New American Bridge Video: Lyin’ Walker Stapleton Can’t Be Trusted

How do you know he’s lying? His lips are moving. Tonight occasional State Treasurer Walker Stapleton became the Republican nominee for Colorado Governor. But in winning the nomination, Stapleton lost his credibility with Colorado families. From basic lies about his background, to easily provable falsehoods and gross exaggerations about his record as Treasurer, Walker Stapleton has tried to mislead Colorado voters at almost every turn.

“Walker Stapleton lies so often that if he ever showed up to work, he’d find Pinocchio waiting for him in the lobby hoping to get some tips,” said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson. “Lying may have won Walker Stapleton the Republican nomination, but it cost him his credibility. His lousy record as Treasurer will lose him the Governor’s office.”

Watch American Bridge’s new video on Stapleton lying about his record here.

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VIDEO: Unlike Jeb and Laura Bush, Bush Cousin Walker Stapleton Supports Trump Family Separation

Watch: Stapleton on separating families at the border: “What the President has done, which I agree with…”

Last night, part-time Colorado State Treasurer Walker Stapleton broke rank with the Bush Family and said in a debate he supports the Trump Administration’s policy of separating young immigrant children from their parents. Earlier this week, Stapleton’s family members, former First Lady Laura Bush, and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, both came out against the Administration’s policy of family separation. Then, in a move Walker Stapleton clearly noticed, Donald Trump Jr. canceled a fundraiser with Jeb Bush’s son, Texas Agriculture Commissioner George P. Bush, in response to the Bush Family’s criticism of the family separation policy. In contrast, their cousin, Walker Stapleton, is fully on board Trump’s policy. When asked last night by a debate moderator if he supported the Administration’s policy, Stapleton said he agreed with it.

“Apparently, images of crying […]

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VIDEO: Walker Stapleton Called Out for Repeatedly Lying in New Ad

WATCH: “We’ve been putting political ads to our truth test for years, and you really don’t see that many blatantly false claims…but Walker Stapleton, he dares to be different”

“Bona fide false”


“As State Treasurer, Stapleton barely has the power to stop payment on a check”

“This ad is writing checks his record can’t cash”

That’s gonna leave a mark. Last night, 9 News in Denver ran a brutal segment tearing apart the claims in Republican candidate for Colorado Governor, and occasional State Treasurer, Walker Stapleton’s first television ad. Stapleton, who boasts that he doesn’t show up to work when it rains, made numerous claims in the ad that 9 News found to be “bona fide false,” “blatantly false,” and “overstatements.” The segment concluded with journalist Brandon Rittiman saying, “this ad is writing checks his record can’t cash.” Ouch.

“Maybe if […]

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Walker Stapleton Refuses to Work When it Rains

Does he melt if he gets wet or something? Today, video surfaced of Republican candidate for Colorado Governor, and occasional State Treasurer, Walker Stapleton telling an audience that he doesn’t show up to work if it’s raining. No, really. He said that. Even worse, this isn’t the first time Stapleton has come under fire for not doing his job. In fact, just last night, Stapleton skipped an important meeting of the Public Employees’ Retirement Association (PERA). Stapleton is on the PERA Board of Trustees.


“Maybe Walker Stapleton should buy himself an umbrella and get to work instead of collecting a taxpayer funded paycheck for staying at home when there is bad weather,” said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson. “Colorado deserves a Governor who shows up to work rain or shine, not a politician like Walker Stapleton who doesn’t do his job if it means he gets a […]

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Darryl Glenn’s Trumpian Immigration Policies Will Damage CO GOP

The Republicans’ chances of winning the Senate race in Colorado quickly disappeared when Darryl Glenn won the nomination. Glenn’s campaign has been focused on partisanship, gridlock, and extremism since the beginning. He’s successfully emulated Donald Trump in nearly every policy position, including immigration.

