Senate Brief: Republican Senate Candidates Lock In Historically Unpopular Midterm Platform

Week of Monday, June 25, 2018

IN BRIEF: Less than 140 days before Election Day, Republicans have locked in a historically unpopular campaign platform: brutal treatment of migrant children, their tax bill that overwhelmingly benefits the wealthy and big corporations, ending protections for pre-existing conditions, and repealing the Affordable Care Act.

This platform is catastrophically unpopular with voters across the country — and voters’ dislike for Republican policies cuts across political lines:

Family separations: 68% of independents — and 66% of all voters — oppose the Trump administration’s policy of separating children from their parents at the border.
Tax law: Approval of the Republican tax law slid to 34% this month, the fourth straight declinein Monmouth University’s polling this year.
Pre-existing conditions: 72% of independent voters — and two-thirds of all voters — oppose the Trump Administration’s position on pre-existing conditions in a legal case that could gut coverage for millions. A Kaiser Health poll last summer found 70% of Americans favored keeping protections for pre-existing […]

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NEW ADS: GOP’s Toxic Health Care Hypocrisy

Republicans Promised To Protect Coverage For Pre-Existing Conditions — Then Supported A Law That Could Jeopardize Care For Millions
Today, Bridge Project launched a national digital ad campaign targeting Republican Senate candidates after the Trump administration argued that insurance protections for pre-existing conditions are unconstitutional. The administration’s assertion is a result of the tax bill Republicans passed last year that included reducing Obamacare’s individual mandate tax penalty to zero.

The ad campaign, which starts running statewide in targeted races on social media this week, targets Republican Senate candidates in Nevada, Tennessee, Ohio, Missouri, and West Virginia.

Every Republican Congressional incumbent up for reelection or seeking higher office this cycle voted for the Republican tax bill — while promising to protect coverage for pre-existing conditions. Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley and West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey are co-counsels on the lawsuit that threatens to strip pre-existing condition coverage from millions of Americans.

“Republicans own […]

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American Bridge Launches First General Election Ad Against Pay-to-Play Adam Laxalt

Laxalt was secretly recorded last year pressuring a gaming regulator on behalf of one of his biggest campaign donors

Watch the ad, “Bought and Paid For,” here

Tomorrow, American Bridge will launch its first general election ad against Washington, D.C. native Adam Laxalt. The ad, called “Bought and Paid For,” details the scandal that rocked Nevada politics last year when Laxalt was caught trying to pressure a Nevada gaming regulator to help his top campaign donor, Sheldon Adelson. The regulator was so uncomfortable with Laxalt’s behavior that he secretly recorded his conversation with Laxalt and turned it over to the F.B.I..Republican Governor Brian Sandoval distanced himself from Laxalt’s behavior, and the Nevada Gaming Control Board asked Laxalt to recuse himself from the case because of his conflicts of interest. Adelson has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to Laxalt and spent millions […]

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LOCAL VOICES: GOP Senate Candidates Come Under Fire On Their Home Turf

Here’s what voters in North Dakota, Florida, Missouri, and Nevada are reading in the opinion pages about their Republican Senate candidates:

Bismarck, North Dakota farmer Krisanna Peterson writes: Kevin Cramer Lets Down Farmers

“I’m so disappointed that Kevin Cramer, who claims to represent his state’s farming community, is a member of” the right-wing Republican study committee.
“Growing up in a third generation farm family” the RSC’s 2019 budget “was downright frightening for me to read.”
“The committee proposed a massive cut to the farm bill’s crop insurance program, shifting the costs on to farmers who are already struggling to make a living.”
“How can we trust our lone vote in Congress to stand up for farmers when he’s joining up with such a dangerous, ideological committee?”
“Cramer already left us in the dust by cheering on a trade war that would harm our ag producers. Now, this looks like the final blow.”

Florida State Representative […]

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BREAKING: NV Indy Exposes Adam Laxalt’s Sham Investigation Against Rapist Supporter

The Nevada Independent reported this morning that Washington, D.C. native Adam Laxalt has been lying to Nevadans about his office’s supposed investigation into Laxalt’s supporter, alleged rapist and admitted sexual harasser Gerald Antinoro.

“This report confirms what we already suspected: Adam Laxalt’s supposed investigation into the alleged rapist supporting his campaign is a complete sham,” said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson. “Adam Laxalt has used his office to strong arm regulators on behalf of his biggest donor, but he won’t lift a finger for the women making these serious allegations against Laxalt’s friend. It’s a shame Gerald Antinoro’s victims can’t afford to write the checks Laxalt’s billionaire puppet masters can write to Laxalt. Maybe then they’d get some justice.”

