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Walker's Job Creation Agency Didn't Double Check Job Creation

What happens when Scott Walker’s signature job creation agency doesn’t actually check whether jobs were created? Walker loses even more credibility after failing to meet his job promise when Wisconsin only created 129,000 of the 250,000 jobs he promised. Four years after Walker created WEDC in 2011, state auditors said yesterday that WEDC officials […]


Ayotte Allies Want To Take Jobs From New Hampshire

Kelly Ayotte’s record on outsourcing is shameless. While she was supposed to be representing the people of New Hampshire in the U.S. Senate, Kelly Ayotte voted against cutting taxes for businesses interested in bringing jobs back to to the U.S., and she supported keeping tax cuts for businesses shipping New Hampshire jobs overseas. Unsurprisingly, Ayotte’s shady […]


WisPolitics: $4.9 million in WEDC loans delinquent

Not only is Scott Walker’s scandal-plagued, privatized job agency funding companies that are shipping Wisconsin jobs overseas, but it has a growing problem of loan delinquency. While Walker is out of state laying the groundwork for his presidential bid, his record as governor is crumbling beneath him at home.

From WisPolitics.com:

The value of WEDC loans that are considered delinquent more than tripled in the last quarter.

The Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. has been criticized for the number of delinquent loans in recent years. The numbers prepared for Thursday’s board meeting show the value of those loans jumped from almost $1.3 million in the second quarter to $4.9 million.


National Journal: Walker’s lacking governing record is a disadvantage

While Scott Walker travels around the country trying out right wing sound bites for his presidential ambitions, he’s letting his job responsibilities back home in Wisconsin fizzle out with layoffs on track to reach 10,000 this year — the highest number since Walker took office. National Journal took a look at GOP governors running for president in 2016 and found that each — especially Walker — has had their popularity crater amid lackluster results.

NJ asks, “Can you be disliked by a majority of your constituents back home and still make the case for being president?”