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Republican Senate Candidates Own Pennsylvania GOP’s Already-Disastrous “Audit”

Sean Parnell, Kathy Barnette, Jeff Bartos, and Carla Sands wanted this to happen Pennsylvania Republican legislators’ sham election “audit” is only getting started, but it’s already off the rails — spotlighting the state’s 2022 GOP US Senate candidates support for this privacy-invading disaster. State Republicans are making headlines for their […]


One 2020 Pennsylvania Loser Endorses Another

Today, 2020 Pennsylvania loser Donald Trump endorsed Sean Parnell, who Pennsylvania voters likewise rejected in 2020. “It’s appropriate that Trump is endorsing Sean Parnell, because Pennsylvania voters decisively rejected them both in 2020 — no matter how many times they falsely claim otherwise,” said Brad Bainum, American Bridge 21st Century spokesperson. […]


Infrastructure Bill Will Expand Internet Access in Rural Pennsylvania

Each of Pennsylvania’s leading GOP U.S. Senate candidates opposes the widely popular, bipartisan plan A new report from the Philadelphia Inquirer outlines how the bipartisan infrastructure deal passed last week in the U.S. Senate can help to expand high-speed internet access in rural communities across Pennsylvania. Even though the bipartisan deal stands to help the […]