Rubio Chooses Fundraisers Over Classified Paris ISIS Briefings

In the wake of ISIS attacks in Paris, Marco Rubio yesterday chose to fundraise in California over attending a classified Foreign Relations hearing, and looks set to skip a classified Intelligence briefing today with Secretary Kerry at 2pm for a Phoenix fundraiser — less than 24 hours after the alleged attack leader was killed.

How does Rubio expect voters to look past missing vital classified briefings on the Paris attacks and still argue that his Foreign Relations and Intelligence Committee work is preparing him?

Watch local and national news clips on Rubio’s attendance this week:

Des Moines, IA — WOI ABC

Macon, GA — WGXA Fox

Columbia, SC — WACH Fox

Bloomberg With All Due Respect

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The GOP Field On Earned Benefits Cuts: You’re Gonna Have To Get Over It

Unapologetic threats to programs vital to millions of Americans, Rubio, Bush, Cruz, and the rest of the candidates on stage tonight all want to slash Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

Marco Rubio, who thinks Social Security has “weakened us as a people,” supports means-testing Social Security and raising the retirement age. He’d also partially voucherize Medicare by moving to a premium-support system — pushing retirees to private plans.
A 2016 champion of Mitt Romney-esque “free stuff” aloofness, Jeb Bush would similarly raise the retirement age — and he’d even cut benefits for seniors who retire early. In addition to supporting Medicare means-testing that would limit eligibility, Bush wants to move toward private plans — and he’s even floated a “phase out” of the program.
Ted Cruz wants to raise the eligibility age for Social Security and Medicare — and he’d shift the latter program to private vouchers. He also supports private accounts […]

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Milwaukee GOP Debate Puts The Kochs’ Badger State Influence In The Spotlight

With tonight’s GOP presidential debate in Milwaukee, and the national media spotlight on Wisconsin, Charles and David Koch’s Badger State influence remains as heavy — and harmful to Wisconsinites — as ever. As Bridge Project noted this summer, Wisconsin’s become saturated with Koch candidates and policies over the last several years. And our 2014 report, “How Conservatives Took Over Wisconsin,” gets into the details of the GOP’s 2010 takeover of the state legislature and governor’s mansion.

At this point, Governor Scott Walker’s nothing more than a 2016 presidential also-ran, but the Milwaukee debate has the Koch-favorite — and his Koch-drenched agenda — back in the spotlight. From Walker and the GOP-controlled state legislature’s record of destroying collective bargaining rights — an unabashed assault on Wisconsin’s public employee unions — to their fighting of minimum wage increases and gifting of tax breaks to the wealthy while increasing the burden on […]

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Rand Paul Poll Makes Us LOL

National Journal conducted a less than scientific poll asking Republicans and Democrats if Rand Paul should refocus his efforts on maintaining his Senate seat. The results were hysterical — and surprising. Both Republicans and Democrats agree that Rand Paul should refocus his efforts on his Senate election, but in a twist the GOP out-polled Democrats with 91% supporting Rand focusing only on keeping his seat in the upper chamber. 

The comments ranged from hysterical to LOL-worthy, including a Republican saying Rand should keep his sights on the White House because the anonymous poll participant preferred Rand lose his Senate seat, too. One Democratic voter in favor of Rand refocusing on his Senate seat said that after watching his dumb ass livestream Rand needs needs a reality check and a hug. 

National Journal Poll Question: Should Sen. Rand Paul refocus his efforts on maintaining his Senate seat?

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Marco Rubio: Good For Wall Street, Bad For Consumers

Having just won hedge fund manager Paul Singer‘s endorsement, Marco Rubio is all in for Wall Street. Rubio is always happy to bend over backwards for billionaires (see: Koch brothersNorman BramanSheldon Adelson). Today, he’ll be performing his best puppet impression at a fundraiser in New York, hoping to boost his campaign funds after raising less than $6 million last quarter.

Singer has been a significant bundler for the GOP, raising $5 million for Mitt Romney at a single event in 2012, and Rubio spent months wooing the billionaire.

Singer is notorious for insensitivity towards working Americans, which is likely what draws him to Rubio and his regressive policies. Rubio’s tax plan is extremely favorable to the top one percent, giving top earners big breaks while leaving the middle class behind. Rubio has also repeatedly proven his allegiance to big banks over consumers, voting at least six times since taking office in 2010 to repeal Dodd-Frank despite the important consumer […]

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NOT BREAKING: Marco Rubio And Jeb Bush Still Out Of Touch On Women’s Health Issues

Frenemies (maybe just enemies now) Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush still stand together in at least one area of the 2016 race — they’re both terrible for women. Rubio and Bush epitomize the GOP’s out of touch stance on women’s health issues. Yesterday on Meet the Press, Jeb Bush said he’s okay with exceptions for the life of the mother, but not the health.


Unfortunately for Bush, his former mentee has him beat on extremism. Rubio is one of the worst in the field on a woman’s right to choose. Rubio is against abortion in cases of rape, incest, or to save the life of the mother.


Jeb has been heavily criticized for his awful stances on women’s health, but when it comes to abortion, Marco Rubio is even more out of touch. And these are the “establishment picks.” It’s safe to say: the GOP’s War on Women 2.0 is in full effect.


Rubio On Women’s Health




Politifact: […]

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Rubio Was Wrong: Anti-Middle Class Tax Plan In Light Of Day

Marco Rubio couldn’t hide the truth about his regressive tax plan at last night’s debate. Unfortunately for Rubio, multiple analyses of his tax plan show the wealthiest one percent save more under his plan than middle income earners. Rubio’s sleight of hand doesn’t stand up to scrutiny in the light of day — John Harwood was right: Rubio is bad for middle-class Americans.

The one true thing Rubio said last night was when he admitted the wealthier are better off under his plan, saying, “If someone makes more money, numerically it’s going to be higher.”

Take a look at some of the ultimate Democratic super PAC’s (a.k.a the media’s) coverage of Rubio’s misleading comments:

Huffington Post: Flash and Fibs Were GOP Debate’s Big Winners

Rubio dodges a big question on his tax plan: This was in some ways the most important evasion of the night, because it’s an example of how deftly Rubio will […]

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Trump Skewers Kasich on Lehman in Dumpster Fire Debate

John Kasich tried swinging at Donald Trump tonight at the dumpster fire debate, but the only memorable takeaway was Trump masterfully trashing Kasich for his Lehman job during its collapse.

Since Trump doesn’t have a full-blown rapid response shop, we’re happy to oblige and send background on Kasich trying to cash in on his Ohio connections by pitching Lehman funds to Ohio pensions, which ended up costing Ohio $500 million when Lehman went under:

Kasich Tried To Sell Lehman Brothers’ Funds To Ohio Pensions 
Kasich Pitched State Pensions On Investing With Lehman Brothers 

Columbus Dispatch: While Lehman Brother’s Columbus Office Managing Director, “Kasich Tried To Persuade Two State Pension Funds In 2002 To Invest With Lehman Brothers.”According to the Columbus Dispatch, “Republican gubernatorial candidate John Kasich tried to persuade two state pension funds in 2002 to invest with Lehman Brothers while he was the managing director of the investment banking house’s Columbus office. In a […]

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