Flippin’ Heller: Heller Voted for Trump’s Budget Priorities

Dean Heller says Donald Trump’s budget would be “anti-Nevada” because it cuts Medicaid by billions and funds the Yucca Mountain project.

But Dean Heller voted to cut $1.35 trillion from Medicaid in 2015 and he voted to cut federal funding for Medicaid in half in 2011 despite the fact that Medicaid provides care for over 625,00 Nevadans.

Just as bad, Heller has voted to eliminate and undermine Medicaid expansion dozens of times — despite the fact that it provides essential care to over 200,000 Nevadans.

Heller has even voted for a spending plan that funded the Yucca Mountain project, because he was too weak and lazy to get the funding removed.

“How dumb does Dean Heller think Nevadans are? After voting […]

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Heller can’t spin his way out of his failure to protect Nevada

In response to Senator Dean Heller’s attempt to excuse his failure to protect Nevadans from the Trump budget, American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp released the following statement: 

“Just how weak is Dean Heller? Despite voting with Donald Trump over 97% of the time, he has failed once again to stand up for Nevada. Donald Trump’s budget funds Yucca Mountain and cuts important land programs — not to mention blowing a hole in the Medicaid that many Nevadans depend on.

“Dean Heller can try to run away from this budget, but Nevadans know the truth: this is a failure to effectively stand up for them, and they deserve better.”

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Senate Republicans Can’t Run Away from Trump’s Budget

American Bridge spokesman Joshua Karp made the following statement on the Senate GOP and Donald Trump’s budget:

“Ready. Set. Go! Judging by how fast vulnerable Republicans like Dean Heller and Jeff Flake are trying to run away from Donald Trump’s budget, they know massive cuts to Social Security, Medicaid, and food stamps aren’t just unpopular — they’d be disastrous for millions of Americans. But Senate Republicans have voted nearly 100% of the time with Trump, and they’ve even voted before to cut these exact same programs. No amount of spin will stop voters from finding out where they stand. Every Republican Senator — and every Republican thinking about running for Senate in 2018 — owns this disastrous budget.”

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Shot/Chaser: Heller’s Health Care Hypocrisy

Today, Politico reported that Senate Republicans have decided on their #Trumpcare strategy: negotiate a partisan bill in secret. Well, let’s rewind the clock and see what Sen. Dean Heller had to say about public hearings just a few years ago…

SHOT: “I think that’s wrong,” negotiating health care “behind
closed doors
” – Dean Heller, 2009

CHASER:  “McConnell’s strategy is to keep the debate within his conference for as long as possible. There will be no public hearings as a bill is drafted” – Politico, 2017

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NEW DIGITAL AD: Dean Heller Explains His Job: To Help Trump “Succeed”

Nevada’s laziest politician finally has an explanation of what his job is: “Trump is president” and “my job as a U.S. Senator is to help him succeed.”

That’s why Dean Heller has voted with Donald Trump nearly 100% of the time, and why from Trumpcare to Yucca Mountain Heller has been stunningly ineffective at protecting Nevadans.

American Bridge’s new digital ad will play on social media this week in Nevada.

“Dean Heller has exposed his real priority, blindly following Trump’s reckless, dangerous actions regardless of the consequences for the people he represents. Nevadans deserve better than Dean Heller’s spineless press statements. They deserve a Senator who will act to protect them,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp.

Watch American Bridge’s new digital ad, “My Job”:


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All Hat And No Cattle: Will Dean Heller Follow His Own Bill, And Reject A Pay Check Until The GOP Passes A Budget?

Last week Dean Heller irresponsibly voted for a disastrous government shutdown, his lazy way to protest that Congress has not yet passed a budget. There’s only one tiny problem…

Senator Heller’s party runs Congress and the White House — this is their mess.

Fortunately, Dean Heller has already proposed a fix: “I filed my No Budget, No Pay bill as an amendment to the omnibus because at the very least…Congress must do its job or it shouldn’t get paid.”

