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Ron Johnson

What’s Ron Johnson Hiding?

Ron Johnson still won’t come clean to Wisconsinites about how he paid just $2,105 in state income tax in 2017 — less than a jointly-filing married couple that made $40,000 — despite reporting a salary of at least $450,000. In a new interview with WIZM radio, Johnson continued his refusal to explain his reduced tax bill, […]

Ron Johnson

WATCH: Ron Johnson’s $$$ Scandals

A new video from American Bridge 21st Century lays out the basics on Ron Johnson’s recent and mounting tax-related scandals. Earlier today, Johnson told HuffPost that it’s a “hit job” to point out, as the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel did last week, that he paid less than his fair share of state income tax in 2017. But that […]


Senate GOP Votes For Economic Catastrophe

Senate Republicans today voted to block debate on a measure to avoid a government shutdown and a debt default, further pushing the country towards an economic catastrophe — and putting partisan political games ahead of the country’s economic stability in the midst of an economic recovery and a still-raging global pandemic. “It’s shameful that […]