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Devastating Audio of Sen. Burr’s Coronavirus Warning Raises Questions About What Susan Collins Knew and When Did She Know It

This morning, NPR obtained devastating audio of Senate Intelligence Committee Chair Richard Burr telling an elite group of business people in a private meeting that the coronavirus was far worse than people realized. Burr said, “it is much more aggressive in its transmission than anything we have seen in recent history. It’s […]

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Amidst COVID-19 Crisis, Trump & Family Continue Illegally Profiting off of Taxpayers at Doral Resort

“With a looming public health crisis on the horizon, Donald Trump, again, sought to corruptly leverage his power to personally enrich himself and steal from taxpayers,” said Kyle Morse, an American Bridge Spokesperson. “This November, voters will remember the public health response to COVID-19 – the dangerous proposed cuts to the CDC, […]


Why Won’t Cory Gardner Comment on Champagne Party With Alleged Serial Sexual Predator?

Earlier this week, Town and Country broke the news that Senator Cory Gardner was recently spotted at a lavish party in Palm Beach, Florida sipping expensive champagne with alleged serial sexual predator Steve Wynn. When asked by the Colorado Sun for comment, Gardner’s handlers refused to give an answer.  “Cory Gardner was caught sipping expensive champagne […]

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ICYMI: American Ledger: Trump Refuses to Hire Government Watchdogs That Protect Whistleblowers

According to a review by American Ledger, President Trump has, to date, refused to hire six Inspectors General throughout his administration who are tasked with overseeing the complaints of whistleblowers that come forward with allegations of wrongdoing against the federal government. In January, a whistleblower in Health and Human Services alleged […]