Bannon to 2018 GOP Senate Candidates: I’m In Charge

Another day, another sign Trump is empowering white nationalist Steve Bannon with a growing role in the White House. Bannon’s latest power play? Laying down the law to Sen. Mitch McConnell and any Republican thinking about running for Senate in 2018. America First, the pro-Trump Super-PAC, is ramping up to “direct fire on congressional Republicans who defy Trump’s agenda.”

Statement from American Bridge President Jessica Mackler:

“Apparently, Senate Republicans’ rubber stamp for Trump’s extreme and xenophobic agenda isn’t enough. Steve Bannon has laid down the law: If Senators and Senate candidates don’t march in lock step with Trump, they will be punished. Trump and Bannon want a puppet Congress and are promising to campaign for one. This is how authoritarianism begins.”

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Trump Is An Anti-Immigrant Racist

Donald Trump at tonight’s debate quadrupled down on deporting immigrant families.

Donald Trump is a racist — that isn’t up for discussion. Trump began his presidential campaign by calling immigrants criminals and rapists, and he hasn’t looked back since then. “Build the wall” chants have defined his candidacy, as has his promise to create a “deportation force” that would break up immigrant families and forcibly deport the 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the U.S.

And it isn’t just undocumented immigrants. The Republican nominee has also proposed cuts to legal immigration, even as he hypocritically imports thousands of foreign workers to fill jobs at his businesses.

Even American citizens born to immigrant parents have felt Trump’s nativist wrath. He and his running mate, Mike Pence, malign and denigrate them as “anchor babies,” an unapologetically derogatory epithet. And then there’s Gonzalo Curiel, a respected, Indiana-born federal judge who Trump claims is unable to do his job because “[h]e’s a […]

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Trump still doesn’t know why he’s called “a sexist, a racist, a xenophobe”

Donald Trump this afternoon claimed that he’s only being called “a sexist, a racist, a xenophobe, and morally deformed,” because he is challenging “The Establishment and their media enablers,” who are, Trump said, running a coordinated smear campaign against him.

Think we can just go to the tape on this one:


Trump brags about sexually assaulting women.
Trump‘s said he thinks a working wife is a “very dangerous thing.”
Trump‘s warned he “go[es] through the roof,” if he gets home and dinner isn’t ready.
Trump publicly attacked an attorney as “disgusting” for pumping breast milk to feed her child.
Trump said a “pregnancy…is certainly an inconvenience…for a person that is running a business,” even if it’s “a wonderful thing for the woman.”
Trump‘s lamented that “women get it better” than men.
Trump said “maybe [recent mothers] should feel” pressured to return to work quickly after a pregnancy.
Trump‘s insisted that […]

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Trump On Pope Francis: He’s “Disgraceful”

Four months after bizarrely questioning Hillary Clinton’s faith, Donald Trump has, with less than than 30 days until the election, decided to claim that she is anti-Catholic. But only one candidate running has called the Pope “disgraceful” and claimed he “doesn’t get it.” (Trump also suggested that the Pope was acting as a pawn of the Mexican government, so there’s that…)

Like so many others viciously attacked by Trump, all Pope Francis did was challenge Donald Trump on his radical, anti-immigrant policy positions, characterizing Trump’s “Build the Wall” fervor as “not Christian.”

Unsurprisingly Trump, a small-minded bully who’s easily baited into conflict by mere tweets, couldn’t resist lashing out at Pope Francis:

Trump Attacked Pope Francis

February 2016: Trump Said The Pope “Doesn’t Get It” When Speaking about Immigration On The US-Mexico Border. According to The New York Times, “Donald J. Trump has a message for Pope Francis ahead of […]

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Trump Is The One Spreading Islamophobia

Donald Trump spent 5 years promoting a racist conspiracy theory that President Obama wasn’t born in the United States. Earlier this month, someone on Trump’s staff finally convinced him to begrudgingly say that Obama was born in the U.S. — but that doesn’t mean Trump believes it, and the way Trump’s essentially dodged questions on his birtherism since then suggests he probably still does.

Donald Trump hasn’t apologized for years of his racist birtherism, nor similarly for the broader, deep-seeded racism and moments of bigotry that have defined his campaign.

Here are just a few instances of flagrant racism and bigotry that Trump should — but refuses to — apologize for tonight:

Trump’s called immigrants “rapists” who are “bringing drugs” and “crime.”
Trump’s called for racial profiling of Muslims and African Americans.
Trump’s suggested that an American-born federal judge is inherently biased […]

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Liar, Liar, Pence on Fire. And We Have The Proof On Video.

