QUICK CLIP: Gardner’s Shutdown Is Hurting Coloradans

“By refusing to take action to reopen the federal government, Senate Republicans have abdicated the responsibility of a coequal branch of government,” said American Bridge spokesperson Amelia Penniman. “Cory Gardner’s timid denunciation of the shutdown means nothing to the thousands of Coloradans going without paychecks. His constituents deserve better.”

Below, watch how the Trump-McConnell shutdown is hurting Coloradans:

Denver 7


Denver 7

Denver 7

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As 15,700 Coloradans Miss Their First Paycheck, Gardner Attends *Another* High-Dollar Fundraiser

Days after 15,700 Coloradans employed by the federal government missed their first shutdown paycheck, U.S. Senator Cory Gardner was at another high-dollar fundraiser for his reelection campaign.

Last week, he was hosted by lobbying firm Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck’s PAC. This week, it was Covington & Burling LLP who brought in their deep-pocketed buddies to give Gardner a hand.

“Gardner may be paying lip service to furloughed workers, but his incessant fundraising sends a different message,” said American Bridge spokesperson Amelia Penniman. “Forget taking a paycheck while Coloradans suffer — Gardner is raking in money from K Street, too. Seriously, Senator?”

Watch Gardner run from tough questions:

Watch the full clip here
See the fundraiser invitation here.

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Gardner Fundraises With Lobbyists While 800,000 American Workers Go Without Pay

Gardner has declined to reject his salary during the shutdown

On the 19th morning of President Trump’s federal government shutdown, Senator Cory Gardner (R-CO) wasn’t negotiating reopening the government. Nor was he responding to Coloradans going without pay while Trump prolongs his pointless shutdown.

Instead, he was at a fundraiser hosted by lobbying firm Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck’s PAC.

Watch Gardner fail to answer for his out-of-touch fundraiser:

Gardner is also continuing to collect his six-figure salary while thousands of furloughed Coloradans go without pay. During the 2013 shutdown, Gardner pledged to donate his Congressional salary, but never offered proof that the funds had been donated.

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Washington Republicans Hypocritically Attack Polis When Walker Stapleton Has a Cayman Islands Bank Account and Tried to Hide $30,000 in Income

Washington Republicans launched a misleading new attack ad in the Colorado Governor’s race yesterday. In criticizing Democratic candidate Jared Polis with false attacks, Washington Republicans forgot to do their homework on their own candidate for Governor, Connecticut blueblood Walker Stapleton. In the desperate and breathless ad, Washington Republicans ignored the fact that Walker Stapleton himself has a bank account in the Cayman Islands. They also forgot to mention that Stapleton got caught omitting $30,000 of income from his disclosure form and said releasing his tax returns is “stupid and dumb.”

“Washington Republicans are hypocritically attacking Jared Polis while ignoring the fact that their own candidate for Governor, Walker Stapleton, has a bank account in the Cayman Islands and got caught trying to hide thousands of dollars in income,” said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson. “If Washington Republicans want to have […]

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Walker Stapleton Compares KKK-Grandfather to John McCain

Listen to Stapleton’s bizarre interview


Yesterday Connecticut blueblood Walker Stapleton was asked by a talk radio host about recent stories regarding Stapleton’s family ties to the KKK. Instead of simply denouncing his grandfather’s membership in the KKK, Stapleton, who previously ran on his grandfather’s record, responded by bizarrely comparing attacks on his grandfather for being a member of the KKK to attacks on Senator John McCain. Yes, he really did that.

“Walker Stapleton’s comparison of his grandfather who was in the KKK to John McCain is bizarre and insulting to McCain’s legacy,” said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson. “It shouldn’t be this hard for Walker Stapleton to denounce his family ties to the KKK. But instead of just apologizing for his family ties to the Klan, Walker Stapleton embraced his family’s legacy until it was no longer convenient and is now tarring John McCain’s legacy by comparing him […]

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Can’t Make This Up: Nazi Saluter Defends Walker Stapleton From Charges of Racism

Shot: Protesters at Walker Stapleton Campaign Event Say They Were the Target of a Nazi Slur by man with Stapleton for Governor sign

Chaser: Man who allegedly used the Nazi salute at people protesting Walker Stapleton writes letter to the editor defending Stapleton against charges of racism.


