Senate Brief: GOP Gone Wild

Week of Monday, May 21

IN BRIEF: Dysfunction reigns supreme across Republican Senate campaigns. From lackluster performances by party leadership’s hand-picked candidates to infighting still plaguing GOP ranks, the prospect of a strong Senate map isn’t looking so assured for national Republicans.

A week after the Pennsylvania Senate primary, GOP candidate Rep. Lou Barletta’s campaign came under fire – from fellow Republicans –  as “lackadaisical” and “disorganized.”

According to the Washington Examiner, senior Republicans raised red flags about Barletta, even after he won the GOP primary with the last minute addition of a robocall from President Trump.
One Republican strategist said of Barletta: “the sense is, nobody knows what the fuck he’s doing.”

Meanwhile, Nevada’s Dean Heller just can’t seem to do anything right.

Reporting from the Nevada Independent found that in spite of bragging about the bacon he’d bring home to Nevada as chairman of two Senate subcommittees, Heller never convened a single […]

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Dean Heller Hasn’t Held a *Single* Subcommittee Hearing Since He Was Given The Gavels

“Can anyone explain why lazy Dean Heller deserves his taxpayer-funded salary? Anyone?” asked American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp.

Nevada Independent: Despite early promises, Heller has yet to hold hearings in either of his congressional subcommittees

By Riley Snyder | May 18, 2018

“Over the past two years, Republican Sen. Dean Heller has publicly urged his fellow senators and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to work ‘full time, 24/7‘ to advance President Donald Trump and the Republican Party’s agenda in the U.S. Senate.”
“But that enthusiasm hasn’t translated to Heller’s role chairing two Senate subcommittees, which have yet to meet over the last year and a half since Heller was appointed to lead them and touted his ability in news releases to help Nevada through those roles.”
“A review of committee calendars for both the Senate Finance Committee’s Subcommittee on Energy, Natural Resources, and Infrastructure and the Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee’s Subcommittee […]

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BREAKING: Adam Laxalt Finally Confronted About Support for Alleged Rapist Sheriff, Runs Away

Watch the video here

In a rare public appearance, Washington, D.C. native Adam Laxalt was finally confronted about his support for alleged rapist and admitted sexual harasser Gerald Antinoro.

As Laxalt’s handlers nervously watched, perhaps contemplating how someone got between them and the candidate they’ve been sworn to protect from interactions with actual voters, Laxalt was asked about recent Facebook ads regarding his support for Antinoro. Instead of using the opportunity to renounce his numerous supporters like Antinoro who are accused of sexual harassment and assault, Laxalt refused to answer the question and awkwardly ran away.

“Adam Laxalt’s handlers finally failed at keeping Laxalt away from questions about his support of an alleged rapist and sexual harasser,” said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson.“Unfortunately, Laxalt still refused to provide a straight answer – or any answer – on why he continues to tout the endorsement of an alleged rapist. […]

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American Bridge Launches New Ad Against Adam Laxalt for Standing With Sexual Predators Over Female Victims

American Bridge launched a new ad today around the ongoing scandal engulfing Washington, D.C. native Adam Laxalt over his support of alleged rapist and admitted sexual harasser, Gerald Antinoro. Last week, American Bridge launched digital ads and a petition calling on Laxalt to denounce the sexual predators supporting his campaign. Laxalt has refused to do so, allowing his handlers to keep him in a bubble and refusing to deviate from his tight script in his rare public appearances.

The new ads feature media reports detailing the allegations against Antinoro, as well as Laxalt’s continued support for him. The ads begin running on Facebook and Twitter today and are targeted to female swing voters in Reno and Las Vegas.

“While Adam Laxalt’s handlers try to hide him from the media, Nevada women are seeing firsthand that Laxalt is standing with alleged rapists and sexual predators over female victims,” said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson. “What will it take for Adam Laxalt to finally […]

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Desperate Dean Heller Tries to Play Both Sides, Fails

“After a string of desperate partisan ploys designed to please both ends of his party, Heller has come up empty-handed,” said American Bridge spokesperson Amelia Penniman. “Nevada Republicans have said it best: Heller’s incessant flip-flopping reeks of election-year convenience.”

Dean Heller, Buffeted on Both Sides, Tries to Save His Nevada Senate Seat
By Sheryl Gay Stolberg | May 13, 2018

“There was not an overabundance of enthusiasm for Senator Dean Heller when the Nevada Republican Men’s Club gathered for its monthly luncheon.”
“Karl Johnson, a precinct director for the Clark County Republican Party, wrinkled his nose and raised his eyebrows when asked about Mr. Heller’s prospects for re-election.”
“Paul Workman, a banker who supports Mr. Heller, said conservatives are complaining to him about the Republican senator’s shifting stances on health care.”
“Linda Cannon, a candidate for the Nevada State Assembly, summed up the views of many. ‘I’m going to hold my nose and vote for him,’ she said.”
Heller “is […]

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Senate Brief: Wisconsin Republicans’ Race to the Bottom Reaches New Lows

Week of Monday, May 14

IN BRIEF: What the hell is going on in Wisconsin? Leah Vukmir officially received her party’s endorsement for U.S. Senate this weekend at the Wisconsin Republican Convention, but this primary is far from over — and both candidates are increasingly embroiled in controversies of their own making.

