Eddie Vale Statement On Cruz’s Commitment to SCOTUS Obstructionism

American Bridge Vice President Eddie Vale issued the following statement on Ted Cruz’s indication he’ll carry on Republicans’ unprecedented obstructionism with respect to the Supreme Court vacancy:

“For a self-described ‘principled conservative,’ servile Trump puppy dog Ted Cruz sure spends a lot of time obstructing the democratic process and ignoring his constitutional obligations. The Republican Party’s disdain for any form of compromise created Trump, and Cruz is making it clear that the Party of Trump isn’t changing.”

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John McCain: Master of Partisan Political Obstructionism

Today, CNN reports that John McCain promised to block any Supreme Court nominee Hillary Clinton would put forth should she become president — without even knowing who the nominee might be.

“I promise you that we will be united against any Supreme Court nominee that Hillary Clinton, if she were president, would put up,” McCain said. “I promise you.”

Just last week, McCain confirmed in a debate that the Senate GOP’s opposition to filling the Supreme Court vacancy was pure political obstructionism, saying that he’d rather have eight justices on the court than work across the aisle to confirm a nominee.

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Pat Toomey Endorses Trump’s Judgment

In a radio interview yesterday, Pat Toomey outright endorsed Donald Trump’s judgment with respect to selecting and nominating Supreme Court justices.

The indisputable truth is that Pat Toomey supports Donald Trump and trusts his judgment, and this is just the latest proof that Toomey believes that Trump — a racist birther who brags about sexually assaulting women — has what it takes to be commander in chief.

Listen here.

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175 Days Of Unprecedented Supreme Court Obstructionism From The GOP Senate

After a six week vacation, Senator Chuck Grassley is back in DC — and still refusing to do his job. This morning, the Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled to hold a nomination hearing to confirm judicial nominees. One glaring omission from the docket? Judge Merrick Garland.

Senate Republicans have made headlines for months on their historic obstructionism and it has now been 175 days of unprecedented obstructionism on the Supreme Court vacancy, and Senate Republicans are STILL refusing to do their jobs.

With Chuck Grassley leading the charge, Senate Republicans are actively working to hold the Supreme Court vacancy open for a potential Donald Trump nominee. That’s right — Senate Republicans want the unhinged GOP nominee (who has made multiple racist attacks against judges) to choose the next Supreme Court justice. With judicial vacancies hitting crisis level since the GOP Senate took office and a majority of […]

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WATCH: Grassley Flips Again, Confirms He’ll Continue SCOTUS Obstruction Back In DC

As chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Chuck Grassley has been at the forefront of the Republican Senate’s refusal to do their job and fill the Supreme Court vacancy. Grassley has been firm in his opposition to confirming President Obama’s nominee while working behind the scenes to hold the seat open for a potential Trump nominee. 

Grassley’s shameful, partisan obstructionism has cost him in polls, and as he’s now facing the toughest race of his career, he panicked last week and told voters in Iowa who are unhappy with his refusal to do his job that he’d be open to holding hearings to confirm Merrick Garland. Now that Congress is getting ready to head back to DC, Grassley is back on Team McConnell doubling down on his obstructionism.

Despite trying to have it both ways in front of Iowa voters, Grassley confirmed what we already knew — he’s committed […]

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Chuck Grassley Minces Words, Tries To Have It Both Ways On SCOTUS

At a town hall meeting in Iowa yesterday, Chuck Grassley attempted to mince words and run from his repeated refusal to do his job and hold a hearing to fill the Supreme Court vacancy. When asked about filling the vacancy, Grassley offered a circular, mealy mouthed answer claiming that he’d hold hearings to confirm President Obama’s nominee if a majority of senators wanted to do so.

In a panic over his dropping poll numbers and repeated questions from voters, Grassley is now attempting to have it both ways on the Supreme Court. Make no mistake — as chair of the Judiciary Committee, Grassley has led the charge in obstructing the nomination of a Supreme Court justice,  and even confirmed at the Roast & Ride this weekend that he’s committed to working behind the scenes to hold the seat open for a potential Trump nominee.

WATCH Grassley’s shameful attempt […]

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Status Of Four Million Immigrants On The Ballot

With the short-handed Supreme Court’s 4-4 decision effectively stripping four million immigrants of executive protection from deportation, the stakes of November’s presidential election for immigrant families became even more apparent today.

American Bridge Vice President Eddie Vale issued the following statement in response to the decision. “Senate Republicans continue to obstruct Merrick Garland’s nomination to the Supreme Court. Their motivation is to hold the ninth seat on the court open for a Justice appointed by Donald Trump–a man who wants to deport 11 million people. The future of millions of American families is on the ballot in November.”

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Stop SCOTUS Obstruction? Not A Chance.

With Donald Trump assuring his path to the nomination last night, the possibility of Trump appointing a Supreme Court nominee is terrifyingly real. Will GOP leadership reassess their obstruction to the eminently qualified Merrick Garland? Not a chance!

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s office confirmed this morning that–despite the risks associated with a Trump nominee–obstruction is still the plan. 

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, appearing on CNN’s New Day, stressed the need to get behind the Republican nominee to assure the appointment of a conservative justice to the court. Reince is ready to put control of the Supreme Court in the hands of the unpredictable and unstable Donald Trump. Sad!

As constituents urge their Senators to Do Your Job, continued obstructionist behavior is dragging down support for vulnerable incumbents Kelly AyottePat ToomeyRon JohnsonRob Portman, and Chuck Grassley. Unfortunately for them, GOP leadership shows no interest in throwing them a life-preserver: obstruction […]

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Pat Toomey Roundly Criticized For Supreme Court Obstruction

Pat Toomey is staying the course on obstructing President Obama’s nomination to the Supreme Court. Despite describing Merrick Garland as “a pleasant man with impressive legal training and experience,” Toomey is still refusing to do his job and hold hearings to consider Garland’s nomination. Toomey’s cynical non-consideration of Garland is drawing the ire of Pennsylvanians. Here are the latest headlines: 

Scranton Times-Tribune: Toomey skirts accountability

Mr. Toomey declared after his meeting with Judge Garland, the chief judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia District, that he now opposes him on the merits. Judge Garland, the senator said, would not ‘be aggressive in acting as a check on an administration.’ He and his obstructionist colleagues hope that the appointment ultimately will be made by a Republican president to prevent a majority of Democratic appointees to the court. They couch that blatantly political objective in grand terms, saying that the […]

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Obstructionist Portman Impressed With Court Man (But Still Won’t Do His Job)

Ohio Senator Rob Portman is the latest Senate obstructionist to go through the motions of meeting with Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland and pretend that’s the extent of his constitutional obligations.

Portman was reportedly impressed with Garland, afterwards commenting that they “had a very good meeting” and that he found Garland to be “an impressive guy.”

Now all Portman needs to do is… his job. Ohio editorial boards have for weeks been calling on Portman and his obstructionist colleagues to give Garland fair consideration, but Portman continues to ignore their and Senator Susan Collins’ call for hearings on Garland and a vote.

Columbus Dispatch: Editorial: GOP blunders on nomination

Cleveland Plain Dealer: Editorial: Sen. Rob Portman should go his own way on Merrick Garland Supreme Court nomination: editorial

Toledo Blade: Editorial: Give judge a hearing, vote

Cincinnati Enquirer: Editorial: Reject Supreme Court gridlock, senators

Star Beacon: Editorial: Garland should get a hearing

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