American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp made the following statement:

“Will Dean Heller live up his own bill and reject a paycheck? If he’s willing to vote to shut down the government, potentially denying millions their Social Security checks and hurting economic growth, Senator Heller should at least be willing put his money where his mouth is. Or, instead of casting irresponsible votes to score political points, Heller should cast […]

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New Nightmares for Dean Heller

Dean Heller is going to have a new nightmare tonight, thanks to the Republican House. After voting to repeal and weaken the Affordable Care Act over 20 times, Heller’s worst nightmare is arriving at his Senate desk: the official GOP replacement.

American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp made the following statement:

“No matter how Dean Heller tries to explain himself or contort his record, he has always been hell bent on stripping health care from Nevadans. This monstrosity of a bill is what he wanted when he fought shoulder-to-shoulder with Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell to vote over 20 times to repeal and weaken the Affordable Care Act.

“The more the American people learn, the more they are terrified of Trumpcare. It’s now clear that Trumpcare betrays millions of vulnerable Americans that Trump and Dean Heller promised to help, defunding Planned Parenthood and kicking over 150,000 off their coverage in Nevada to give tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans. Nevadans […]

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FLASHBACK: Republicans Demanded To Be Covered By Obamacare

The newest draft of the Republican health care plan would gut health insurance plans — but the GOP has exempted themselves from having to follow this dangerously bad law. Let’s take a look at what Republicans said just a few years ago, when they demanded to be covered by Obamacare.

American Bridge President Jessica Mackler made the following statement:

“Republicans don’t want to face the consequences of gutting health care for millions of Americans — but they’ve exempted themselves so they can keep their own high-quality insurance. If you are a regular American suffering from cancer, or if your child has asthma, Republicans have no problem letting your premiums skyrocket, just as long as they don’t have to live by the same rules. But back in 2010, Republican Senators and Congressmen tried to score political points by demanding that they be included in the Obamacare exchanges. Saying one thing and doing another is […]

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HellerOnTheRun.com: After Heller’s Disastrous Town Hall, How Long Will He Avoid Nevadans?

Tick… Tick… Tick…
After His Disastrous Town Hall, How Long Will Dean Heller Avoid Nevadans?

Today, Senator Dean Heller returns to Washington after two weeks of brutal headlines and angry constituents back home. After ducking Nevadans and avoiding a single public event for 3 and a half months, Heller finally caved last week.

Following Heller’s disastrous town hall, American Bridge has reset the timer on HellerOnTheRun.com, the website that tracks how long it’s been since Nevada’s laziest politician held a public event. 

So how long has it been since Heller listened to Nevadans? See for yourself on HellerOnTheRun.com.

Statement by American Bridge spokesman Joshua Karp:

“Dean Heller must be breathing a sigh of relief to be back in Washington, where he won’t be confronted by constituents concerned over his 100% voting record for Trump’s dangerous agenda. There’s just no doubt a lazy Washington politician like Dean Heller is […]

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Dean Heller is (still) a two-faced coward

Facing angry constituents at his first public event in over three months, Dean Heller on Monday claimed to have “no problem with federal funding” for Planned Parenthood — just days after voting for legislation targeting Planned Parenthood’s funding.

But Heller’s cowardice knows no bounds. After misrepresenting his record, Heller yesterday walked back his dishonest claim that he’s supported Planned Parenthood as soon as he was safely away from his constituents.

Despite being well-aware that no federal funding is currently used to pay for abortions, Heller stressed that “he is opposed to providing federal funding to any organization that performs abortions and is supported by taxpayers’ dollars” and “has a long record that reflects his position.”


American Bridge President Jessica Mackler statement on Heller lying to his constituents about his extreme anti-choice record:

“Dean Heller is a two-faced coward who lied to his constituents’ faces about his hardline anti-choice record of attacks on women’s healthcare access, […]

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