NEW REPORT: Rubio Failed To Show Up For Work Every. Single. Year.

New research from American Bridge shows that Marco Rubio didn’t show up for work on behalf of Florida taxpayers EVERY YEAR he was in the Senate, not just the year in which he ran for president and lost 66 of Florida’s 67 counties to Donald Trump.

Marco Rubio’s lack of interest in doing his job extends back to his earliest days as a politician — since 2000 when he missed one-third of his committee hearings in the state legislature, to 2002 where he skipped nearly half of the Florida House’s 9/11 Committee meetings, to when he missed 30% of the classes he taught as a part-time professor at FIU, to his current absenteeism in the Senate that is the worst vote attendance record from a Florida senator in nearly 50 years.

Rubio has always failed to show up for work on behalf of Floridians:

Missed committee hearings (total across all committees)

percentage missed








Missed voting record (Worst compared to other senators)


Tied […]

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Congrats Senator Rubio!

You’re finally making it to a hearing on North Korea! The last one, in January 2016, was a little close if you recall. After getting universally skewered for choosing a fundraiser over a classified briefing, Rubio changed his schedule at the last minute and still missed 80 percent of the briefing.

Doesn’t say much that Rubio is only deciding to go to committee hearings now that he’s in a tough reelection campaign — especially after missing 68 percent of committee hearings since 2011 and missing 60 percent of Foreign Relations hearings.

From CNN:

The Florida Republican was scheduled to be at a fundraiser in his home state Monday at 6 p.m. after campaigning there in the afternoon, which would have prevented him from going to Washington.

Monday afternoon, after publication of this story and others highlighting the schedule conflict, a spokesman for Rubio’s Senate office said he would be at the hearing after […]

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Marco Rubio Is All In To “Make Sure That Donald Wins”

We have to make sure that Donald wins this election.” That was Marco Rubio’s message about Donald Trump at a candidate forum over the weekend.

Yes, Rubio is saying that the Republican nominee, who he once said is “wholly unprepared to be president of the United States” will have his full support to win the election.This is just the latest example of Rubio throwing his weight behind Trump, and arguably his most forceful endorsement to-date of a man he once characterized as “an erratic individual…who has spent a career sticking it to working people.”

Oh, how times have changed. These days, Rubio’s reportedly taking phone calls with Trump and his campaign chair, Paul Manafort, to “discuss Florida politics.”Rubio’s openly tying himself to Donald Trump and the anti-immigrant fearmongering that’s defined Trump’s campaign — quite the evolution from the erstwhile Gang of 8 advocate of comprehensive immigration reform.
And […]

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Where In The World Is Marco Rubio?

Marco Rubio can be hard to track down – from missing three-in-10 of his classes as a visiting professor at FIU, to missing 87 percent of roll call votes in the Senate this year and having one of the worst voting records since 2011, to skipping 60 percent of Foreign Relations committee hearings, he’s not great at holding to his commitments. Rubio seems to prefer campaigning to showing up to his day job, but tonight he bailed on a crowd of a few thousand South Carolina voters just days before the primary.

Reactions ranged from puzzled to outraged as Rubio bailed on yet another engagement tonight:

@mckaycoppins: Organizer for #CRConvention says they just heard from Rubio campaign 30

minutes ago that he wasn’t showing up, citing scheduling conflict.

@mckaycoppins: If Rubio really bailed on big conservative confab to go on Megyn Kelly, it’s the ultimate example of choosing national media over grassroots

@Bencjacobs: Rubio campaign says their schedule got blown up […]

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Marco’s Here!

Marco Rubio finally showed up for something!

It’s worth giving Rubio credit for attending the debate on time after the rough week he had. Rubio’s office on Monday confirmed that he was skipping a classified Foreign Relations hearing on North Korea to fundraise in the Florida keys, but after he was roundly criticized, Rubio scrambled his private jet and booked it back to DC to catch the last 20 minutes of the briefing.

It’s become a pattern for Rubio to miss important national security hearings even though he uses his Foreign Relations and Intelligence committee assignments as an example of his foreign policy experience. After the November terrorist attack in Paris, Rubio chose to skip a classified briefing and fundraise.

Rubio’s truancy extends to missing Senate votes ever since he joined the senate in 2011. He holds “the worst missed-vote record of any current senator,” according to The Tampa Bay Times.

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Time Is a Flat Circle. Marco Rubio Hates His Job, Doesn’t Show Up For Work: Part ∞

Rubio embarrassed himself on TV yesterday by promising obstructionist grandstanding that Senate procedure prevented him from following through on — he didn’t know at the time because he wasn’t at work.

We predicted yesterday that he probably wouldn’t show up to vote on it at all once he found out he couldn’t stall the legislation.

Welp, he didn’t show — the only presidential candidate in the Senate to miss the vote…

Read more from The Hill: Rubio misses spending bill vote

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Rubio Grandstands On TV, Has No Idea What’s Going On In The Senate

Oops! Marco Rubio’s proved yet again just how clueless he is as to what’s happening in the Senate.

Rubio this afternoon used a Fox News appearance to grandstand about his plan to embrace partisan obstructionism and stall the omnibus bill that’ll be voted on in the Senate tomorrow.

Meanwhile, even as Rubio was pledging to show up to work and do something for once, the Senate — without Rubio because, again, he wasn’t there — with unanimous consent set up a Friday vote on the omnibus bill.

The Senate will vote on the omnibus bill tomorrow — and Rubio can’t do anything to stall it.

The good news is bipartisan cooperation triumphed; the bad news is Rubio probably won’t even show up now — unless he doesn’t find out about all this, which is a very real possibility.

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