Donald Trump’s policies are so dangerous and reckless that Mike Pence’s only defense intonight’s debate was to lie over and over again:

PENCE LIE: Trump never said that more nations should get nuclear weapons.

Trump said it at least three times.

PENCE LIE: Trump hasn’t broken his promise to release his tax returns.

Trump said repeatedly in 2014 and 2015 that he would release his returns if he were to run for President. He still has not released his tax returns.

PENCE LIE: Trump did not say that Vladimir Putin was a better leader than President Obama.

Trump has repeatedly praised Putin, and did indeed say he was a better leader than President Obama.

PENCE LIE: It’s nonsense to say that Trump and Pence are for mass deportation.

Trump has called for a deportation force, and mass deportation is the centerpiece of his immigration “plan.”

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MEMO: We Already Know Who Trump Is

TO:         Interested Parties
FROM:   Jessica Mackler, President, American Bridge 21st Century
RE:         We Already Know Who Trump Is 
DATE:    September 25, 2016

We’ve had nearly four decades of Donald Trump living (and forcing us to watch) his life in public, so we know exactly who Trump is as he takes the stage at the first presidential debate Monday night.

Trump is a sexist bully with a history of discrimination against African Americans and Latinos. He intentionally appeals to white nationalists and gives a voice to their xenophobia and irrational hate. He admires foreign dictators and is a danger to our economic and national security. Knowing all we know about Donald Trump, he has proven himself completely unfit to be commander in chief.

Trump showed in the primary debates that no matter what he does or says at the debate, Trump is who he is. He has good nights and bad […]

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LIBRE’s Support Of Trump-Loving Joe Heck Bad For Hispanics, Nevada

The executive director for the Koch brothers’ front group for Hispanic outreach, the LIBRE Initiative, reiterated the group’s support for Joe Heck this morning on NPR’s Morning Edition. In explaining his group’s opposition to Catherine Cortez Masto, who would be the first Hispanic woman to serve in the Senate, Garza praised Heck for his views on immigration reform. LIBRE, a group that claims to advocate for Hispanics, is supporting a man who believes the United States should end birthright citizenship. Conveniently, Garza also ignored Heck’s full embrace of Donald Trump–a man who wants to form a “deportation force” to expel 11 million people without papers.

LIBRE has a long history of attempting to broaden the GOP’s appeal to Hispanic voters while advocating for policies and politicians that harm those same voters.

Garza himself testified against DAPA, which protects millions from being deported. Garza decried DAPA as “executive […]

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What Hasn’t Trump Apologized For?

For someone so insistent on demanding apologies, Donald Trump, at least by our count, hasn’t apologized for anything.

Here are a few inflammatory, offensive, and flat-out racist things that the man “who like[s] to not regret anything” has yet to apologize for:

1. Maligning immigrants as “rapists” who are “bringing drugs,…crime.”

Refusal to apologize: “I love the Mexican people, but no apology because everything I said is 100 percent correct. All you have to do is read the newspapers.”

2. Mocking a reporter with a disability. 

Refusal to apologize: “I don’t take that back because the person was groveling in terms — if you read his statements about well, did you say this and did you write this paragraph, he was really grasping for straws.” 

3. Disparaging prisoners of war and Senator John McCain for getting “captured.”

Refusal to apologize: “No, not at all…I got a standing ovation, […]

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Are We Surprised Racist Donald Trump Is Being Called Racist?

Donald Trump has built his reputation, and his campaign, on being overtly racist. Even this morning, Trump called Sen. Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas” in a display that is the definition of racism. This weekend, Trump’s son and campaign advisor Don Jr. retweeted a racist picture depicting a white nationalist symbol, Pepe the Frog, as one of Trump’s posse. It’s the latest in a long line of Trump’s racism and mimicking neo-Nazi provocations:

He launched himself into the political sphere by questioning whether President Obama, the first African American nominee of a major party, was born in the U.S.
He began his candidacy by saying Mexico is sending their rapists, drugs, and criminals to the U.S.
He derogatorily told African Americans that they were being murdered and had no jobs in their communities.
He charged that a U.S. born judge of Mexican descent was prejudiced because of his heritage (while calling him Mexican).
He called Sen. […]

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