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New Hampshire GOP Consultants Suggest Chris Sununu Hid Purpose of California Trip

New reporting from WMUR-TV has New Hampshire GOP political consultants speculating that Gov. Chris Sununu has misled the public about his trip to California last week, arguing, “it’s unlikely there was absolutely no other political component to the visit.” Via WMUR-TV: Sununu said prior to his departure a week ago that, other than […]


Cut Services, Increased Wait Times Likely, As Sununu-Backed Council Defunds Planned Parenthood

A new Associated Press report highlights that Granite Staters could face “cuts in services” and increased “patient waiting times” following the Chris Sununu-backed Executive Council last week voting to defund reproductive health care clinics, including Planned Parenthood locations. Key points, via the AP: “Family planning providers that were denied state funding for routine health care services such as […]


Chris Sununu Dismisses Planned Parenthood Advocates Protesting His Council’s Funding Cuts

“I try not to get wrapped up into all that drama. That’s just a lot of drama.” That’s Gov. Chris Sununu message for the reproductive health care advocates who yesterday protested the Sununu-backed Executive Council’s decision to defund reproductive health care clinics, including Planned Parenthood locations. Asked about the protesters, […]

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Despite Sununu’s Opposition, $112M in Relief for New Hampshire Towns

Meanwhile, new polling shows strong Granite Stater opposition to Sununu’s abortion ban and mandatory ultrasound requirement Despite Gov. Chris Sununu’s opposition, newly available federal COVID-19 relief funding “is expected to fuel a boom in [New Hampshire] municipal projects over the next five years.” According to WMUR-TV, “The first round of $112 million in […]

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Chris Sununu Touts Dough… After Saying He’d Vote “No”

Sununu opposed the American Rescue Plan, including the law’s expanded child tax credit While taking steps that bring him closer to a U.S. Senate run, New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu is brazenly touting the benefits of the American Rescue Plan, the Democratic COVID-19 relief package he opposed, reports HuffPost. Sununu has clearly said, “I’d be […]