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Round-Up: The Broad Benefits of Biden’s Build Back Better Agenda

President Biden’s legislative agenda invests in our nation’s future, and around the country in key swing states, parents, families, and communities are benefiting from the administration’s effort to build our economy back better than ever.  In Georgia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Arizona, North Carolina, and Wisconsin stories continue to highlight ways the Build Back […]

Joe Biden

Tom Perez: President Biden’s Plan Is Crucial For Latino Pennsylvanians

Today, as we near the end of Hispanic Heritage Month, Al Día News published an op-ed from American Bridge 21st Century Co-Chair Tom Perez detailing how President Biden and congressional Democrats’ Build Back Better agenda is crucial for Latino Pennsylvanians.  As highlighted by Perez, President Biden’s plan will put “thousands of dollars in the […]

Joe Biden

Round-Up: Overwhelming Support For President Biden’s Build Back Better Agenda

This week, workers, families, and city officials are once again praising President Biden and congressional Democrats’ bipartisan Build Back Better agenda that will expand education, invest in child care, rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, and help the communities hit hardest by COVID-19. Stories from across the country, in key swing states […]


Republican Senate Candidates Own Pennsylvania GOP’s Already-Disastrous “Audit”

Sean Parnell, Kathy Barnette, Jeff Bartos, and Carla Sands wanted this to happen Pennsylvania Republican legislators’ sham election “audit” is only getting started, but it’s already off the rails — spotlighting the state’s 2022 GOP US Senate candidates support for this privacy-invading disaster. State Republicans are making headlines for their […]