American Bridge Launches “#Everything2Lose”

Millennials to Millennial Voters:

“We have everything to lose with Trump”


From American Bridge President Jessica Mackler:

“Donald Trump has run an attack campaign since Day 1 against anyone who’s challenged his racist, sexist, and divisive rhetoric, and American Bridge–through our tracking, research, and rapid response operation–has made sure voters know Trump is unfit to be president. When he isn’t name-calling and fingerpointing, the few policies Trump does propose are dangerous, ignorant, and un-American, making people of color the targets of hate and violence. American Bridge is holding Trump and the Republican leadership that has fostered his rise accountable through November 8 and beyond.”

This week, American Bridge 21st Century is launching our newest campaign, #Everything2Lose with partner organizations on the ground in Pennsylvania, Nevada, Florida, North Carolina, and Georgia and nationwide via social media.

The campaign highlights what’s at stake in this election for millennials and […]

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