Losing the party’s endorsement must have been the cherry on top of a horrible week for Kevin Nicholson.

It was a landslide: Vukmir took the convention by 72%.
Grassroots Wisconsin Republicans rallied behind Vukmir, while “Nicholson remains powered by millions of dollars in spending from groups and individuals outside Wisconsin.”

Nicholson continues to face backlash on all sides after nearly two weeks of attacks against veterans, during which he’s refused to back down on questioning the “cognitive thought process” of veterans who vote for Democrats.

Here’s a handy highlight reel of Nicholson’s anti-veterans media […]

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Adam Laxalt in Damage Control Over Ties to Alleged Rapist

Washington, D.C. native Adam Laxalt is in full on damage control after facing mounting criticism for his ties to an alleged rapist and admitted sexual harasser. Last week, Northern Nevada women protested outside Laxalt’s office in Reno, demanding Laxalt renounce the support of Gerald Antinoro. Antinoro has been accused of sexual assault and has admitted to sexually harassing a former employee. This week, American Bridge launched new ads demanding Laxalt renounce the support of sexual predators like Antinoro. Despite all this, Laxalt continues to stand by Antinoro – literally:

But while Laxalt continues to embrace alleged sexual predators like Antinoro, it hasn’t stopped him from trying to do damage control on the scandal. Yesterday, Laxalt’s office launched a “new website” and his handlers published a series of tweets designed to make people think Laxalt actually cares about helping victims of sexual assault. What’s missing from […]

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NEW AD: Why Won’t Dean Heller Stand Up To Scott Pruitt?

Today, American Bridge is launching a new digital ad that exposes incumbent Nevada SenatorDean Heller’s (R-NV) failure to protect his constituents from Scott Pruitt’s corruption.

The ad will run on social media in Nevada, targeted to midterm voters. The 30-second video asks: “Why is Senator Dean Heller afraid to fight for us?” and urges voters to call Heller’s Capitol Hill office to demand he stand up to Scott Pruitt.

“In his brief tenure as EPA Administrator, Scott Pruitt has undertaken a relentless and unprecedented campaign of corruption,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp. “Dean Heller has refused to stand up to him — at the expense of millions in taxpayer dollars. Nevada voters deserve to know why Heller stands with Swamp Creature Pruitt over Nevadans.”

WATCH the ad below:

Watch the full ad here.

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NEW ADS: Why Won’t GOP House and Senate Candidates Stand Up To Scott Pruitt?

Today, American Bridge is launching a series of new digital ads that expose Republican House and Senate candidates’ failure to protect their constituents from Scott Pruitt’s corruption.

The ads will run on social media, targeting Florida Senate candidate Rick Scott, Nevada Senator Dean Heller, Pennsylvania Senate candidate Lou Barletta, Arizona Senate candidate Martha McSally, Ohio Senate candidate Jim Renacci, Congressman Tom MacArthur (NJ-03), and Congressman Fred Upton (MI-06). The 30-second video urges voters to call the lawmakers’ offices to demand they stand up to Scott Pruitt.

“In his brief tenure as EPA Administrator, Scott Pruitt has undertaken a relentless and unprecedented campaign of corruption,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp. “Republican House and Senate candidates have refused to stand up to him — at the expense of millions in taxpayer dollars. Voters deserve to know why Republican candidates are standing with Swamp Creature Pruitt over their interests.”


WATCH the ads below:

Why is Gov. […]

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GOP Opponent Slams Adam Laxalt for Pay to Play Connection to Sheldon Adelson

LISTEN: “If You Want Governor Adelson, Vote for Laxalt”


This morning, Republican State Treasurer Dan Schwartz blasted Washington, D.C. native Adam Laxalt for being “in the pocket” of billionaire casino owner Sheldon Adelson. Schwartz went on to say that “if you want Governor Adelson, vote for Laxalt.”

Adelson is one of Laxalt’s biggest campaign donor, and Laxalt has returned the favor in kind by doing Adelson’s bidding as Attorney General. Adelson’s top political aides run Laxalt’s campaign, and Laxalt has even strong armed regulators to help Adelson.

“Adam Laxalt is a fully owned subsidiary of Sheldon Adelson and even an out of touch Republican like Dan Schwartz can see that,” said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson.“Schwartz’s comments are a reminder that Adam Laxalt has spent his time as Attorney General protecting his billionaire donor’s bottom line, not the people of Nevada.”

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