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Senator Ron Jonson participates in a Senate hearing.
Ron Johnson, Senate

Report: Ron Johnson Secured $200-Million Tax Break for Biggest Billionaire Backers

A new report from ProPublica documents Ron Johnson’s ferocious advocacy to secure large tax breaks in the 2017 GOP tax for his biggest campaign backers. The report includes the revelation that Johnson’s negotiations secured three of his top 2016 boosters — billionaires Dick and Liz Uihlein and Diane Hendricks — at least “$215 million in deductions in 2018 […]


Joe Heck's Big Oil Koch Cash

Joe Heck’s Senate campaign has received an unprecedented level of support from the Koch brothers’ political machine, including over $7 million in negative advertising from Freedom Partners Action Fund and the first instance of the Kochs’ LIBRE Initiative “explicitly backing” a candidate. In return, Heck has been a loyal puppet, consistently supporting the Kochs’ […]


Ron Johnson's Shady Campaign Finance History Under Scrutiny, Again

For months, Ron Johnson has faced questions about his shady 2010 campaign finance scheme where, after self-funding his campaign to the tune of $9 million, Johnson was paid $10 million in “deferred compensation” from his company following the election. Johnson has refused to provide answers about how he seemingly reimbursed himself for […]