McCain-Feingold into law.”

In 30 years in Washington, Mitch McConnell’s single worst day was the day a Republican president signed a bipartisan campaign finance law? That must be music to the Koch brothers ears, though they’ve found plenty of new ways to continue buying elections and pushing their extreme agenda.

If Mitch McConnell becomes the Majority Leader of the Koch Party, it won’t be a pretty sight for working families.

Stay tuned for more visitors to Kochville in the coming weeks, and as always, American Bridge has all the Real Koch Facts you need on these secretive billionaires and the extreme Republican candidates like Thom Tillis who support their self-serving agenda.