BREAKING: 11 Californian Members of Congress vote to raise taxes on middle class Americans, cut Medicare, and send jobs overseas 

American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp released the following statement in response to 11 members of Congress from California voting to pass the House Republican tax plan:

“Putting their party over what is best for California, 11 Republican members of Congress from the state just voted to raise taxes on 36 million middle class Americans — including 3,700,000 Californians — cut Medicare by $25 billion, and outsource American jobs, all to cut taxes for the very rich and big business. This is a disastrous plan that sells-out hardworking, average Americans who are counting on jobs and a better economic future. Voters deserve better, and they will hold these members accountable.”

Yesterday, American Bridge’s Bridge Project released a new digital ad running nationally on Facebook, “Trumps Tax Plan Sells You Out,” which highlights warnings that the Republican tax plan would break Donald Trump’s #1 promise and help outsource American jobs he said […]

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Representatives Ken Calvert, Darrell Issa, Steve Knight, Doug LaMalfa, Dana Rohrabacher, Ed Royce, and David Valadao Brace to Threaten Health Coverage for Californians with Trumpcare Vote

The Trump Administration and Republicans in the House of Representatives are rushing a vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act this week and replace it with Trumpcare, which would devastate families in California and across America. And U.S. Representatives Ken Calvert, Darrell Issa, Steve Knight, Doug LaMalfa, Dana Rohrabacher, Ed Royce, and David Valadao are right there with them, jeopardizing health insurance and the wellbeing of people across California.

“There are very few votes that define someone’s values like this one will.  Representatives Calvert, Issa, Knight, LaMalfa, Rohrabacher, Royce, and Valadao  should do the right thing and oppose this reckless, partisan attack on people across California.  This bill will kick millions off of their insurance, needlessly bails out big insurance companies, and strips nearly $1 trillion from healthcare funding, all in order to cut taxes for the rich.  If they  vote for it, they should fully […]

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The Grand Old Tea Party Has A New Majority Leader

Kevin McCarthy is your new majority leader, a victory for the Republican establishment in the ongoing battle with its identical twin, the Tea Party. Then again, who can tell who’s who?

Take a quick look at McCarthy’s record on women. He’s repeatedly voted against legislation to help women fight back against pay discrimination. He’s voted to defund Planned Parenthood and control women’s access to reproductive health care services. And oh, last but not least, he co-sponsored extreme, anti-woman legislation to redefine rape as “forcible rape.” Sound familiar?

It’s tragic, really, watching the Tea Party and the Republican establishment continue to fight like this, and over what? We’d tell them to put their differences aside, but there are no differences. Even Speaker Boehner says so.

Now that they have a new majority leader, can’t everyone just get along in the Grand Old Tea Party?

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American Bridge Launches English/Spanish Websites Linking GOP To Steve King

American Bridge today launched and (in Spanish), research-based websites demonstrating that Rep. Steve King is the GOP’s leader on immigration reform.

Earlier this week, Rep. Steve King (R-IA) demonstrated just how clueless he is by attempting to fundraise off offensive remarks he made comparing immigrants to dogs (and foolishly linking to American Bridge tracking footage to do so). This was what he deemed an appropriate response to a more recent controversy in which he claimed “For everyone who’s a valedictorian, there’s another 100 out there who weigh 130 pounds–and they’ve got calves the size of cantaloupes because they’re hauling 75 pounds of marijuana across the desert.” Those remarks prompted Speaker John Boehner to argue that King’s comment “does not reflect the values of the American people or the Republican Party.”

Unfortunately, Boehner is only half-correct. While the American people are deeply opposed to the bigotry espoused by King, the Republican caucus is solidly aligned with King’s worldview. Last week, American Bridge released a report showing that when the House votes on immigration legislation, the majority of King’s Republican colleagues follow his lead 9 out of 10 times. And today, American Bridge launched to show voters that the Republican Party has plenty of followers of King’s extreme anti-immigrant rhetoric.

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Take The Quiz: Rep. Gary Miller Or A Bluth?

