ANALYSIS: Turns Out Graham-Cassidy-Heller is the Worst Health Care Plan of All

Graham-Cassidy-Heller would cause “immediate, disproportionate harm”
and “radically restructure and deeply cut Medicaid.”
– Center on Budget and Policy Priorities Analysis

Dean Heller’s favorite health care plan, Graham-Cassidy-Heller, would decimate health care for hundreds of thousands of Nevadans and break every promise he made to his constituents about protecting their health care.

Heller endorsed Graham-Cassidy, calling it “the best way to go” and pushing it at the White House with Donald Trump.

Heller’s office told the Nevada Independent that “that the proposal would result in Nevada receiving more funding for Medicaid than it currently does under the Affordable Care Act.”

Today the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities released a new study about Graham-Cassidy-Heller, exposing just how devastating Heller’s plan would be for Nevada:

“The plan would eliminate the ACA’s marketplace subsidies and enhanced matching rate for the Medicaid expansion, replacing them with an inadequate block grant whose […]

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See how easy that was?

Senator Lindsey Graham just said he “can’t” vote for Donald Trump in November.

Look how easy that was, Leader McConnell and Speaker Ryan. All you’ve got to do is admit that Donald Trump’s racism, bigotry, xenophobia, misogyny, volatile temperament, and amateur foreign policy ideas disqualify him from being commander in chief.

All you’ve got to do is say you can’t support him. This is how it’s done:

“I would like to support our nominee. I just can’t.”

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WATCH: South Carolina GOP Voters Speak Out (And It’s Not Looking Good For The Establishment)

American Bridge is on the ground in South Carolina, talking to Republican voters to see how they’re feeling ahead of tomorrow’s GOP primary. Let’s just say that — as in Iowa and New Hampshire — things are not looking great for the GOP establishment. Voters are unhappy with the likes of Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio, but they’re even colder on the GOP establishment’s last-ditch hopes for a contested convention. As one Trump supporter put it: “I think it’d be the demise of the Republican Party.”

Here are some other highlights:

On Marco Rubio…

“You’ve got to go and do you job.”

“The robo answers…”

“And he just keeps repeating himself over and over again.”

On Jeb Bush…

“We don’t want another Bush.”

On Trump, a third-party run, and a contested convention…

“The GOP would sink itself if it’d do [a contested convention]…”

“Obviously, [a contested convention] wouldn’t be fair.”

“If Trump were a third-party candidate, I’d vote for him…”

“I […]

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If You Can’t Beat Them…

Make sure it’s a contested convention!


With South Carolina looking likely to send Donald Trump his second victory, Republican Party insiders are scheming for a brokered convention as their only hope to stop him or Ted Cruz and wrestle the nomination away from GOP voters.


The GOP establishment has been completely incapable of reckoning with the right-wing forces propelling Cruz and Trump to the only first place wins so far. With Marco Rubio wavering between projecting a strong third-place-is-first-place in South Carolina or needing a brokered convention to break through, it’s looking more and more likely that option B is the only way for party insiders to regain their stranglehold of their fractured party.


Read more: Time: Republican Insiders Plan for a Convention Fight Against Donald Trump or Ted Cruz

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Rubio And Gov. Haley Find Common Ground Over Shady Ethics Histories

Marco Rubio has a shady ethics history that stretches back to his time in the Florida House of Representatives. Appropriately, the U.S. Senator from Florida’s latest endorser, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, has her own history of ethics controversies.

Here’s a taste of Rubio’s ethical low-lights:

Florida Republican Party Credit Card — Marco Rubio used a Florida Republican Party credit card to rack up tens of thousands of dollars in personal expenditures. Rubio used the card to pay for a family trip and a home improvement project, among other things, but that’s not all. Rubio’s campaign insists that he’s made all of the credit card records public, but, as National Journal reported last month, some of his spending records remain undisclosed.

The $48 Million “Taj Mahal” Courthouse — Personal use of the Florida GOP credit card isn’t Rubio’s only foray into ethical gray areas. Back in 2010, Rubio similarly faced scrutiny for his involvement as a […]

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Don’t Be Fooled: Nikki Haley’s Trumpian Immigration Record

American Bridge President Jessica Mackler released the following statement on South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley’s extreme record on immigration, which includes her signing anti-immigrant bill SB 20 requiring “police officers to check the immigration status of people they stop.”


