The Real Rand Paul: Paul claimed that raising the minimum wage hurts “minorities and kids.”

Paul: “The Minimum Wage Is A Temporary. […] It’s A Chance To Get Started.” According to Politico, “Speaking at a downtown conference for libertarian and conservative technology types, the Kentucky Republican and prospective 2016 White House contender said he had an ‘opposite’ view from the Obamas when it comes to seeing his own sons work delivering pizzas and at call centers. ‘The minimum wage is a temporary’ thing, Paul said. ‘It’s a chance to get started. I see my son come home with his tips. And he’s got cash in his hand and he’s proud of himself. I don’t want him to stop there. But he’s working and he’s understanding the value of work. We shouldn’t disparage that.’” [Politico, 7/19/14]

Paul On Whether He Had Considered The Need For A Federal Minimum Wage: “Not Necessarily.” According to a transcript of a “CNN Live Event,” Paul and Wolf Blitzer had the following exchange: “BLITZER: Do you believe in a minimum wage?” PAUL: Well, I think when you look at raising it, all of the studies show that if you raise it, you get more unemployment. So, really, the market place does a better job at determining what –BLITZER: So, there shouldn’t be any federal minimum wage? PAUL: I’m not sure I’m saying that. But I think what I am — I’m not sure I have an answer as far as whether there is a right or wrong – BLITZER: You’re a United States senator. You thought about whether or not there should be a federal – PAUL: Not necessarily. But what I have thought about is raising the minimum wage causes more unemployment. When we have 20 million people out of work, I think it’s a bad idea to raise it.” [CNN, “CNN Live Event,” 1/28/14]

Paul Said It Was An “Economic Fact” That Raising The Minimum Wage Would Hurt Minorities And Children. According to the Louisville Courier-Journal, “In a visit to western Louisville, Sen. Rand Paul said he opposes raising the minimum wage because it restricts job prospects for minorities and children. ‘It is a fact, an economic fact, that when you raise the minimum wage, the people that are hurt the worst are minorities and kids,’ Paul told a dozen business owners and officials gathered at the Louisville Plate Glass Co., 1401 W. Broadway, owned by GOP mogul Bill Stone.” [Louisville Courier-Journal, 4/28/14]

Rand Paul Said That A Six Dollar Minimum Wage Would Be Fine. During an appearance on All Things Considered, Paul was asked if a six dollar minimum wage would be fine and replied, “Right. In general terms, you could say that any minimum wage that does not exceed the market wage would not be harmful to employment.” [“All Things Considered,” NPR, 9/11/14]