American Bridge Statement On Trump’s Latest Pam Bondi Kickback

Donald Trump today signaled that he’s gifting Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi a White House job as his latest payback for her dropping her investigation into his sham Trump University.

Trump’s previous Bondi kickback consisted of a $25,000 campaign donation that was disbursed from his charitable foundation and resulted in Bondi dropping her Trump University probe. Trump’s foundation is currently under investigation for that donation as well as for other pay to plays and instances of self-dealing.

American Bridge President Jessica Mackler issued the following statement on Trump’s latest Pam Bondi kickback:

“Trump’s hiring of Pam Bondi is just the latest example of Trump trading shady political favors and proceeding down a path toward open corruption.

“Trump’s flagrantly unethical behavior before he’s even taken the oath of office is a travesty and sure sign that Trump intends to do everything he can to profit off the presidency while enriching himself and his family at the […]

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American Bridge Statement On Trump’s Nomination of Ben Carson As HUD Secretary

American Bridge President Jessica Mackler issued the following statement on Donald Trump’s nomination of Ben Carson to be Secretary of Housing and Urban Development: 

“Just a few weeks ago, Ben Carson admitted he isn’t qualified to serve in the administration. And as HUD Secretary, Carson — who has described public housing as ‘communist’ — would have control over housing policy and the power to shatter the lives of millions of Americans.

“Trump didn’t pick Carson for his policy expertise, so it was probably Carson’s willingness to boost Trump’s real estate interests that sealed the deal. But Carson’s openness to corruption and proclivity for bigotry aren’t qualifications. For once, Ben Carson is right: he has no place in government.”

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American Bridge Statement On Trump’s Pick Of Steven Mnuchin As Treasury Secretary

American Bridge President Jessica Mackler released the following statement on Donald Trump’s selection of Steven Mnuchin as Treasury Secretary:

“Donald Trump cheered on the housing crisis and went out of his way to profit from people’s misery and foreclosures. Of course he’d want Steve Mnuchin, who’s company made $3 billion off the housing crisis and was responsible for more than a third of all reverse mortgage foreclosures, to be his Treasury Secretary. Putting a Wall Street CEO in charge of his Administration’s oversight of Wall Street is dangerous and even more proof that Donald Trump is only interested in protecting corporations at the expense of working families.”


The Mnuchin-Owned OneWest Bank Received Billions In Taxpayer Bailouts
In 2009, A Mnuchin-Led Group Purchased IndyMac, The Fourth Largest Failed Bank, Assets At A Bargain Price, Turning A Profit Of Over $3 Billion In Five Years

2009: A Mnuchin-Led Group Purchased IndyMac, Which Became The Fourth Largest […]

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Trump Advisor Says Foreign Investments Will Dictate Diplomatic Relations

American Bridge President Jessica Mackler released the following statement on Donald Trump reportedly using his private investments to determine policy, and called on Trump to immediately remove any potential conflicts of interest:

“Our worst fears about Donald Trump using the presidency to make money and boost his businesses are coming true. Trump’s advisor is now saying that his relationship with England is dependent on Trump’s personal investments in the United Kingdom. There is nothing stopping hostile governments from bribing Trump with business deals or lucrative investments in Trump Organization that might be good for Trump’s bottom line but disastrous for the United States.

“With 63 days before the inauguration, Donald Trump must take immediate and concrete steps to remove any and all potential conflicts of interest with foreign governments, corporations, and the U.S. government that would allow him to dictate policy to benefit himself at the expense of the American people.”

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Trump Is A Slush Fund-Running Con Artist

At tonight’s debate, Donald Trump conveniently forgot that he’s the only candidate on stage who has been fined for using his foundation to bribe elected officials.

Donald Trump brags about using “other people’s money,” and he practices what he preaches.

Take his presidential campaign, fueled by other people’s money that he’s poured into his own businesses entities — a baffling $8.2 million to-date. Trump even hiked up the monthly rate on his own campaign’s Trump Tower office space rental once he started pulling in more donor money. In 2000, Trump bragged, “It’s very possible that I could be the first presidential candidate to run and make money on it”; so far, it seems as though he’s doing a pretty good job of it.

And then there’s Trump’s charitable foundation — also funded by other people’s money — which he’s used for personal giftspolitical pay-to-play bribes, […]

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