More Than 68,000 Americans — Including 1,500 Wisconsinites — Have Received Pink Slips Under Trump

Donald Trump might talk a big game in Kenosha, Wisconsin today about the importance of manufacturing, but he clearly doesn’t walk the walk. All of Trump’s products were made using foreign workers, and Trump has yet to do anything meaningful to protect U.S. jobs.

Donald Trump’s bluster on the economy hides the fact that more than 68,000 Americans have lost their jobs due to plant closings and layoffs, including nearly 1,500 Wisconsinites who have been given pink slips since Trump’s inauguration three months ago. In addition, more than 11,000 U.S. workers have sought assistance due to outsourcing or trade-related disruption.

Visit for more details on layoffs and outsourcing under Donald Trump.

“Donald Trump has been all talk and no action on the economy. Under Trump’s watch, more than 68,000 Americans have been given pink slips from their employers — including nearly 1,500 workers […]

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Good luck, Scott Walker

In Morning Consult’s new rankings of governors, Governor Walker ranks in the top ten of governors with the highest disapproval rating, adding yet another poll to the heap that show voters are unhappy with his failed leadership.

“Walker has to convince those covered by the Affordable Care Act that he continues to rail against and the parents of children who have seen severe cuts in their schools that he’s earned another term. Good luck with that.” – American Bridge spokesperson Lizzy Price

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Donald Trump Needs Washington Insider Ron Johnson In The Senate

In an interview with the Associated Press, Eric Trump implored the people of Wisconsin to send Ron Johnson back to Washington because his father, if elected, would need “insiders” like Johnson to “execute his vision.”

Johnson was an inaugural member of the Party of Trump. He even mused that. “I think what’s resonating about Donald Trump… is appealing about my candidacy.” Johnson shares Trump’s extreme vision for America, and he, along with Eric Trump, knows it.

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NEW: Senator Johnson’s Staff Visited Tomah VA 39 Times Prior To Scandal

As Senator Ron Johnson makes a stop in Tomah, American Bridge is releasing new research that his staff visited the Tomah VA health care center within months of the deadly overdose that brought the prescription drug issues to light. 

The Republican senator’s staff traveled to the Tomah VA center 39 times before the veteran overdose that brought the scandal to light. In fact, just two months prior in June 2014, Johnson’s staff, including Milwaukee Regional Director Scott Bolstad, held office hours at the center to discuss “veterans’ perspectives of the VA health care system.”

However, Johnson claimed that he knew nothing about the Tomah VA scandal until January 2015. Yet, Johnson’s Senate stafff not only received the whistleblower complaints about the over-prescribing four months earlier — Johnson’s staff had also recently visited the center.


Tomah Staff Travel

Johnson Senate Staffers Frequently Traveled To Tomah, Wisconsin While Prescription Drug Scandal Raged

From January 2011 Until April 2015 Ron Johnson And […]

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Trump Supporter Ron Johnson: “I’m in total agreement with our nominee”

A week out from Election Day, Trump supporter Ron Johnson isn’t wavering on his steadfast backing of the GOP nominee, despite months of Trump’s racism and even the recent revelation that Trump brags about sexually assaulting women.

“I’m in total agreement with our nominee,” Johnson insisted emphatically this morning, endorsing Trump’s plans to bring back waterboarding and be “vicious”; break up families and forcibly deport 11 million; racially profile Muslims and African Americans; and appoint anti-choice justices, among other divisive and un-American policy proposals.

Donald Trump is temperamentally — and otherwise — unfit to be commander in chief, but Johnson can’t wait for Trump to get his tiny little hands on the nuclear codes.


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Ron Johnson’s Shady Campaign Finance History Under Scrutiny, Again

For months, Ron Johnson has faced questions about his shady 2010 campaign finance scheme where, after self-funding his campaign to the tune of $9 million, Johnson was paid $10 million in “deferred compensation” from his company following the election.

Johnson has refused to provide answers about how he seemingly reimbursed himself for money spent on his campaign, and has gotten defensive when asked about the sketchy scenario. Now, it’s even more clear why: the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports today that the “deferred compensation” package was agreed upon AFTER the election. Read more below:

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WATCH: Ron Johnson Confirms He Trusts “Reckless” and “Erratic” Presidential Candidate With Nuclear Codes

After 50 Republican national security experts came out against Donald Trump, and numerous senators refusing to say whether or not they would trust their party’s nominee with the nuclear codes, Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson has come out with another full-throated endorsement of Trump.

Yesterday at a campaign event, Johnson was asked if he trusted Donald Trump — who Republican national security experts have called “reckless” and “erratic” — with the nuclear codes. Johnson responded with a resounding “Certainly.”


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The Ronald and The Donald: A Love Story

Donald Trump is holding rallies and fundraisers across Wisconsin today — the home of one of his staunchest supporters, Senator Ron Johnson. From the beginning, Johnson has said time and time again that he backs Donald Trump. 

From supporting the nominee, to working behind the scenes to hold the Supreme Court vacancy open for a Trump appointment, to jumping at the chance to “stump with Trump,” Johnson’s ethusiasm for Trump has been steadfast: 

“Doing nothing is also an action”

Staying true to what seems to be the motto of the do-nothing GOP Congress, Johnson offered this as an explanation for why he was set on holding the Supreme Court vacancy open. In one of his early expressions of support for Trump, Johnson was working behind the scenes to block a Supreme Court nominee and hold the seat open for Trump’s nominee.

Ron Johnson: I have “no problem” supporting the nominee 

Back in March, Johnson […]

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Scott Walker’s Own Secret Email Scandal

That awkward moment when you ask a governor whose political career includes a secret email scandal to go on the attack…

Following their pattern of asking governors who have no moral high ground to play attack dog, Wisconsin Scott Walker took the stage tonight. In 2009, Wisconsin opened a John Doe Investigation (a state specific type of probe) into Walker’s time as Milwaukee County Executive during which thousands of dollars went missing from a veterans charity fund.

Walker’s office did their best to block the inquiry, but investigators were able to find evidence that a secret email router had been set up to illegally conduct political activities to help his gubernatorial campaign. From what’s been released publicly, there is strong support to suggest that Walker knew about the emails. Though the governor was never charged, six Walker allies were convicted for their actions, including two aides who were charged with embezzling funds […]

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Scott Walker’s WEDC: A Guide To Making America Outsource Again

When Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was running for office, he promised to create 250,000 new jobs for the state outside of the government through the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC). After three years, WEDC had failed to even meet its first year goal of creating 50,000 jobs. Instead of building Wisconsin’s economy, WEDC is a scandal-ridden jobs agency that gave tax-payer money to companies that outsourced jobs, provided loans to Walker campaign donors without discretion, and regularly failed to follow the law or its own policies.

During his presidential campaign, Walker was dogged by WEDC’s problems. A report by WKOW discovered that one company that received money from WEDC, Eaton Corporation, laid off employees at its plant in the state and sent 163 jobs to Mexico. After it came out that Eaton was outsourcing, WEDC failed to get the money it loaned back. The group also gave multi-million dollar […]

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