American Bridge Launches Ads Against Trump and his Biggest Cheerleader, Sununu

American Bridge launched ads today following Trump’s heinous comments, calling the state of New Hampshire a “drug-infested den.” As it turns out, New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu has a long history of defending Donald Trump for the indefensible.

October 10, 2016: Union Leader: Chris Sununu, running for governor, stands by Trump as others bail

June 2, 2017: NHPR: Gov. Sununu Says He ‘Stands By’ Trump’s Decision To Withdraw From Paris Accord

January 30, 2017: AP: Gov. Sununu backs strengthening immigrant vetting

American Bridge spokesperson Lizzy Price made the following comment:

“Don’t be fooled – Chris Sununu has always been Trump’s biggest cheerleader, sticking by him time and time again. Sununu’s favorite President may have insulted his own state and trivialized the opioid epidemic, but he will always be on Team Trump.”

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Keep Doing Photo-Ops Kelly, NH Knows You Won’t Fight For Working Families

Another day, another photo-op by Senator Kelly Ayotte.

Once again, Senator Ayotte is making her rounds at fast food drive-thrus, but don’t be fooled, Ayotte is no working man’s hero.

She’s spent her time in Washington working hard to protect big corporate executives and the top 1% get tax cuts at the expense of the middle and working class. Senator Ayotte might be all smiles today, but she’s voted at least four times against raising the minimum wage.

While the people Ayotte meets at her latest photo-op are struggling on less than a living wage, Senator Ayotte is making sure the Kochs and big corporations can continue to line their pockets on the backs of hard working Americans.

Senator Ayotte can cheese her way across the state all she likes — New Hampshire knows she doesn’t fight for working families.



2015: Ayotte Voted Against Raising The […]

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Kelly Ayotte Gives Another Lackluster, Robotic Performance At Last Debate

American Bridge President Jessica Mackler released the following statement on the New Hampshire Senate debate:

“In her last chance to win voters over, Senator Kelly Ayotte repeatedly tried to mislead voters on her party-first record. Senator Ayotte misrepresented her multiple votes against background checks, her support for cutting Pell Grants, and her longtime support for the agenda of the racist, sexist, and dangerous Trump-Pence ticket. It’s time for New Hampshire to say goodbye to the Washington Republican once and for all.”

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American Bridge President Statement On New Hampshire Senate Debate

“Senator Kelly Ayotte’s desperate attempts to save her political career during tonight’s debate show just how far out of touch she is with the Granite State. She once again refused to disavow the false attacks on her opponent’s family. Of course, that’s hardly surprising from the same candidate who stood by Donald Trump’s candidacy as he attacked a Gold Star family, made countless attacks on women, and mocked a disabled reporter. Since her first day in Washington, the senator has been more concerned with protecting billionaires’ like the Kochs than New Hampshire. Try as she might, Senator Kelly Ayotte can’t re-write her record of voting against women, seniors, students, and Granite State families.”

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American Bridge Statement on Kelly Ayotte’s Disastrous Debate

Statement from Jessica Mackler, president, American Bridge, on Senator Kelly Ayotte’s disastrous debate this morning:

“Kelly Ayotte continues to prove that she supports nearly all of the conservative policies of Donald Trump and her special interest billionaire backers, the Koch brothers. Whether it’s taking away health care for thousands of Granite Staters by repealing the Medicaid expansion or cutting Social Security and seniors’ benefits, Ayotte won’t stand up to Donald Trump – she’d be a rubber stamp for his extreme and dangerous agenda.”

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Too Little, Too Late, Kelly Ayotte.

Senator Kelly Ayotte’s decision on Donald Trump is way too little, way too late.

Ayotte didn’t shy away from supporting the racist, sexist Republican nominee for months as Trump fat shamed women, attacked a Gold Star family, and suggested that veterans who suffer from PTSD aren’t mentally strong. All the time Ayotte continued to say she would vote for Trump, that his candidacy was “a positive thing,” even that he was “absolutely” a role model for children.

“Only now that it’s politically convenient is Senator Kelly Ayotte attempting to backtrack her support of Donald Trump. It shouldn’t have taken a tape of Trump crudely talking about women in language that is the definition of rape culture to make Ayotte reconsider her position,” said American Bridge President Jessica Mackler. “Ayotte is just like every other politician, she’s not voting her conscience, she’s doing what she believes is best politically, not morally. New Hampshire […]

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Senator Kelly Ayotte Supports Lying, Hateful Presidential Ticket

Last night’s debate made it abundantly clear that there is no explanation for Donald Trump’s campaign of racism, and the only defense left is to lie and flat out deny some of the most offensive statements Trump has made.

Pence’s bold-faced lies last night provided a stark reminder that Senator Kelly Ayotte not only supports a campaign predicated on hatred, racism and fearmongering – she also supports the blatant dishonesty that backs it up. Lying and hatred “absolutely” aren’t what makes a role model. Senator Ayotte may be too buy playing politics and promising her vote to Trump to realize that, but New Hampshire voters aren’t.

PENCE LIE: Trump never said that more nations should get nuclear weapons

Trump said it at least three times.

PENCE LIE: Trump hasn’t broken his promise to release his tax returns.

Trump said repeatedly in 2014 and 2015 that he would release his returns […]

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Watch: Kelly “Absolutely” Ayotte Confirms She’s Voting For Trump AGAIN

Last night, Senator Kelly Ayotte said that Donald Trump was “absolutely” a role model for children. Now, after reading the disastrous headlines, she’s trying to say she misspoke (perhaps Ayotte needs to look up the definition of “absolutely” as well as “support”). But Ayotte’s bumbling backtrack won’t hold water — not as long as she’s still voting for Donald Trump and his dangerous policies.

WATCH: Senator Kelly Ayotte Is Voting For Donald Trump

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Kelly Ayotte Becomes The GOP’s Worst Nightmare With One Word: “Absolutely”

Last night, Senator Kelly Ayotte became, not only the GOP’s, but her own worst nightmare when she said that Donald Trump was “absolutely” a role model for children. Now, she and the NRSC are waking up to kiss the Senate majority goodbye.

Senator Ayotte has tied herself in knots over “supporting” rather than “endorsing” Donald Trump during these last few months, but now she’s over the edge. Enough with the political double speak, anyone who says that Donald Trump is a role model — the same candidate who made fun of a disabled man and said that veterans suffering from PTSD aren’t strong enough — has fully endorsed him and his extreme agenda. There’s no denying it: Senator Ayotte is a card carrying member of the Party of Trump.

These aren’t the headlines Senator Kelly Ayotte or the NRSC were hoping for post-debate:

New Hampshire Union Leader: Ayotte ‘role model’ […]

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Sen. Kelly Ayotte: Trump “absolutely” a role model

Senator Kelly Ayotte can’t stop bear-hugging Donald Trump. Just today, Donald Trump said veterans suffering from PTSD aren’t “strong,” but Senator Ayotte still couldn’t help herself from saying the GOP nominee was “absolutely” a role model for kids.

Question: Would you tell them to be like Donald Trump? Would you point to him as a role model?

Ayotte: Well I think that certainly there are many role models that we have and I believe he can serve as president and so absolutely I would do that.


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