Liar, Liar, Pence on Fire. And We Have The Proof On Video.

Donald Trump’s policies are so dangerous and reckless that Mike Pence’s only defense intonight’s debate was to lie over and over again:

PENCE LIE: Trump never said that more nations should get nuclear weapons.

Trump said it at least three times.

PENCE LIE: Trump hasn’t broken his promise to release his tax returns.

Trump said repeatedly in 2014 and 2015 that he would release his returns if he were to run for President. He still has not released his tax returns.

PENCE LIE: Trump did not say that Vladimir Putin was a better leader than President Obama.

Trump has repeatedly praised Putin, and did indeed say he was a better leader than President Obama.

PENCE LIE: It’s nonsense to say that Trump and Pence are for mass deportation.

Trump has called for a deportation force, and mass deportation is the centerpiece of his immigration “plan.”

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Pence Legislated Trump’s Sexist Attitudes and Anti-Women Policy Agenda

Pence tonight danced around coming clean on his and Trump’s anti-women agenda. But their record is clear. Trump apologist Mike Pence is billed as Donald’s “clean-up guy,” but the two are on the same page when it comes to substance — especially where Trump and Pence’s anti-women views and agenda are concerned.

In fact, when it comes to women’s issues, Mike Pence has actually legislated Donald Trump’s sexist rhetoric and anti-women policy positions.

In the 1990s, Pence said working women stunt their kids emotional growth; and while in Congress, Pence led the GOP charge on defunding Planned Parenthood. Mike Pence has been a hardline anti-choice opponent for decades, and he has no qualms about trumpeting his anti-women record.

Trump-Pence: Anti-Choice Extremists

Pence: Pence supported a zero-exception abortion ban, including where the life of the mother is at risk, and he cosponsored at least four “personhood” bills to that effect while he was […]

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