KKKan You Believe David Duke Loves Trump?

At last night’s Louisiana Senate debate, Trump supporter and former KKK leader David Duke went off on an angry rant that not only echoed Trump campaign talking points, but also concluded with Duke favorably comparing himself to Trump (claiming that the two are both unfairly maligned by the media).

Oh, and then Duke promised to be Trump’s “most loyal advocate,” should he make it to the Senate.

David Duke doesn’t just like Trump, he actually seems something of himself in the Republican Party’s birther in chief. So much so, that Duke sincerely believes Trump listens to his radio show and even reads his books.

But is it any wonder that a former KKK leader is enamored with Trump, who’s called for racial profiling, a Muslim ban, and the forcible deportation of the 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the United States?

More on Duke’s performance at last night’s Louisiana […]

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Kelly Ayotte Gives Another Lackluster, Robotic Performance At Last Debate

American Bridge President Jessica Mackler released the following statement on the New Hampshire Senate debate:

“In her last chance to win voters over, Senator Kelly Ayotte repeatedly tried to mislead voters on her party-first record. Senator Ayotte misrepresented her multiple votes against background checks, her support for cutting Pell Grants, and her longtime support for the agenda of the racist, sexist, and dangerous Trump-Pence ticket. It’s time for New Hampshire to say goodbye to the Washington Republican once and for all.”

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Surprise! Mark Kirk Is Still Saying Racist Things.

I had forgotten that your parents came all the way from Thailand to serve George Washington,” Senator Mark Kirk sneeringly commented after Rep. Tammy Duckworth recounted her family’s long history of military service at last night’s Illinois Senate debate.

It was shocking, but unsurprising. Mark Kirk has been saying racist and offensive things for years, so it’s no wonder Kirk for months stood by Donald Trump’s own racism. Kirk could no doubt empathize with the backlash Trump has deservedly faced for his offensive rhetoric and policy ideas. Over the years, Kirk has:

Commented “we drive faster” when going through black communities;
Said President Obama was “acting like the drug dealer in chief“; 
Proposed shipping condoms to Mexico in hopes of achieving “a slower rate of growth [which] would also reduce the long-term illegal immigration on America’s borders“;
Claimed a letter sent toe […]

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American Bridge President Statement On New Hampshire Senate Debate

“Senator Kelly Ayotte’s desperate attempts to save her political career during tonight’s debate show just how far out of touch she is with the Granite State. She once again refused to disavow the false attacks on her opponent’s family. Of course, that’s hardly surprising from the same candidate who stood by Donald Trump’s candidacy as he attacked a Gold Star family, made countless attacks on women, and mocked a disabled reporter. Since her first day in Washington, the senator has been more concerned with protecting billionaires’ like the Kochs than New Hampshire. Try as she might, Senator Kelly Ayotte can’t re-write her record of voting against women, seniors, students, and Granite State families.”

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American Bridge Statement on Indiana Senate Debate

American Bridge President Jessica Mackler released the following statement on the Indiana Senate debate:

“No wonder Congressman Young was flustered tonight — he was forced to defend his record of taking money from Carrier even after they sent thousands of Indiana jobs to Mexico and voting against plans to make college more affordable. Congressman Young’s record speaks for itself, and it wasn’t one he was eager to defend in tonight’sdebate. He’s working for himself and for special interests, and he’s willing to throw hardworking Hoosier families under the bus.”

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American Bridge Statement on Marco Rubio’s Wreck of a Debate

American Bridge president Jessica Mackler released the following statement on Marco Rubio’s disastrous debate:

“Marco Rubio tonight couldn’t name a single thing that Donald Trump could do for Rubio to revoke his support of Trump as our commander in chief. After Trump has bragged about sexually assaulting women, violating the Cuban embargo, doubled down on mass deportation of immigrant families, attacked our military, and publicly sided with the Kremlin, Rubio still hasn’t found anything disqualifying about Donald Trump.”

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American Bridge Statement On Pennsylvania Senate Debate

“After an hour of Trump-ducking, it’s clear that Pat Toomey isn’t backing away from his endorsement of Donald Trump’s racist, sexist judgment.

“Be it out of political cowardice and expediency or genuine ideological alignment, Pat Toomey’s continued decision to tie himself to Trump speaks volumes about Toomey’s values — and it’s a disqualifying indictment of his judgment.”

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American Bridge Statement On Joe Heck’s Disastrous Debate

In the first and only Nevada Senate debate, Joe Heck demonstrated that he’s unfit and unqualified to represent all Nevadans in the United States Senate. Heck was handily defeated tonight, and it’s clear why: he can’t escape the wrath of the Party of Trump that he wrapped himself in so tightly for so long.

Below are remarks by American Bridge 21st Century President Jessica Mackler:

“Joe Heck tried to flee from Donald Trump in a desperate attempt to save his political career, but his policy positions are identical to Trump’s. Whether it’s taking away women’s reproductive rights, opposing universal background checks that save lives, overturning the Affordable Care Act that has provided health insurance for tens of thousands of Nevadans, or failing to pass comprehensive immigration reform, Joe Heck seems to only be able to parrot his party nominee.”

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New Interactive Website: Which Donald Trump will show up to the debate?

Ahead of Sunday’s presidential debate, American Bridge today launched WhichDonaldTrump.com, a new project that tackles the question of “Which Donald Trump will show up at the debate?”, by presenting a range of possibilities, from “Unapologetic Con-Artist Trump” to “Go Fu*k Yourself Nuclear Trump,” with corresponding video clips that encapsulate each Trump “mood.”

“No matter which Donald Trump comes out on the debate stage Sunday night — erratic, unhinged, ready to go nuclear, or even low-energy and on-message-for-an-hour — Donald Trump lacks the temperament to be commander in chief. Trump is at the end of the day a racist, a man who dodges taxes; admires dictators; stiffs small business owners; body-shames women; attacks Gold Star families, prisoners of war, and servicemembers suffering from PTSD; and can be baited by a mere tweet. We’ve got it all on tape — and there’s no way Trump can get away from that.” 

—Jessica Mackler, […]

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WATCH: Ahead Of Tonight’s Debate, Senator Ayotte’s Love For Trump

Senator Kelly Ayotte’s record of partisanship continues to hurt her re-election chances, but it’s her support for Donald Trump that’s most damning of all. From calling Trump’s candidacy “a positive thing” to saying she trusts him, the senator regularly finds herself in a twist over the GOP nominee but won’t revoke her promise to vote for Trump. It seems he can do anything — attack a Gold Star family or call women “fat pigs” and “dogs” — Senator Ayotte still wants to hand over the nuclear codes and the economy to unpredictable and erratic Donald Trump.

Before tonight’s debate, watch Senator Ayotte promise to cast her ballot for Trump — no matter what:

“I’m going to be voting for him.”

“I’ve said I’m going to be voting for our nominee…”

Kelly Ayotte trusts Trump.

Under no circumstances will Kelly Ayotte renounce her support of Trump.

“I agree with Donald Trump.” 

No matter how hard she tries to spin […]

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