“Given that his family ties to the KKK have dominated the Colorado Governor’s race, we understand that Connecticut blueblood Walker Stapleton would like the issue to go away,” said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson. “But a pro-tip to Walker Stapleton — if you want someone to defend you from charges of racism, pick a supporter who doesn’t engage in Nazi salutes.”

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American Bridge calls on Mike Coffman to immediately return campaign donations from alleged insider trader Chris Collins 

American Bridge is calling on Congressman Mike Coffman to part with the thousands of dollars given to his campaign by the political action committee of Congressman Chris Collins, who was arrested and charged with insider trading this week by the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York.

Since 2013, Coffman has accepted a total of $3,000 from Collins’s committee, the Congressional House Republican in Service PAC.

“Chris Collins epitomizes the Republican culture of corruption in Washington and Mike Coffman should have returned this dirty money on Wednesday,” said American Bridge spokesperson Andrew Bates. “Coffman has used his office to back policies that help the wealthy at everyone else’s expense, and campaigning on that kind of record with money from an accused felon is unconscionable.”

Collins, a board member of Innate Immunotherapeutics Limited, is alleged to have illegally arranged for his stock in the company to be dumped upon learning that the chief drug it was developing had proven to be […]

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#NannyGate: American Bridge Statement on Inspector Clouseau…er… Walker Stapleton’s Nanny Scandal

American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson released the following statement on news that Connecticut blueblood Walker Stapleton tried to frame one of his nannies for stealing his underwear and a child’s sippy cup:

“‘Treasurer’ Stapleton is supposed to be a watchdog of Colorado tax dollars, but he misplaced cash in his own house in some harebrained scheme to frame his nanny for stealing his underwear. This scandal is creepy, but more importantly calls into question yet again Walker Stapleton’s basic competence. If he can’t keep track of his own cash, he has no business being Colorado’s State Treasurer, much less its next Governor.”


Read the Colorado Times Recorder story that broke the Stapleton nanny scandal here.

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New American Bridge Video: Lyin’ Walker Stapleton Can’t Be Trusted

How do you know he’s lying? His lips are moving. Tonight occasional State Treasurer Walker Stapleton became the Republican nominee for Colorado Governor. But in winning the nomination, Stapleton lost his credibility with Colorado families. From basic lies about his background, to easily provable falsehoods and gross exaggerations about his record as Treasurer, Walker Stapleton has tried to mislead Colorado voters at almost every turn.

“Walker Stapleton lies so often that if he ever showed up to work, he’d find Pinocchio waiting for him in the lobby hoping to get some tips,” said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson. “Lying may have won Walker Stapleton the Republican nomination, but it cost him his credibility. His lousy record as Treasurer will lose him the Governor’s office.”

Watch American Bridge’s new video on Stapleton lying about his record here.

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VIDEO: Unlike Jeb and Laura Bush, Bush Cousin Walker Stapleton Supports Trump Family Separation

Watch: Stapleton on separating families at the border: “What the President has done, which I agree with…”

Last night, part-time Colorado State Treasurer Walker Stapleton broke rank with the Bush Family and said in a debate he supports the Trump Administration’s policy of separating young immigrant children from their parents. Earlier this week, Stapleton’s family members, former First Lady Laura Bush, and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, both came out against the Administration’s policy of family separation. Then, in a move Walker Stapleton clearly noticed, Donald Trump Jr. canceled a fundraiser with Jeb Bush’s son, Texas Agriculture Commissioner George P. Bush, in response to the Bush Family’s criticism of the family separation policy. In contrast, their cousin, Walker Stapleton, is fully on board Trump’s policy. When asked last night by a debate moderator if he supported the Administration’s policy, Stapleton said he agreed with it.

“Apparently, images of crying […]

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