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Trump On Pope Francis: He's "Disgraceful"

Four months after bizarrely questioning Hillary Clinton’s faith, Donald Trump has, with less than than 30 days until the election, decided to claim that she is anti-Catholic. But only one candidate running has called the Pope “disgraceful” and claimed he “doesn’t get it.” (Trump also suggested that the Pope was acting […]


AB21 President's Statement On Washington Republican Senator Ayotte's Extremism

“During her time in Washington, Senator Kelly Ayotte has sided with Mitch McConnell, the Koch brothers, and corporate special interests again and again instead of representing the Granite State. Ayotte repeatedly refused to do her job, ignoring her constitutional duty to confirm the president’s Supreme Court nominee. She’s held up […]


Is this what Paul Ryan means by discipline?

Paul Ryan actually thinks Donald Trump has gotten “more disciplined” recently, begging the question: Has Ryan been paying attention to the words that are coming out of his presidential candidate’s mouth? Here are five of Trump’s most absurd moments, in the past six weeks alone: Fawned over Vladimir Putin while trying to convince […]