Don’t expect a “softening” from either of these immigration hardliners though. Both Glenn and Trump are proudly standing by their extreme, xenophobic policies:

Just like Trump, Glenn says “we need to build a wall and enhance technology.”
Just like Trump, Glenn opposes the bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform legislation and bills like it.
Just like Trump, Glenn is against President Obama’s executive actions that keep families together, including deportation protections like DACA and DAPA.
Just like Trump, Glenn is against sanctuary cities and encourages racial profiling. He’s even referred to Denver as a sanctuary city. 
Just like Trump said he was “hardening” his immigration stance, Glenn said he was a “hardliner” on immigration. 
Glenn supports making English the national language, which Vice President candidate Mike Pence has also shown his […]

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Pence Meets With White Nationalist-Founded Anti-Immigrant Group

Late last week, Governor Mike Pence met with ProEnglish, which the Southern Poverty Law Center has designated an “active anti-immigrant group,”

ProEnglish was founded in 1994 by John Tanton, a known “white nationalist, according to the SPLC. More recently, the group was led by another white nationalist, Robert Vandervoort, who was before his ProEnglish tenure “the organizer of the white nationalist group, Chicagoland Friends of American Renaissance, while he lived in Illinois.”


The connection is noteworthy, given the Trump’s campaign’s increasing alignment with so-called “Alt-Right” racists, and considering Trump’s enjoyed the support of high-profile white nationalists, including former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke.

In an August 22, 2016 press release, the active anti-immigration reform group describes Pence as “a longtime advocate of official English [i.e., making English the U.S.’s ‘official language],” and praised him for reiterating his support for their movement.


Read more […]

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American Bridge ​21st Century ​President​’s​ Statement On The Colorado Primary

American Bridge 21st Century President Jessica Mackler released the following statement in response to the Colorado GOP Senate Primary results:

“The Colorado primary may be over, but the dumpster fire isn’t. Darryl Glenn has spent the last few months collecting endorsements from Washington elites like Ted Cruz who are at the heart of Congressional dysfunction and gridlock. Instead of supporting a minimum wage increase and comprehensive immigration reform, Glenn is backing Donald Trump and his dangerous, hateful, and uninformed policies.  With the nomination of Glenn, the GOP’s chances in November have gone up in hot garbage flames.”

Embraces Donald Trump And His Hateful Rhetoric


March 2016: Glenn Said He Would Support The Republican Nominee For President, Despite His Concerns About All Three Candidates [Trump, Cruz, And Kasich]. According to The Hotline, “El Paso County Commissioner Darryl Glenn (R) said he’d support ‘the Republican,’ but that he […]

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How ‘Bout That Colorado Republican Senate Primary

The description that the Colorado GOP Senate primary is “an insult to burning dumpsters everywhere” gets more accurate by the day.


A Denver 7 reporter finally caught up with the woman who helped collect those 13 apparently forged signatures and one dead voter for Jon Keyser’s campaign petition. Watch:



Jon Keyser hasn’t commented since the video was posted, but we’re willing to bet we already know what he’ll say.

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Where’s Jon?

Jon Keyser has had a rough couple weeks in Colorado;  being hounded about dead petition signatories and forged signatures must be exhausting.

Keyser has sought refuge in the nation’s capital, taking a meeting with the king of absenteeism, Marco Rubio.

Keyser can hide out in DC, (no question Duke will hold down the homestead in CO) but questions about the nefarious methods employed to secure ballot access aren’t going away.

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ICYMI: Rachel Maddow Takes Down Keyser For Forging His Way Onto The Ballot

The NRSC’s top pick in the Colorado GOP Senate primary is making news for all the wrong reasons.

First, the committee struggled to find a candidate they liked in the Centennial State. Once they settled on Jon Keyser, he fell short on securing enough ballot signatures to land on the Republican primary ballot. After cajoling a judge to allow him on, despite being almost 90 signatures short, forged signatures were discovered on his ballot petitions.

Watch Rachel Maddow’s take on how Keyser’s fraudulent signatures and his inability to answer questions about the forgery is causing turmoil for the GOP’s senate chances:

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