Rand Paul tries to portray himself as a libertarian crusader, but he’s missed the mark along the way. His views range from wacky to downright egregious. Unfortunately, the harm that his policies would do to middle class families, women, seniors, and civil rights are all too real.

Now that he’s officially a candidate, Paul promises to drive the Republican primary even further to the right, but his immediate concern is how to distance himself from his past. Paul has proposed ending foreign aid to Israel, called for eliminating the Department of Education, and won’t even say how old the Earth is. He might rally a subset of the Tea Party, but don’t expect him to win over large swaths of the electorate.

We’ll give him points for creativity, though — here are Rand Paul’s most radical positions and moments:

Paul has a history of plagiarism.

According to the New York Times, “The senator was trying to make a point about eugenics, saying the United States was veering dangerously close to eliminating people whom society considered to be undesirable. In doing so, he made a reference to the movie and twice spoke lines that were virtually word for word from the Wikipedia description of the plot of ‘Gattaca,’ which was released in 1997.”

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Paul pledged “to repeal all previous executive orders.”

Real Clear Politics asked Paul to clarify his statement: “Did that mean Paul would be OK with nixing — temporarily, at least — President Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation? Or what about President Truman’s order to desegregate the military? Paul’s eyes widened a bit, as if to confirm that he hadn’t quite thought it completely through.”

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