“Governor Nikki Haley’s extreme record on immigration would make Donald Trump smile. While you won’t hear it in her State of the Union response, it’s impossible for Gov. Haley to whitewash her far-right record when the truth is she signed a bill inspired by Arizona’s offensive “Papers Please” Law that encouraged racial profiling.

“Gov. Haley’s Tea Party credentials have never been in doubt. Her immigration policies are squarely in sync with Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Donald Trump, who spend every day on the campaign trail courting xenophobic right wing conservatives.”

For more on Gov. Haley’s extreme record from American Bridge, click here.

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South Carolina Cattle Call Whistles Past GOP’s Electoral Graveyard

Another Republican cattle call has passed, this time the South Carolina Freedom Summit, and even SNL is in on the gag by this point— the endless parade of events is primed to remind voters of everything they don’t like about the Republican party. From Jim DeMint equivocating “the left” to ISIS to the latest and greatest in Steve King’s musings to shots at Jeb and endorsements of so-called Personhood laws, the cast in Greenville was doing their best to conjure the ghosts of election losses past. Here’s the lowlights:


Defends Wall Street: YouTube

Proud of enacting voter ID: YouTube


Calling for cuts to legal immigration: YouTube


Contrasting with Jeb, reminds that his family isn’t “rich and famous”: YouTube

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Playing politics, getting burned

As the latest step in his efforts to politicize the embassy attack in Benghazi, Lindsay Graham this morning called for a Senate select committee on the matter. But what’s the real story here? Graham was recently revealed to have participated in the flawed and discredited 60 Minutes report, including relaying information from his conversation with a former FBI official as the story began to unravel. Graham touted the story on both television and social media and used it as an impetus to drive his own partisan agenda to block federal appointments and nominations and create this partisan select committee. When will Lindsey Graham come forward and provide a full, public accounting of his participation in this flawed report?

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American Bridge Launches English/Spanish Websites Linking GOP To Steve King

American Bridge today launched and (in Spanish), research-based websites demonstrating that Rep. Steve King is the GOP’s leader on immigration reform.

Earlier this week, Rep. Steve King (R-IA) demonstrated just how clueless he is by attempting to fundraise off offensive remarks he made comparing immigrants to dogs (and foolishly linking to American Bridge tracking footage to do so). This was what he deemed an appropriate response to a more recent controversy in which he claimed “For everyone who’s a valedictorian, there’s another 100 out there who weigh 130 pounds–and they’ve got calves the size of cantaloupes because they’re hauling 75 pounds of marijuana across the desert.” Those remarks prompted Speaker John Boehner to argue that King’s comment “does not reflect the values of the American people or the Republican Party.”

Unfortunately, Boehner is only half-correct. While the American people are deeply opposed to the bigotry espoused by King, the Republican caucus is solidly aligned with King’s worldview. Last week, American Bridge released a report showing that when the House votes on immigration legislation, the majority of King’s Republican colleagues follow his lead 9 out of 10 times. And today, American Bridge launched to show voters that the Republican Party has plenty of followers of King’s extreme anti-immigrant rhetoric.

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Washington Post: Liberal Groups Join In Fla. Ad War Against Mitt Romney

On January 25, 2012, the Washington Post reported:

Broadcast ads aren’t the only tactic available to Democratic-aligned groups hoping to influence the Republican contest. American Bridge for the 21st Century, a liberal super PAC that focuses mostly on opposition research, blanketed Columbia, S.C., with hundreds of hot-pink leaflets trumpeting Romney’s support for gay rights during the Massachusetts phase of his political career.

The group said the leafleting was aimed at sowing doubts among Republicans in the state about Romney’s conservative bona fides.

“It’s not that we were trying to portray him as a quote-unquote liberal, but to show that he’s flip-flopped on so many key issues,” American Bridge spokesman Ty Matsdorf said. “It’s highlighting his lack of core beliefs.”

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