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Chris Sununu Touts Dough… After Saying He’d Vote “No”

Sununu opposed the American Rescue Plan, including the law’s expanded child tax credit While taking steps that bring him closer to a U.S. Senate run, New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu is brazenly touting the benefits of the American Rescue Plan, the Democratic COVID-19 relief package he opposed, reports HuffPost. Sununu has clearly said, “I’d be […]


Boston Globe: Chris Sununu’s “Big Problem Over Abortion”

A new report from the Boston Globe’s James Pindell highlights the fact that New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu will be in a very tough spot defending his hardline anti-choice budget should he decide to run for U.S. Senate in 2022. Sununu signed the strict provisions into law despite vocal opposition from New Hampshire medical providers, who say the […]


Sununu Calls Anti-Choice Budget “Phenomenal”

Earlier today, New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu called his latest budget “rock solid” and “phenomenal,” but let’s take a closer look at the anti-choice behemoth that Sununu quietly signed into law last Friday. Sununu’s “phenomenal” budget includes: A controversial school voucher program that critics say could jeopardize funding for public […]


VIDEO: Hypocrite Chris Sununu Takes Credit for American Rescue Plan He Opposed

After opposing the American Rescue Plan, watch Sununu hypocritically praise ARP for helping to lower New Hampshire’s property taxes  Chris Sununu hypocritically took credit yesterday for the property tax relief New Hampshire homeowners are about to receive thanks to the Sununu-opposed American Rescue Plan. At a press conference designed to […]


WHIPLASH: Gov. Sununu Defends ACA Just Weeks After Defending Trump’s Effort to Repeal

American Bridge issued the following statement following news that Gov. Sununu will join a lawsuit in defense of the Affordable Care Act when–just three weeks earlier–the governor appeared on WGBH and peddled mistruths about Republican efforts to repeal the ACA.  “Chris Sununu can’t have it both ways. He just defended […]