Key points:

“A top official in the attorney general’s office asserted that allegations of sexual misconduct and perjury made against a controversial Storey County sheriff are outside the statute of limitations, according to a lawyer […]

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NEW VIDEO: All Talk Dean Heller is Missing in Action

Heller today: “We shouldn’t go home until the job is done”

Today American Bridge launched a new digital video that highlights Nevada Senator Dean Heller’s abysmal job performance. According to reporting by the Nevada Independent, Dean Heller promised to work “full time, 24/7,” but he hasn’t even held a single hearing for the two subcommittees he chairs, both of which he touted as ways to help Nevadans.

Of his chairmanship of the Senate Finance Committee’s Subcommittee on Energy, Natural Resources, and Infrastructure, Dean Heller said, “I will utilize this important role to advocate on behalf of Nevada and advance policies that promote infrastructure, like Interstate 11, bolster domestic energy and mineral development, and facilitate innovation in the high-tech job sector.”
And of his chairmanship of the Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee’s Subcommittee on Securities, Insurance, and Investment, Heller said, “Serving as chairman of this subcommittee allows me […]

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BREAKING: Adam Laxalt to Campaign With Rapist Sheriff

The Nevada Independent reported this morning that Washington, D.C. native Adam Laxalt will campaign this weekend with alleged rapist and admitted sexual harasser Gerald Antinoro. Weeks ago, American Bridge launched ads against Laxalt over his support of Antinoro. Laxalt was then confronted in Las Vegas about the Sheriff, but ran away without answering a voter’s question on why he continues to support an alleged rapist. Laxalt has also faced protests outside his office for supporting Antinoro.

Even worse, Antinoro is only one of a series of sexual predators and misogynists Laxalt has aligned himself with. Here is a quick summary of some of Laxalt’s other most prominent supporters:

Steve Wynn: Wynn, who resigned from his company over numerous allegations of sexual harassment, was one of Laxalt’s biggest supporters.
Elliot Broidy: Broidy donated $10,000 to Laxalt’s campaign. Broidy was forced to resign from his […]

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LATEST in NV-SEN: Dean Heller Now Facing A Legal Complaint for Campaign Payments to His Son

“In Dean Heller and his campaign’s haste to explain away unethical payments to Heller’s son, they’ve backed themselves right into legal trouble,” said American Bridge spokesperson Amelia Penniman. “Dean Heller can’t even seem to orchestrate a coverup right.”

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Dems say work by Dean Heller’s son violates campaign law

By Ramona Giwargis | May 24, 2018

“State Democrats are accusing GOP Sen. Dean Heller of failing to report potentially illegal discounted services his campaign received from his son’s music production company.”
Heller “admitted to receiving ‘a cheap discount’ from Harris Heller for creating content for his campaign, including photos, videos and social media posts. The campaign paid Heller’s son’s production company, Heller Enterprises, $52,500 for its services since 2016. The campaign paid another digital advertising firm more than $50,000 for ads in a single month.”
“If the price of the services from Heller Enterprises was reduced, federal election law requires it must be reported […]

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DAMAGE CONTROL: After Saying He Wouldn’t Spend Money on Ads During Primary, Adam Laxalt Forced to Go On TV to Defend Support of Alleged Rapist Sheriff

Las Vegas Sands Review-Journal employee Victor Joeks “reported” today that Washington, D.C. native Adam Laxalt will be launching television ads next week. This comes just days after Laxalt told a group of supporters he would not be spending money on television ads until the general election.

At the same event, Laxalt was asked about his support for alleged rapist and admitted sexual harasser, Storey County Sheriff Gerald Antinoro. While Laxalt ran away from the question, the pressure didn’t stop there. The very next day American Bridge launched new ads against Laxalt on his standing with sexual predators over female victims. The ads followed previous Facebook ads American Bridge launched against Laxalt over his support of misogynists and sexual predators. Nevada women have also protested outside Laxalt’s offices in Las Vegas and Reno over the last few weeks.

“Adam Laxalt is […]

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Senate Brief: GOP Gone Wild

Week of Monday, May 21

IN BRIEF: Dysfunction reigns supreme across Republican Senate campaigns. From lackluster performances by party leadership’s hand-picked candidates to infighting still plaguing GOP ranks, the prospect of a strong Senate map isn’t looking so assured for national Republicans.

A week after the Pennsylvania Senate primary, GOP candidate Rep. Lou Barletta’s campaign came under fire – from fellow Republicans –  as “lackadaisical” and “disorganized.”

According to the Washington Examiner, senior Republicans raised red flags about Barletta, even after he won the GOP primary with the last minute addition of a robocall from President Trump.
One Republican strategist said of Barletta: “the sense is, nobody knows what the fuck he’s doing.”

Meanwhile, Nevada’s Dean Heller just can’t seem to do anything right.

Reporting from the Nevada Independent found that in spite of bragging about the bacon he’d bring home to Nevada as chairman of two Senate subcommittees, Heller never convened a single […]

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