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Washington Post Editorial Board Endorses Terry McAuliffe for Virginia Governor

Just ahead of the first Virginia governor’s debate, the Washington Post Editorial Board endorsed Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe. McAuliffe, who served as the 72nd Virginia governor from 2014 to 2018, “notched a string of successes in his first four-year term” and has an “ambitious blueprint for a second term focused on education […]


Former Virginia Republican Lt. Gov. Criticizes GOP’s ‘Ridiculous Lawsuit’

According to a new report from the American Independent, today prominent Virginia Republican and former Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling called out the “ridiculous” lawsuit filed by the Virginia GOP and argued the Trumpian attempt to remove Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe from the ballot only makes Virginia Republicans “look silly.” The frivolous lawsuit […]


Glenn Youngkin “Opposes Most Efforts to Curb the Spread of COVID-19”

Yesterday, on a right wing radio show GOP Virginia gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin told Virginians they “have to just respect” people who refuse to get vaccinated for any reason – despite the deadly spread of the Delta variant threatening school reopenings. These comments, reported by the American Independent, follow recent reports that Youngkin is not only funding […]


Glenn Youngkin Funding Anti-Vaxxer GOP Candidates

Today, a revealing report from the American Independent details the thousands of dollars Virginia GOP gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin has spent funding down ballot anti-vaxxer Republicans. So far, Youngkin’s Virginia Wins PAC has distributed $150,000 to elect GOP state legislative candidates — including those who “cast doubt on the Covid-19 vaccine and vaccine mandates.” “Glenn […]

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“His Campaign Is Doing Nothing”: A Lost Glenn Youngkin Flounders

It’s the end of another long week for Virginia GOP gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin who continues to rack up bad headline after bad headline as time runs out to turn around his rudderless campaign. Even prominent conservatives are openly trashing his “inexcusable” lack of a message. When he wasn’t spreading Donald Trump’s […]