VIDEO: New Jersey Can’t Afford Christie’s Number 2

It’s official – Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno, second-in-command to scandal ridden Chris Christie, is the Republican nominee for governor in New Jersey. Christie once said that Lt. Gov. Guadagno has “been really involved in everything we do,” so it’s no surprise that he supported her in the primary. Unfortunately for Guadagno (not to mention Garden Staters), their record is a complete disaster.

Under the Christie/Guadagno administration:

New Jersey’s credit rating was downgraded 11 times.

The state was ranked nearly last in the country for job creation.

Billions slashed from public workers’ pension plans.

“Try as she might, Kim Guadagno can’t separate herself from the failed Christie administration,” said Lizzy Price, spokesperson for American Bridge. “Christie and Guadagno have made an economic mess in New Jersey, resulting in the highest disapproval rating in the country. The people of New Jersey simply can’t afford Christie’s number 2 as their governor.”

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Christie back to fetching McDonalds for Trump

Christie: “Guilty or not guilty?”; Rabid masses: “GUILTY!”

Donald Trump’s transition chair and almost VP pick, Chris Christie, was finally out of the dog house and given permission to campaign on Trump’s behalf in New Hampshire and Pennsylvania this weekend…that is, until today when two of his top aides were found guilty of all charges in the Bridgegate political scandal.

Now that Christie’s allies were found guilty, don’t the prosecution’s assertions that Christie knew about using government resources for political retaliation have even greater crediblity?

And what does it say about Donald Trump that he’d keep Christie in his inner circle through these allegations of corruption and using taxpayer dollars to settle personal vendettas — especially since Trump previously claimed that Christie “totally knew about it”? One hint as to why Trump has maintained a close friendship with Christie might lie with Christie wiping out $25 million of […]

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Jury Selection Begins In Chris Christie Aides’ Trial

As jury selection begins in Chris Christie’s aides’ Bridgegate trial, you’d forgive the Trump transition chair for being a bit distracted as he takes meetings in D.C. today on behalf of Donald Trump.

With two of his closest advisers accused of orchestrating the George Washington Bridge lane closures, New Jersey’s corrupt and vindictive governor has got to be sweating out the possibility of an indictment to call his own. And there’s no way Christie missed the New York Times report that he’s “expected to be on a list of people who federal prosecutors say knew about the scheme,” so that’s only compounding his nervousness.

To kick off the proceedings, American Bridge is today releasing a new report recapping the scandal from August 13, 2013’s “Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee,” to Christie’s secret emails that came to light in June 2016.

American Bridge Vice President Eddie Vale issued the following statement on the […]

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Oops, Key Trump Adviser “Flat Out Lied” About Bridgegate

Chairman of Donald Trump’s transition team and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie “flat out lied” about his knowledge of senior staff’s involvement in lane closures in Fort Lee, according to private text messages of a former staffer. Recent court filings show a concerned aide knew Governor Christie was being dishonest; and that emails found in discovery “could be bad”.

The truth has never been a high priority for Trump. It’s apparent that the people he’s chosen for high level positions in his campaign also have little regard for the truth. Christie’s politically motivated “traffic problems” were not only an inconvenience, the disruption to emergency vehicles was inherently dangerous. Yet this is the man that Donald Trump has tapped to build his administration.

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Another Day, Another Two Common-Sense Gun Safety Bills Vetoed By Chris Christie

In the Party of Trump, controlled by a right-wing, red meat-craving base with xenophobic tendencies, the more extreme a candidate’s policies and rhetoric, the better he or she does in the polls.

That’s why gun-crazy NJ Governor Chris Christie, who just vetoed another TWO gun safety bills, is just one point out of third-place in New Hampshire. 

A big part of Christie’s right-wing appeal is his hard-line opposition to common-sense measures to curb gun violence. As governor, Christie has vetoed a number of gun-safety bills, including a .50 caliber rifle ban. Christie’s also elected to pardon multiple individuals charged with gun crimes — amounting to six pardons in 2015, alone.

Just today, Governor Christie’s vetoed two more common-sense gun safety measures:

The first would have “[required] smart guns be sold by all retailers in New Jersey.”

And the second, would’ve prevented carjackers, racketeers, and individuals convicted of “terroristic threats” from “owning a possessing […]

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GOP Rep. Disses NRCC For Supporting Gay Candidates

A New Jersey congressman’s reason for not paying dues to the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) is raising some eyebrows. Politico reports Rep. Scott Garrett won’t cut a check because he says the NRCC recruits and supports gay candidates.

That’s right. Rep. Garrett thinks the Grand Old Party is too supportive of gay candidates to get his cash. He might want to check the record, though: Republican policies on LGBT equality speak for themselves.  Just this week Republicans killed a bill to protect LGBT students from being harassed because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.


He’s not just wrong on the policy, either– Garrett might have just screwed his politics. Scott Garrrett’s seat is listed as competitive by The Cook Political Report, and when Politico asked NRCC Chair Greg Walden about supporting Garrett’s re-election effort, Walden indicated he prefers supporting Republicans that pay their dues.

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MEMO/VIDEO: Bully Seeking Pulpit

Chris Christie enters the race as a brazen, outspoken bully hoping to use the 2016 pulpit to pull his GOP opponents like Jeb Bush further to the extreme right. With nine credit downgrades and a 30 percent approval rating under his belt, Christie has made the calculation that his charming personality alone won’t do the trick in the wake of Bridgegate.

American Bridge is also releasing a new video that shows Christie is now aligning himself with the extreme wing of his party in an attempt to gain traction.

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New GOP Marriage Equality Position Will Be Constitutional Amendment

Now that the Supreme Court has recognized marriage equality nationwide, the race is on to stake out the far right fringes of the Republican Party. Scott Walker and Ted Cruz have an early lead with their support for a constitutional amendment to allow states to ban marriage equality.

Sure Marco Rubio called homosexuality a sin. Jeb Bush thinks the fight against marriage equality should continue because “we need to be stalwart supporters of traditional marriage.” And Ben Carson thinks being gay is a choice because “a lot of people who go into prison go into prison straight — and when they come out, they’re gay.”

But now that conservatives lost yet another Supreme Court case, GOP candidates are going to have to appease the Tea Party and support a constitutional amendment. Scott Walker saw the writing on the wall and took the extreme position before he needed to. Who will be next?

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If someone ever emails “time for traffic problems,” don’t respond

Top Chris Christie crony and former Port Authority political appointee David Wildstein — a figure smack dab in the middle of the Bridgegate scandal that has bludgeoned Christie’s presidential aspirations with a traffic cone — is set to plead guilty to criminal charges as soon as tomorrow. Wildstein is infamous for his “Got it” response to the “Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee” email from Christie’s deputy chief of staff, Bridget Ann Kelly. If only he used a carrier pigeon…

The slow drip of news that the federal prosecutor is looking into David Samson’s potential extortion of United Airlines for his “chairman’s flight” means that Christie’s headache is far from over. Wait to see if Christie’s New Jersey approval rating can fall any lower than 38 percent (lowest yet) due to what National Journal described as “endless scandal and economic stagnation back home.”

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From his refusal to cooperate in Bridgegate investigations to concealing his many out-of-state travel expenses, Chris Christie has become notorious for his aversion to transparency. That’s why American Bridge continues to do everything in our power to illuminate his highly shrouded tenure as governor.

Through a records request, we were able to obtained a 56-page file of every official gift Governer Christie has received since taking office, which has made available in a searchable database. There was nothing in there regarding Cowboys tickets, but he did receive a Christmas ornament from Scott Walker in 2013 to which has office noted “no reply sent from us,” the only such note made in the 56-page list.

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