GOP’s Shameful Blame Game On Poverty In South Carolina

Scores of hardworking South Carolina families struggle to make ends meet, but not one Republican presidential candidate on stage tonight offered anything resembling a viable solution to the crippling poverty that plagues much of the state. Instead, the entire GOP field chose to play a blame game, pointing fingers and shaming those in need of government assistance.

The GOP has made it clear time and time again, and tonight was no different. They’ll always put the interests of the billionaire Koch brothers ahead of those of hardworking families.

Here’s what the GOP presidential candidates have offered for lifting hardworking families out of poverty:

·      Marco Rubio has repeatedly voted for the extreme Ryan budget, which adds restrictions to federal housing aid. Rubio has also claimed that people receiving welfare choose jobs with lower wages so they can remain on welfare.

·      Ted Cruz has claimed that food assistance encourages “dependency,” and that President Obama has […]

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VIDEO: Rick Scott Turns His Back on Medicaid Questions, Florida Families

The failure of Gov. Rick Scott and Florida Republicans to expand Medicaid as provisioned under the Affordable Care Act has subjected hundreds of thousands of low-income Floridians to uncertainty over their access to affordable health insurance. According to the Tampa Bay Times, these are families too poor to qualify for federal subsidies, yet can’t qualify for Florida’s Medicaid program, “one of the stingiest in the nation.”

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Todd Akin’s Top Ten Crazy Moments

Rep. Todd Akin forever entered the political lexicon and emerged as a national punch line with his comments on “legitimate rape.” For casual observers, the comments raised the question of how an individual holding such an extreme view not only wins a Senate primary, but holds onto a seat in the House of Representatives for over a decade. Indeed, such concerns are well warranted. Rather than an isolated incident, these remarks are just the latest in a long line of outrageous comments from Akin.

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Romney’s Thoughts on the Middle Class

Here’s a brand new video inspired by the leaked video of Romney’s insulting and demeaning comments about average Americans and his admission that he believes half the country doesn’t “take personal responsibility and care for their lives.”

Watch ’til the end for a never before released clip from the Mass. archives. It’s a doozy.

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MOTHER’S DAY MEMO: Romney’s Record On Issues Important To Women And Families

As families across the country celebrate Mother’s Day and honor the women in their life, it is also a good opportunity to reflect on the policies that allow women to pursue equal pay for equal work, protect women and families from violence, and help to prevent serious illnesses. Unfortunately for women and their families, Mitt Romney has consistently advocated against these policies. With the Republican Party consistently advocating an anti-women agenda, they have found the perfect standard bearer in Mitt Romney.

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Washington Post: Romney, Citing Safety Net, Says He’s ‘Not Concerned About The Very Poor’

On February 1, 2012, the Washington Post reported:

In an interview with CNN Wednesday morning that should have been a Florida victory lap, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney made a fumble that could give rivals an attack ad sound bite.

Asked about his economic plan, Romney said repeatedly that he was not concerned with very poor Americans, but was focused instead on helping the middle class.

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Des Moines Register: Michele Bachmann’s ‘tax the poor’ plan won’t be flat or simple

On November 3, 2011, the Des Moines Register reported:

Michele Bachmann wants everybody to pay taxes — even the poorest Americans.


Bachmann didn’t offer many details about her proposal, but it seemed she was suggesting she’d accomplish this through the income tax. But she didn’t explain how she’d charge an income tax on people who have no income.

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Bruning Compares Welfare Recipients to Raccoons

Republican Jon Bruning currently serves as Nebraska’s Attorney General, but he has his eye on the Senate seat now held by Democrat Ben Nelson. In this video from the campaign trail, Bruning compares welfare recipients to scavenging raccoons, saying, “They’re going to do it the easy way if we make it easy for them.”

This footage was captured by an American Bridge tracker in Papillion, Nebraska, on August 6, 2011.

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