WASHINGTON – There’s always money in the banana stand government land. At least, that seems to be the case for Rep. Gary Miller (CA-31). His actions may fall short of light treason, but Miller’s shady real estate deals are still reminiscent of a certain California family. Theirs is the story of a wealthy family who lost everything, and the one son who had no choice but to keep them all together. His is the story of a real estate development family, and their favorite son who made no choices but to make them rich together. American Bridge wonders if you can tell the difference, at

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Abel Maldonado’s $3 Million Bogus Tax Write-Offs

IRS Claimed Agro-Jal Owed Over $3 Million In Deficient Taxes In 2006 And 2007 Due Partially To Wrongful Deductions. According to a U.S. Tax Court petition filed by Agro-Jal in July 2010, the IRS alleged that the company underpaid its taxes by over $3 million in 2006 and 2007, largely due to tax deductions that the IRS disallowed following an audit. Specifically, the IRS claimed that Agro Jal owed a $1,115,440 deficiency for 2006 and $2,172,800 in 2007 [Agro-Jal Farming Enterprises Inc. v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue, Docket No. 15103-10, Petition, filed 7/2/10]

IRS: Agro-Jal Had Pattern Of Deducting Expenses For Properties Unrelated To Business. According to the Form 886-A provided by the IRS to Agro-Jal, the company had established a pattern of wrongfully deducting expenses unrelated to its actual business. These deductions included expenses for repairs and improvements at Maldonado’s home, the home of his brother and sister, and his mother’s home. The IRS alleged the properties were owned by Tri-M, a separate company set up by the Maldonado family, and were not owned or directly utilized by Agro-Jal. The IRS alleged: “It has been well documented that the taxpayer has a pattern of deducting expenses that pertain to real property which it does not own, lease, or conduct any company business of any kind.” [Agro-Jal Farming Enterprises Inc. v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue, Docket No. 15103-10, Petition, Exhibit A, filed 7/2/10]

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American Bridge Launches “Meet the Crooks” Website

WASHINGTON – American Bridge 21st Century has launched, highlighting four of the worst ethical transgressors currently running for U.S. Congress. Between them, these candidates have managed to accumulate at least 13 separate investigations by agencies including the IRS, the FBI, and state and county prosecutors. They have been accused of cheating on taxes, evading campaign finance laws, and even secretly running a fake Democrat to interfere with a Democratic primary.

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MEMO: Abel Maldonado’s False Equivalency On Tax Delinquency

To: Interested Parties
From: Ty Matsdorf, American Bridge 21st Century
RE: Abel Maldonado’s False Equivalency On Taxes
Date: 8-7-2012

Over the last couple of days, Abel Maldonado’s rampant abuse of the tax system and his IRS delinquencies have resurfaced in the media. While his abuses have been so longstanding that they may seem to be “old news,” it is worth remembering just how egregious they are.

But first, as the issue of taxes has become a flash point in his Congressional race, it is important to dispel an emerging narrative: that both candidates in the race “have tax troubles.”

Saying this is like saying Gabby Douglas and I are both gymnasts because I did a half-somersault while falling out of bed this morning. According to media reports, Congresswoman Capps had a clerical error that was immediately corrected upon discovery. Lt. Gov. Maldonado on the other hand abused the tax code over the course of several years, and still to this day hasn’t paid the more than $4 million he and his company owe in taxes.

A quick refresher on the Maldonado record is after the jump.

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Happy Birthday, Ricky: A Look Back at 25 Years of “Accomplishment”

WASHINGTON – Ricky Gill, Republican candidate for Congress in California’s 9th Congressional District, has grossly exaggerated his resume to make it appear as though he is eligible to serve in Congress. This law student is turning 25 today, making him technically eligible to serve in the House, but a close examination of his resume shows he is nowhere near as qualified as he would lead you to believe. American Bridge decided to look into the claims he makes on his resume. You can check out what we found at our Ricky Gill Tumblr here:

“Reading Ricky Gill’s resume makes him sound like he is not only qualified to run for Congress, but President, and Secretary General of the United Nations as well. Sadly for him, virtually every title on this now 25-year-old law student’s resume can be replaced with the word ‘intern.’ Californians deserve a representative who does not see Congressional service as yet another bullet on an already-inflated resume,” said Matt Thornton, spokesman for American Bridge 21st Century.